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The Island Challenge replaces gyms in Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: It involves traveling to each of the four islands of Alola: Melemele Island, Akala Island, Poni Island, and Ula'Ula Island.

It is also mandatory to complete a trial, led by Alola's seven trial captains. Each trial involves a unique challenge, followed by battling a Totem Pokémon. Before the battle, Totem Pokemon will usually get a raise in stats. Once the Totem Pokemon has been defeated, the trial is considered to have been completed. You will also have received a Z-Crystal. Once all trials on a particular island are finished, you must battle the Island Kahuna, a strong trainer, in order to progress to the next island.

List of trials:

Melemele Island[edit]

1. Ilima[edit]

  • Location: Verdant Cavern
  • Specialty: Normal
  • Challenge: Locate and battle 3 Pokemon.
  • Totem: Gumshoos (Ultra Sun), Alolan Raticate (Ultra Moon) Level 12
  • Boost: Defense

Kahuna: Hala[edit]

  • Specialty: Fighting
  • Pokemon: Machop (Level 15), Makuhita (Level 15), Crabrawler (Level 16)

Akala Island[edit]

2. Lana[edit]

  • Location: Brooklet Hill
  • Specialty: Water
  • Challenge: Find and battle 2 Pokemon.
  • Totem: Araquanid Level 20
  • Boost: Speed

3. Kiawe[edit]

  • Location: Wela Volcano Park
  • Specialty: Fire
  • Challenge: Identify the differences between two dances.
  • Totem: Marowak Level 22
  • Boost: Speed

4. Mallow[edit]

  • Location: Lush Jungle
  • Specialty: Grass
  • Challenge: Find 3 ingredients for a special dish. If you chose an ingredient that a Pokemon has had an eye on, you'll be forced to battle that Pokemon.
  • Totem: Lurantis Level 24
  • Boost: Speed

Kahuna: Olivia[edit]

  • Specialty: Rock
  • Pokemon: Anorith (Level 27), Lileep (Level 27), Lycanroc (Level 28)

Ula'Ula Island[edit]

5. Sophocles[edit]

  • Location: Hokulani Observatory
  • Specialty: Electric
  • Challenge: Complete a minigame involving moving Charjabugs into certain patterns.
  • Totem: Togedemaru Level 33
  • Boost: Defense

6. Acerola[edit]

  • Location: Thrifty Megamart
  • Specialty: Ghost
  • Challenge: Take a picture of the Pokemon messing around the store and Mimikyu.
  • Totem: Mimikyu Level 35
  • Boost: All stats

Kahuna: Nanu[edit]

  • Specialty: Dark
  • Pokemon: Sableye (Level 43), Krokorok (Level 43), Persian (Level 44)

Poni Island[edit]

7. ???[edit]

  • Location: Vast Poni Canyon
  • Specialty: Dragon
  • Challenge: Battle Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o while heading towards the Z-Crystal stand.
  • Totem: Kommo-o Level 49
  • Boost: All stats

8. Mina[edit]

  • Location: Vast Poni Canyon
  • Specialty: Fairy
  • Challenge: Battle Mina, and rematch all of the other Trial Captains to receive a petal from them. (Excluding Lana)
  • Totem: Ribombee Level 55
  • Boost: All stats

Kahuna: Hapu[edit]

  • Specialty: Ground
  • Pokemon: Golurk (Level 53), Flygon (Level 53), Mudsdale (Level 54), Gastrodon (Level 53)