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  • Regular balloons: They come in several colors: Red, Brown, Green, Yellow, Blue and Cyan. They break apart when you make a group of three whenver you launch balloons, or whenever they move up because of your action.
  • Water bubbles: As with other balloons, they must be removed. They pop whenever there's a break nearby. They may sometimes contain a special when they break; if it's part of the balloons you launch, then it triggers immediately instead.
  • Red Water bubbles: Unlike the regular bubbles, these remain fixed in position, and need to be cleared as soon as possible.
  • Lightning balloons: When popped, it causes a minor villain to appear on top of the cloud and launch an attack. If it hits, balloons you are carrying are released, and there may be an additional balloon that arrives on the board.

The balloons are held down by clouds as they move left or right. When the balloons reach the extreme edge, the clouds will move down slightly and turn around. You can slow down this process by popping ballons that are on the edge of the clouds.

If you launch a balloon and it misses the clouds, the downward movement will speed up for a few seconds.

Puzzle mode[edit]

In puzzle mode, you need to clear all balloons on a stage, before they cross the red line at the bottom. While there is no hard time limit, taking at least 80 seconds will make the clouds move slightly faster.

The puzzle mode is divided into groups. At the end of each group, you may choose to go left or right to advance to the next stage. There are 15 stage groups, and you can only access five within a given play.

The end of every group of four is a boss battle. Instead of the clouds moving down on their own, the boss will jump on the clouds to push them down. It is paralyzed by any chained break, giving you some time to clear other parts of the board.

Versus mode[edit]

Versus mode screenshot

In versuses mode, the objective is to make sure your opponent has his balloons cross the red line first. The easiest way to do this is to make chained breaks, which will cause balloons to appear on the opponent's board.