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The mascot of Pokken Tournament, Lucario is the introductory balanced fighter archetype of the game. It has a solid host of tools to take on every combat situation, a toolset that includes ranged pokes, aggressive approach moves and a long-distance projectile. It does have a definite slant toward close quarters combat, excelling at pressure and combos up close in the Duel Phase. On the contrary, it suffers from a mediocre Field Phase and has trouble approaching long-range zoners. With its straightforward moveset and clear cut strengths and weaknesses, Lucario is a great character to pick up for beginners learning the game.

  • HP: 600 (Mid-high)
  • Type: Standard


Character Attributes[edit]

Lucario slowly builds its Synergy Gauge in High Stance. Like most characters, it can dodge high-hitting attacks in Low Stance. Lucario's walk speed is very poor in the Field Phase, and all of its dashes bar forward dash is slow. It performs much better in Duel Phase, where its walk speed is relatively high and its dashes are average. Its jumps are quick and snappy, but lacks airdashes and other aerial maneuvers, making its aerial game somewhat predictable.


Grab (Y+B)[edit]

In Field Phase, Lucario punches the opponent's midsection, that blows them back with a palm strike. In Duel Phase, Lucario does two jumping kicks, then punches the falling foe. A standard grab that can be used for punishing due to how fast it comes out, particularly in Field Phase as it's Lucario's fastest move in that situation. Since Lucario lacks any quick counter pierce moves, this is a reliable way to overcome counters. The Field Phase grab leaves the enemy close by after the phase shift for Lucario to continue pressure, though the Duel Phase grab sends them flying a lot further.

Counter Attack (X+A)[edit]

Lucario shoots a jet of aura out of its outstretched arms. This counter has great range that extends beyond Lucario, but it doesn't hit around or above Lucario at all, though it at least tracks the opponent really well in Field Phase. It can be beaten consistently from the air, so avoid using this move outside of CADC or explicitly countering a foe's attacks. It crumples the opponent at full charge or a critical hit, allowing for follow-ups.

Field Phase[edit]

Ranged Attack (Y)[edit]

Lucario throws out a small orb of aura that travels straight ahead. It's a pretty pathetic projectile, but it is the only of Lucario's moves in Field Phase that can be canceled into a Pokemon move. This means it can be followed up with, say, Bone Rush to approach the foe, and you can always chain it into the Y follow-up instead for a quick phase shift.

Side Ranged Attack (s.Y)[edit]

Lucario sidesteps and kicks, sending a wave of aura a short distance forward. This is a great projectile to use in Field Phase since it covers a wide area, making it Lucario's main attack in Field Phase footsies. It is also a quick way to enter Duel Phase where Lucario is much stronger. However, its slow speed and poor projectile durability means that it can be defended against on reaction and get stuffed by many characters' special projectiles.

Forward Ranged Attack (f.Y)[edit]

Lucario lunges forward and kicks out two blades of aura, forming a cross. This is another one of Lucario's Y moves that instantly causes a phase shift if it hits. It is as slow as s.Y with a smaller hitbox that doesn't track the opponent, so it doesn't see much use. One possible use is for quick mid-range punishes since it does travel a fair distance.

Backward Ranged Attack (b.Y)[edit]

Lucario releases a ring of aura around it. This attack has counter properties and it hits on all sides, so it is pretty much a guaranteed critical hit against foes coming in for a homing attack or using projectiles within range. The attack stays out for a while, which can catch impatient opponents running in for a punish. It is very slow to come out and is very unsafe on block, pretty much guaranteeing a free grab for a blocking foe. A very situational move that should be used sparingly, but a move to keep in mind nonetheless.

Jumping Ranged Attack (j.Y)[edit]

Lucario kicks out a huge vertical wave of a aura straight ahead. This projectile has incredible vertical range, hitting above Lucario and reaching all the way to the ground when used at the peak of your jump. However, it is basically a flat disc so it is very easy to evade the attack just by walking to the sides. It doesn't lead into any follow-ups or phase shifts so it's usually neglected, though the incredible height of the projectile makes it a nice air-to-air move.

Homing Attack (XXX)[edit]

Lucario jets toward its opponent, opening with a gut punch. The next attack trips them with a sweep kick, and the finisher is a strong shoulder check. As far as Homing Attacks go, Lucario's is pretty standard, being a staple punish and phase shifting move. Like all Homing Attacks, this move will always crush throws, so it's a good option if the opponent looks to be coming in for a grab. The homing portion of this attack is notable as it is significantly faster than Lucario's walk, so it can be used in short bursts as an alternative dash of sorts.

Jumping Attack (j.X)[edit]

Lucario performs a simple dive kick. Lucario's j.X is more limited than the other fighters, since it doesn't home in on foes and can't be charged. It is still a functional punish move against whiffed attacks in close range that you manage to dodge by jumping away, and it causes a phase shift upon hit. The kick has considerable startup and limited reach, so it's definitely not a move one can simply throw out.

