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Character Attributes[edit]

Braixen mostly relies on using projectiles to defeat the enemy. As such, it has multiple projectiles available to its disposal. A unique mechanic to Braixen that some of its moves can be ended earlier than usual by calling a Support Pokemon (support cancelling). This allows it to move a bit earlier without having to finish an attack's cooldown frames, and link up its combos with Support Pokemon. As such, some of its quirks are oriented towards Support Gauges, such as filling it faster for every attack it makes, regardless of type.


Counter Attack (X + A)[edit]

Braixen tiptoes on one foot, then immediately spins around, sweeping the area in front of it in a whip-like fashion. The sweeping counterattack may act as an-anti air. Relative to other characters, its counter attack speed is around the third fastest ones. Since the counter attack strikes the ground, opponents can jump over Braixen and attack from behind, although it requires a bit of good timing.

Grab Attack[edit]

Braixen extends its left arm and grabs the foe. In Field Phase, it smashes the foe with a light screen then whips the enemy with its stick. In Duel Phase, it levitates the foe off the ground then strikes it with a big light screen, sending the enemy futher away. Even if it only does 80 to 90 damage, a successful grab nets Braixen a boost on either phase.

Field Phase[edit]

Ranged Attack (Y)[edit]

Braixen tosses three fireballs at the opponent. This move is not really powerful, as it is mostly used to probe an opponent. This move can be cancelled by a support call.

Side Ranged Attack (s.Y)[edit]

Braixen runs sideways and tosses five fireballs towards the opponents. This move can be cancelled by a support call or linked up with a special move anytime during the attack animation.

Foward Ranged Attack (f.Y)[edit]

The stick used for throwing fireballs has now turned into a boomerang. The throwing is distance is not quite long, but it has the ability to neutralize many projectiles if it encounters some. It hits the foe multiple times and draws them nearer to Braixen.

Backward Ranged Attack (b.Y)[edit]

A fireball is lobbed from a distance from a golf-like move. This move has two parts, namely, the lobbed fireball, and the stick itself. The fireball can slightly track opponents, and its direction can be changed pre-launch by holding left or right. The charged versions flies further and deals more damage. Since the fireball moves in an arc, it can be used to anti-air opponents. The stick causes a phase shift when it hits the opponent.

Jumping Ranged Attack (j.Y)[edit]

Braixen tosses fireballs similar to her ranged attack. This move can tip opponents off the air, and can be done after an aerial maneuver. Unlike the previous fireball tosses, Braixen still has this move in duel phase.

Homing Attack (X.X.X)[edit]

Braixen runs to the foe and kicks them, then uses its stick to hit the foe twice. Unlike most characters, Braixen's homing attack isn't too particularly strong, therefore it is advised to use it for punishing the opponent rather than attacking them head-on.

Mid-air Strong Attack[edit]

Braixen smashes its stick down to the ground. Flames rise from the spot where the stick was smashed on, which can potentially hit enemies a short distance above it. It can be charged to hit more times and enlarge the rising flames.

Duel Phase[edit]

Weak Attack (5Y.Y.Y)[edit]

Braixen pokes the opponent twice and hits them a third time. While it does not deal heavy damage, it is potentially one of Braixen's flexible moves in her tool set. Braixen can cancel the move anytime with a support call, or end the combo with a Pokemon move.

Forward Weak Attack (6Y)[edit]

Just like in Field Phase, Braixen throws its stick like a boomerang, hitting the foe multiple times and drawing them close. It is also has a fast start-up, catching foes by surprise.

Backward Weak Attack (4Y)[edit]

Braixen swings its stick in a golf-like fashion. When charged, it tosses a fireball that can hit opponents from afar. While this move can toss opponents high in the air, its slowness adds a layer of risk to it. If it hits however, it gives room for combos to be performed.

Pokken Tournament DX buffs this move by making it throw a small fireball when uncharged.

