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  • Bronze: 7
  • Silver: 4
  • Gold: 3

3 Portal Strategy

  1. Place an orange portal right before the lift and go open the door.
  2. Place a blue portal slightly left of center where the ball is hitting the wall and go back the where the first portal is.
  3. Quickly duck inside before getting hit.
  4. Fire an orange portal at the wall between the button and the door. (Third panel from the wall.)
  5. Quickly jump onto the button platform from the portal and wait for the ball to enter.
  6. Exit level.


  • Bronze: 1:30
  • Silver: 40
  • Gold: 30

Gold Time Strategy

  • The main trick to completing this in under 30 is to shoot a portal high up on the wall above the button in the long hall rather than waiting for the conveyor.
  1. Run or portal forward to the conveyor room.
  2. Shoot a portal high up on the wall above the button then drop through.
  3. Shoot a blue portal across from the energy pellet.
  4. Shoot an orange on the wall right above the water then drop through.
  5. Shoot an orange above the button, go through the blue, then shoot another orange across from the door to the receiver.
  6. Once the pellet is past the sliding door, drop down and head for the exit.