Duel Phase[edit]

Weak Attack (5YYY)[edit]

Lucario punches twice and finishes with an elbow smash. T�his basic jab combo rarely sees much use, usually because there are better options available. As a poke, it is slower than 6Y or 2Y and doesn't have as much range, though the first hit is fairly safe on block. Every hit can be Pokemon Move canceled, so it can start a grounded combo chain that deals decent damage, but Lucario really gets most of its combo damage from juggling aerial foes. It's usually not Lucario's best option, but it's adecent move to throw out to keep your offense from being too predictable.

The cancel properties on the move can also be used outside of combos, such as to break up the enemy's defense. There is a noticeable time gap between the second and third hits of this move that foes can punish on block, but canceling into a faster Pokemon Move can let you frame trap them if they try to attack out of it. It can also be canceled into Force Palm for chip damage and to make it safer on block. One could also stop the attack chain altogether when it hits a blocking opponent and simply block or grab anticipating their reaction to the attack.

Forward Weak Attack (6YY)[edit]

Lucario lunges forward with a palm strike. It will follow-up with an aura-powered palm shot upon the next Y input, which becomes a large aura jet if the input is delayed. This is a very quick attack that goes into a simple mixup if the initial hit doesn't connect. Lucario pauses between the two attacks, during which your next action is pretty ambiguous. Performing the follow-up will catch opponents dropping their shield on an attempted punish, or push a blocking enemy away. Grabs are the most common other action out of 6Y, capturing defensive foes expecting a normal attack. The first hit is not safe on block, so the move is punishable with a fast move such as a grab if the opponent can see it coming.

There is no need to worry about performing mixups if you do land the first hit, as it links into the second hit reliably. It is possible to combo into the stronger delayed follow-up too, though it requires a bit of timing. It doesn't have a lot of combo potential by itself since the last hit knocks foes away and it can't be canceled into Pokemon moves, but it does consistently cause a wall splat close to the edges of the stage, which can result in a big damage combo. 6Y is also one of Lucario's guaranteed throw crushes in Duel Phase but is rarely used over its other options as it's not as safe nor has as great a reward for a successful crush.

High Stance Weak Attack (8Y)[edit]

Lucario shoots a ball of aura upward at an angle. This is Lucario's universal anti-air, which is uniquely a projectile that can interact with support Pokemon like Whimsicott, although that situation is very unlikely. The fixed angle of the projectile covers jumping approaches pretty well, but will likely miss if the opponent does a crossup. It should only be used as an anti-air since it's too high to hit grounded foes outside of point blank range. Hitting aerial foes with it will put them into a juggle state, which can easily lead into a damaging combo with Bone Rush loops.

Low Stance Weak Attack (2Y)[edit]

Lucario blasts aura out of its palms while crouching. This is Lucario's fastest ground move, tied with grab, 6Y and Extreme Speed. It is Lucario's best poke, being an attack with great disjointed range that can low profile through enemy attacks. It can be Pokemon Move canceled, although only Bone Rush is fast enough to link, letting Lucario pressure or hit-confirm a combo off of its attack. It is also Lucario's safest and fastest move for crushing throws, important for avoiding grabs on wakeup. It should be noted that since the attack hits low, any attack that makes the opponent airborne for a moment can be used to punish it, with Lucario's own 8X being one such example.

Midair Weak Attack (j.Y)[edit]

Lucario sticks a foot out as it falls. This is Lucario's fastest move hands down, lasts long and has a pretty lenient hitbox. It is also safe on block and gives a ton of frame advantage on hit that lets Lucario follow up with anything it pleases, making it Lucario's easiest combo starter. While among the best j.Y attacks in terms of combo potential, it is held back by Lucario's predictable air movement, so careless usage will likely result in you eating an anti-air attack.

Strong Attack (5X)[edit]

Lucario sends a blast of aura bursting out of the ground. One of Lucario's slower moves, the lack of range limits this attack to being a combo filler. It functions as a launcher that sends its opponent into the air, supplementing Lucario's other combo tools. It's a nice follow-up to both j.Y and j.X as a high damage launcher, while having a forgiving hitbox for keeping a Bone Rush loop going.

Forward Strong Attack (6X)[edit]

Lucario lunges forward with its elbow. The attack can be charged for increased damage and to cause a knockdown. Lucario's 6X is fairly slow, but its quite safe on block and shifts you forward a fair distance, making it a decent approach and punish tool against whiffed attacks in mid-range. The charged version is amazing to use on your opponent's wakeup, having multiple hits to catch enemy attacks and granting frame advantage if the enemy blocks, though it can lose to counter moves. It also leads to a Bone Rush juggle on hit when fully-charged.

