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Popeye 2 title screen (Commodore Amiga).png

You will first have to connect your Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 or Commodore Amiga (and cassette recorder, in the case of the ZX, CPC and C64 versions) to your television, then switch all three (or both, in the case of the Amiga version) of them on; you will now have to place the cassette (or disk in the case of the Amiga version) for Alternative Software's Bizarre Developments-developed (and Quex Development-redeveloped for the Amiga version) 1990 platform game Popeye 2 into the recorder (or the console itself in the case of the Amiga version), type LOAD "" without leaving a space between the quotation marks, and press Enter to load the program into the console (or wait for the program to load automatically, in the case of the Amiga version). In the 8-bit versions, the text "STOP TAPE" shall now flash on the screen - and once you do so, the game will start automatically. In the Amiga version, however, you will have to press the button on the joystick to start; you can also type SUBURBAN on the title screen to warp to the second level, SOOTY to warp to the third level (this is a reference to the Thames Television series The Sooty Show, which was the basis for Alternative Software's earlier television-themed game, Sooty and Sweep, in 1989) and DUCKULA to warp to the fourth level (this is a reference to another Thames Television series, Count Duckula, and its eponymous main character made a last TV appearance in Bunglers in Crime around the time that this version of the game was released). The two ships' names were also changed from "SS LUKE" and "SS HULLEY" to "SS TREV" and "SS ANDY" in this version.