High Stance Weak Attack (8Y)[edit]

Braixen sweeps the the stick up towards the air. Just like other 8Ys, it has the ability to anti-air opponents. Unfortunately, its recovery is slow, making it risky if whiffed. To make up for it, the move can be cancelled by a support call.

Pokken Tournament DX modified this move by increasing its combo potential; players can now use 6Y as a follow-up move.

Low Stance Weak Attack (2Y)[edit]

Braixen low-kicks the opponent. This move is the fastest non-projectile attack that Braixen has, making it suitable for attacking the opponent without any major drawbacks. This move is a dedicated grab crusher, meaning it can crush through grabs without fail. This move is also support cancel-able.

Interestingly, this move can also be used to hit an opponent in a mid-air state very close to the ground. The most common follow-up move in this situation is Flamethrower. This follow-up move is also excels in hitting an opponent against the wall.

Strong Attack (5X.X)[edit]

Braixen twirls, hitting the opponent upwards then smashes them down to the ground. This is one of Braixen's reliable ways of dealing heavy damage, as it is safe when distanced properly. This move can be cancelled anytime by a support call.

Backward Strong Attack (4X)[edit]

Braixen slides backwards then lunges forward at the opponent, stabbing them. It acts similarly to a back-dash, evading the opponent then striking back at them. Its slow recovery time makes it a risky move, but fortunately it can be cancelled by calling support.

High Stance Strong Attack (8X)[edit]

Braixen hops forward while rapidly spinning her torch at the opponent. At the end of the last hit, it can be continued into Flame Charge or cancelled with a mid-air dash. This move is one of her most potent attacks, but also proves to be risky when improperly utilized.

Low Stance Strong Attack (2X)[edit]

Braixen slides down on the ground, poking the opponent's feet with her torch. This move is useful for causing quick knockdowns, and it evades high stance moves as well. Its lack of combo potential can be mitigated by calling a support.

Pokemon Moves[edit]

Sunny Day [A][edit]

Activated by doing a successful grab, or holding A for a few seconds, releasing it upon seeing a glowing aura on Braixen. This is one of its most needed moves, as a Sunny Day enhances Braixen's next Pokemon move. Doing another Sunny Day while already in a enhanced state allows it to do an Enhanced Sunny Day, giving an attack boost for five seconds.

Psybeam (A)[edit]

A fast-moving projectile. This can be used to catch opponents off-guard from afar. Braixen has three other versions of this move, namely:

  • Rolling Psybeam (s.A): Braixen does a side roll and immediately shoots a magical beam. A unique feature of this version is that Braixen is immune to damage during the rolling animation, making it a good choice to deter homing projectiles on the last second.
  • Delayed Psybeam [A]: Braixen throws its stick on the air while doing a pirouette. This Psybeam allows it to track opponents in the air during the start-up animation.
  • Enhanced Psybeam (s.A): It essentially behaves the same way as mentioned above. In addition, it does more damage as two beams are being shot instead of just one.

Fire Spin (f.A)[edit]

One of Braixen's best options to space opponents according to the user's strategy. Braixen thrusts the ground with its stick, materializing a column of fire with a short height, moving in a forward manner. This move is also useful for damaging opponents on wake-up, as the fire columns lasts for a few seconds. Because the fire column appears not directly in front of Braixen, it is recommended that Fire Spin must be used as a ranged weapon.

  • Charged Fire Spin [f.A]: The fire column nearly doubles in radius and height, making jumps over it much difficult that the uncharged version.
  • Enhanced Fire Spin: Fire Spin gains the ability to launch opponents in the air, allowing for some nice combos.

Fire Blast (b.A)[edit]

Braixen releases a large slow-moving fireball that knocks opponents down when it hits. After a very short wile, it expands to its titular shape, the dai (大) kanji. Being true to its Japanese name, this move deals heavy damage and its size makes it difficult to jump over. The fire also absorbs most non-beam projectile in encounters. While its damage and abilities are useful, its slightly slow start-up time leaves Braixen open to damage during the attack.

  • Enhanced Fire Blast: Acts similarly to its uncharged counterpart. Enhanced Fire Blast flames readily expand upon the slightest provocation and deal more damage.

