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The controls haven't changed much since the original Portal. There are a few new functions, such as zooming and the new co-op controls, but other than that they're just like you remember them.

Default Controls[edit]

PC PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Action
W S A D Neutral lstick Neutral lstick Move
PC Mouse.png Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Look
PC Mouse Left Click.png R1 button RT button Fire Blue Portal
PC Mouse Right Click.png L1 button LT button Fire Orange Portal
PC Mouse Wheel Neutral.png R2 button RB button Zoom
E Square button X button Pickup/Use Object
Space Cross button A button Jump
Ctrl Circle button B button Crouch
Esc Start button Start button Pause Game
Q Down dpad Up dpad Gesture (co-op)
F L2 button LB button Quick Ping (co-op)
F (hold) Right dpad Left dpad Ping Menu
Shift + Tab Select button N/A Access Steam