High Stance Strong Attack (8X)[edit]

Lucario does an arching kick forward. Your designated throw crush has a unique property in that it bounces the opponent off the floor on a critical hit, which allows follow-ups on an airborne foe and subsequently a damaging juggle combo off of a predicted grab. It is one of Lucario's slower attacks so it can't be used freely less you eat an anti-air, but at least it is safe on block. One of its other uses besides throw crushing is to punish low-profle moves, since Lucario is airborne in the middle of the attack. Even on a normal hit it still does enough stun to combo out of, but only with 6Y or 2Y. It could be used as an anti-air since it hits pretty high up, but Lucario has either safer or more rewarding options to do so.

Low Stance Strong Attack (2X)[edit]

Lucario crawls forward and does a sweep kick. It is a surprisingly fast low-profile move that leads to a knockdown, which puts you at a great advantage to continue pressure and offense on the enemy's wakeup. 2Y is often the preferred low-profile move due to its superior range, but 2X does provide the immediate advantage that comes with an instant knockdown. Oddly, the attack launches the opponent on a critical hit, recovering quick enough to link into 2Y and a Bone Rush loop afterward.

Midair Strong Attack (j.X)[edit]

Lucario does a flip and a dive kick. This attack is nearly identical to its Field Phase counterpart, only it does less damage. While it doesn't provide as big of a frame advantage as j.Y, it can be followed-up by a variety of moves, with 5X being the slowest move that it can still combo into. Lucario dives down at a fixed angle instead of continuing along its jump arc like in j.Y, so it can be used to hit foes where j.Y would whiff. It is much slower than j.Y however, making it more reserved for punishes, but it knocks blocking foes far enough to be safe from retaliation if it hits a foe's shield.

Pokemon Moves[edit]

Aura Sphere (A or j.A)[edit]

Lucario shoots out a large ball of aura that travels forward quickly across the screen. The attack can be charged for a stronger projectile that does multiple hits and drags the foe along with it. Lucario's special projectile is as standard as projectiles go, a spammable move that forces the opponent be defensive or keep moving as Lucario inches inward from far away. The sphere is fast and eats up projectiles, so it can be used to counter-zone. It can also be used for plain zoning against characters like Machamp that can't threaten Lucario from afar and has trouble closing the gap. It is not safe on hit at close range, which can be problematic if you accidentally cancel into this attack.

The aerial version of Aura Sphere is slightly different depending on which phase you are in. While its uncharged version is pretty much the same, charging it will split the sphere into multiple smaller orbs. In Field Phase, both the sphere and the orb will home in at the opponent to some extend, while they travel in a set arc in Duel Phase. This move tends to see more use in Duel Phase, as the fixed arc can catch foes approaching by jumping or walking, especially with the fan trajectory of the fully-charged version.

Bone Rush (f.A or 6A)[edit]

Lucario lunges ahead while wildly jabbing with a bone-like staff. There are two follow-ups off of the move. Pressing A again makes Lucario swing the staff up, while pressing either Y or X makes it slam the staff down. All parts of the move will cause phase shifts in Field Phase, while having differing effects in Duel Phase. This move is an indispensable part of Lucario's offense, finding uses in its approaches, pressure, mixups and combos. The initial hits moves Lucario forward quite far and has a fast startup, which makes it ideal for both quick advances and combos. It can also dispel most projectiles, which is useful for getting close to a zoning opponent. It is not safe on block, but you might avoid a punish if you only make contact with the tip of the attack.

The A follow-up is likely the one you will be using the most. It combos naturally from the initial Bone Rush attack, and serves as a fairly tight blockstring too. It will knock grounded foes away, but for aerial foes it launches them up instead. This makes 6AA a staple part of Lucario's combos, usually able to be looped up to two times to keep juggling the opponent. It can also function as an anti-air, particularly in Field Phase where Lucario's usual anti-air moves are absent, which also leads into the aforementioned Bone Rush juggle combos. 6AA is definitely not safe on block and it leaves Lucario right next to the opponent, so it should not be used when Bone Rush is blocked less you get punished.

On the other hand, 6AY doesn't combo off 6A at all. There's a gap between the two attacks that lets foes block the follow-up or attempt to retaliate. However, it is exactly this property that makes the move a simple but devious frame trap. Lucario jumps during the Y follow-up, which lets it evade attacks and punish opponents trying to mash out, as well as catch foes jumping away. The attack is neutral on block and pushes foes back a bit, so it can't be punished if the opponent just keeps blocking. However, it consistently loses to counter attacks provided that the foe starts their counter between the initial attack and the follow-up, meaning that it's not a good idea to Bone Rush a blocking foe overall. Lastly, the Y follow-up of Bone Rush is often used to end juggle combos where all hits will connect, either causing a knockdown or a phase shift.

