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In Port Royale Trading is one of the most important things that you can do, it is very simple. To trade, go to the world map, go into the town view and click on the dock, a list of all of the available goods will be here, they are separated into 5 types of goods, Essential Goods, Raw Materials, Finished Goods, Colonial Goods and Import Goods. A list of the goods in each category is at the bottom.


  • Only buy goods that are produced in the town (has a P on the image in the game)
  • Sell when the number of goods is in the red, then you will get a lot of money
  • Having a good reputation helps prices come down
  • When a Transport convoy comes into a Govenor's Town, buy the import goods then because they will be very cheap
Essential Goods
Raw Materials
Finished Goods
Colonial Goods
Import Goods