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Character attributes[edit]

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Character classes and races[edit]

There are six different races and four different classes in Pool of Radiance. The party is made of six characters.

You might decide to make a party with one each of the six races, and different combinations of classes (as highlighted in green in the table).

  • Any race can be a good thief; a pure thief, though, is the most limited class.
  • Humans and dwarves make the best fighters; a dwarf fighter/thief is an excellent warrior who can get multiple attacks and backstab enemies.
  • Humans and elves make the best magic-users (mages); an elf mage/thief can be carried on to the next episodes.
  • Humans only can become good clerics; a half-elf cleric/mage can provide extra healing and magic, but would be unable to wear armor.
Maximum level per race
Race Cleric
(max 6)
(max 6)
(max 8)
(max 9)
Human max max max max
Half-elf 5 8 8 max
Elf - 11 7 max
Dwarf - - 9 max
Gnome - - 6 max
Halfling - - 6 max

Exporting characters[edit]

Because of the level caps, the only characters that are worthy of being exported to the next titles are those whose class/race combination gets beyond 100%.

Because of the level caps, the only characters that can sensibly be transferred to Hillsfar or Curse of the Azure Bonds are:

  • Any human;
  • Any pure thief (especially a halfling, whose maximum fighter level will be further limited to 5);
  • An elf mage or thief/mage;
  • A dwarf fighter or fighter/thief.

In the sequels, it would be pointless to play with a half-elf or a gnome.

Character portraits[edit]

Character portraits are at the player's leisure. You are even free to mix male and female parts.

Bodies may be chosen to suggest the class of the character.

Examples of female portraits
Cleric/mage? Mage/thief? Thief/fighter? Fighter?
PoolRadiance portrait Fhead1.png
PoolRadiance portrait Fbody4.png
PoolRadiance portrait Fhead4.png
PoolRadiance portrait Fbody2.png
PoolRadiance portrait Fhead2.png
PoolRadiance portrait Fbody3.png
PoolRadiance portrait Fhead3.png
PoolRadiance portrait Fbody1.png
Examples of male portraits
Fighters? Cleric? Thieves? Mage?
PoolRadiance portrait Mhead1.png
PoolRadiance portrait Mbody7.png
PoolRadiance portrait Mhead4.png
PoolRadiance portrait Mbody1.png
PoolRadiance portrait Mhead6.png
PoolRadiance portrait Mbody4.png
PoolRadiance portrait Mhead3.png
PoolRadiance portrait Mbody5.png
PoolRadiance portrait Mhead0.png
PoolRadiance portrait Mbody6.png
PoolRadiance portrait Mhead2.png
PoolRadiance portrait Mbody2.png

PoolRadiance portrait Mhead5.png
PoolRadiance portrait Mbody8.png
The necks of this head and body are smaller than any other. They only fit each other.
PoolRadiance portrait Mhead8.png
PoolRadiance portrait Mbody3.png
Helmets are absent from the Gold Box series. On the other hand, it is very difficult to complete the game without an armor.
PoolRadiance portrait Mhead7.png The neck of this head is too dark to fit any body.
PoolRadiance portrait Mhead9.png This head is too small to fit any body.