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New Moves and Abilities[edit]

Some new moves and abilities were introduced for the release of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Here's a list of all new moves added and a list of all new abilities added in as well.

New Moves[edit]

All new moves will be listed in alphabetical order, in addition to their Type, Base Damage, Accuracy, PP, Category (Physical, Special, Status), their Description/Additional Effects, and which Pokémon can learn it and how. Also, the TM number will be listed as long as it is a TM.

Name Type Base Damage Accuracy PP Category TM# Description Pokémon
Mind Blown Fire 150 100 5 Physical - The user attacks everything around it by causing its own head to explode. This also damages the user. Blacephalon
Photon Geyser Psychic 100 100 5 Physical - The user attacks a target with a pillar of light. This move inflicts Attack or Sp. Attack damage; whichever stat is higher for the user. Necrozma
Plasma Fists Electric 100 100 15 Physical - The user attacks with electrically charged fists. This move changes Normal-type moves to Electric-type moves. Zeraora