Force Palm (b.A or 4A)[edit]

Lucario advances forward and creates a maelstrom of energy around its palm. Lucario's slowest Pokemon move also happens to be one of its strongest, dealing a great amount of damage. It also causes a crumple and knockdown upon hit, which combined with its damage makes it a good ground combo ender. It is also safe on block, so it can be used to end blockstrings safely while dealing sizable chip damage and wearing down the enemy's guard. It can also phase shift in Field Phase as well as nullify projectiles, but it lacks range to be useful in neutral. The charged version is rarely used at all, occasionally utilize for a brutal combo ender for certain wall splat combos.

Extreme Speed (8A)[edit]

Lucario kicks upward, surrounded by aura. This attack is Lucario's fastest Pokemon move and it has counter properties for the duration of the kick, making it a strong reversal move. If an opponent is being overzealous with their pressure, especially on wake-up, Extreme Speed will often give you some breathing space and cause a critical hit against the opponent. Use it sparingly, because if the move whiffs or gets blocked you are vulnerable during your descent, giving your foe a free punish. It is also a solid anti-air that can beat out most air attacks due to its counter attributes, but doesn't lead into any further damage unlike 8Y.

Synergy Burst[edit]

Lucario's Synergy Burst is moderately strong relative to the rest of the cast. It charges up at an average speed, quick enough to net around 1 burst per round with smart play, and drains moderately slowly as well. Lucario's Synergy Burst is a Mega Evolution, so it receives several substantial changes to some of its moves.

Altered Aura Sphere[edit]

Aura Sphere changes significantly in Synergy Burst. First, the uncharged version becomes two small spheres that rotate forward in a helix, dealing two hits instead of one. It has also gained a third level of charge, which is a quick beam that travels the length of the screen. Curiously, the beam always phase shifts in Duel Phase but not in Field Phase. Finally, the move's recovery can be jump-canceled using B, but has a special jump arc that sends Lucario forward and low to the ground.

Of the three changes, the first is negligible and the second takes way too long to charge to be practical. However, the third change gives Lucario an amazing combo tool. Lucario can use any aerial attack it has upon jump-canceling, mostly j.Y, so Aura Sphere can now lead into more damage from a hit. It also affects every attack that can be canceled into Pokemon Moves, since they can all cancel into Aura Sphere to extend their ground combos. However, it's not a good maneuver to use by itself as it loses to counterattacks. The feature is also rarely used in Field Phase, since Lucario doesn't have any good aerial moves to use out of a jump there.

Improved 6X[edit]

While it's not drastically altered, Lucario's 6X becomes one of its best attacks in Synergy Burst. It still has the same properties as the normal 6X, but now has blades emerging above Lucario when used, making it a handy anti-air. With this change, 6X becomes very versatile, being able to pressure blocking foes safely, limit enemy options on wakeup and now even catch foes trying to jump out of Lucario's offense. It also benefits from the changes and additions made to Lucario's Pokemon Moves, as it can cancel into any of them.

New attack follow-ups[edit]

Several moves gain follow-up attacks in Synergy Burst. Lucario's 5X in duel phase now causes a crumple, while the second hit launches like its normal 5X. This effectively splits the original move into two parts resulting in more damage overall. Similarly, Force Palm gained a follow-up that is purely meant to increase its damage, and it forces a phase shift whenever it hits. The follow-up is punishable on block unlike the base move, so it's only to be used when Force Palm hits. Lastly, Extreme Speed's new follow-up attack can hit grounded opponents, which can catch hasty punish attempts if you whiff Extreme Speed. However, you can still eat a heavy punish upon landing if the foe blocks both attacks.

Burst Attack: Aura Blast[edit]

Lucario speeds forward and uppercuts the foe into the air. Then, it sends dozens of aura missiles homing on to its target, finishing with a massive beam of aura as they fall to the ground. Lucario has a standard Burst Attack, being invincible after the super flash, safe on block, and dealing a huge load of damage if it hits. Curiously, it always causes a phase shift in Duel Phase, but never in Field Phase. Aura Blast is a threatening addition to Lucario's arsenal in Burst, not just because of damage but also due to its counter pierce property. Since it is a Pokemon move, Lucario can cancel into it from a normal poke for a heavy punish against enemy counters. It can also be used to end combos, but the damage will be greatly reduced when used at the end of a long combo.


Lucario's Homing Attack in Field Phase and 5Y chain in Duel Phase both receive new attack animations. For both of these moves, Lucario punches once, followed with a flurry of weaker punches and ends with a quick focused jab. It has a new Duel Phase grab animation where Lucario stomps the foe, launching them into the air and blasts them with Aura. The grab also gets a big damage boost in Duel Phase exclusively, making a grab just as threatening as a lengthy combo.


Fighting against Lucario[edit]