Flamethrower (u.A)[edit]

This Pokemon move is available in duel phase only. Braixen holds up its stick in a diagonal position, releasing a continuously-incinerating stream of fire for a short time. This move acts as an anti-air, being able to hit opponents in an approximate 45-degree angle above Braixen. This makes Flamethrower a fast anti-air move, although it cannot hit short opponents on a close range or opponents directly above Braixen.

  • Enhanced Flamethrower: The flame sports some rainbow rings, and it becomes larger therefore increasing its vertical range. It also hits the opponent more times compared to the unenhanced version.

Light Screen (d.A)[edit]

This Pokemon move is available in duel phase only. The fox extends its arms in front of it, materializing a disc-shaped wall of light for a short amount of time. Light screen has the ability to nullify projectiles, making it a suitable alternative for shielding. This move is classified as a counter, therefore it is super-effective against an opponent who does normal attacks if it hits. Its quick start-up, along with its ability to push shielded opponents away, makes it a good tool for countering and adjusting distance. As fast as Light Screen is, it is still weak to Grab attacks if the grab move manages to connect first. Unlike regular Counter Attacks, Light Screen cannot absorb melee attacks and counter-piercing projectiles.

  • Enhanced Light Screen: Braixen generates three discs instead of one, increasing its range and chances to hit an opponent or projectile in a short distance.


Poke Combo 1 (n.Y > A )[edit]

Braixen tosses three fireballs then followed up by Psybeam. It causes a Phase Shift once the beams hit the opponent.

Poke Combo 2 (s.Y > A)[edit]

Braixen runs sideways while throwing five fireballs, then immediately followed up by Psybeam.

Poke Combo 3 (5Y.Y.Y.Y)[edit]

A series of pokes made by repeated Y button presses, usually ending with Psybeam. Note that the last hit can be ended by another Pokemon move.

Poke Combo 4 (2Y.Y)[edit]

Braixen does a low kick followed up by Psybeam. Just like in Poke Combo 3, the last hit can be ended by another Pokemon move.

Poke Combo 5 (8X.X)[edit]

A high stance strong attack succeeded by Flame Charge.

Mid-air Smash > Standard Y Combo (jX > 5Y.Y.Y)[edit]

A combo that sends the foe slightly airborne only to be hit by a series of jabs.

Golf Swing > Standard Y Pokes > Flamethrower Combo (4Y > 5Y.Y.Y > 8A)[edit]

Sends the foe high in the air to be poked several times and ending with Flamethrower to hit them multiple times.

Charged Counter Attack > High Stance Strong Attack > Flame Charge ([CA] > 8X.X)[edit]

The charged counter attack leaves the foe in a crumpled state, to be attacked with a Poke Combo 5 soon after.

Fighting against Braixen[edit]

Dealing with projectiles[edit]

Braixen has a variety of projectiles to throw at the opponent. One way to get past her projectiles is to use a Counter Attack Dash Cancel (CADC). None of her projectiles can pierce counters, making CADC an effective choice against projectiles.

Other fighters with long-ranged moves can outclass her projectiles as they have low priority. Most beam weapons such as Chandelure's lasers, Mewtwo's Hyper Beam, and Suicune's Aurora Beam as well as Hydro Pump. Other high priority projectiles such as Lucario's Aura Sphere and Gardevoir's Psyshock can pass through many of Braixen's projectiles.

Support Calls[edit]

Support Pokemon are highly utilized in Braixen's playstyle, as they can be effectively weaved in into attacks. As such, it is important to know when to go all-out against her. To temporarily get rid of the support, Braixen can be manipulated early to waste a fully charged support.

Recovery move times[edit]

Braixen has some moves that are unsafe when blocked, especially when her support is not yet available. Take advantage of her slow recovery times to hit her unscathed. Moves such as her thrust (4X), hopping torch spin (8X), golf swing (4Y), and unenhanced Flame Charge are especially prone to whiffing when blocked or evaded.