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  • In Free Battle mode, you can conduct practice battles with your friends. Players can select rules from any of the tournament cups, or use modified rules. Up to four players may participate, using any combination of rental Pokémon and those imported from cartridges plugged into a Transfer Pak.
  • At the Game Boy Tower, you can play Pokémon Red, Blue, or Yellow on the Nintendo 64. Winning tournament cups in the Stadium and completing the Gym Leader Castle will eventually unlock Doduo Mode (double speed) and Dodrio Mode (triple speed).
  • The Hall of Fame contains statues of Pokémon who have beaten the Elite Four in Gym Leader Castle or completed the highest round of a tournament in the Stadium.
  • Link Battle is located outside of Stadium City. Two to four players with Transfer Paks plugged in can use Pokémon from their Game Boy games and battle with custom rules.
  • The Pokémon Lab is only accessible if a Game Boy cartridge is plugged into the Transfer Pak. If the game is saved in a Pokémon Center, you may access the PC and can arrange boxed Pokémon and items. The Lab also features an interactive Pokédex and a machine for trading between two cartridges connected by Transfer Pak.
  • Quick Battle is a single battle located outside of Stadium City. One player and the CPU or two players battle with pre-selected Pokémon.