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The game starts with the player receiving a call from Professor Kukui. He'll introduce you to the Alola region and then you'll type your name and choose your appearance.

Shortly afterwards, the screen is zoomed out of the player's computer and will zoom in on a magazine showing an ad for the "Aether Foundation". The player will then be presented with a cutscene featuring a mysterious girl being chased by some Aether Foundation employees.

The game will then truly begin by fast-forwarding three months later at the player's house. Your pet, Mewoth, from Kanto will wake you up. Once you head downstairs you'll be allowed to freely roam around.

Route 1[edit]

Once you head into the tall grass, there will be a short cutscene involving a Yungoos running towards you. 3 Pokemon come up from behind and protect you. The Yungoos will retreat, and Professor Kukui will meet you. After a short introduction to the 3 Pokemon who saved you, you may now choose a starter Pokemon. You can choose from either:

1. Rowlet[edit]

  • Typing: Grass/Flying
  • Ability: Overgrow

2. Litten[edit]

  • Typing: Fire
  • Ability: Blaze

3. Popplio[edit]

  • Typing: Water
  • Ability: Torrent

Once you choose your starter Pokemon, you'll face your first wild Pokemon: Grubbin, from running into the tall grass. Afterwards, your rival, Hau, will come and challenge you to a Pokemon battle. He'll choose the starter Pokemon weak to you, instead of strong against you. If you chose Rowlet, he'll have chose Popplio. If you chose Litten, he'll have chose Rowlet. If you chose Poplio, he'll have chose Litten.