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  • Q, A, O and P: In the ZX and CPC versions, you must use these four keys to direct Pat's van around the streets of Greendale; however, in the C64 and Amiga versions, you must use a joystick instead. You must also press Space (or the button on the joystick), to fire letters through the letterboxes of the houses' flashing doors - but if you miss, Pat will get out of the van, and you will have to get him to pick up the letter before you can try again. For the ZX & CPC versions, you can also press Esc to abort the game; however, you should only do it if you have no chance of winning.

Postman Pat Clifton[edit]

PPTCG Postman Pat.png

The protagonist of the game; you will first have to direct his van through the streets of Greendale to the Post Office (but in the "easy" mode, he will automatically start there and you also will not have to worry about crashing into walls in this mode), and when he gets out and goes inside, Mrs. Goggins (the postmistress) will give him his first delivery, which will be a parcel, for one of the other villagers. When he returns to his van, you will have to direct it to the house of the villager - and once he gets out and goes inside, he will give the parcel to them. When he returns to his van again, you shall have to retrace your steps back to the Post Office where Mrs. Goggins shall give Pat his next delivery (which will be a number of letters); when he returns to his van once again and you direct it back away you'll notice that some of the houses' doors are flashing (these are the ones the letters must be delivered to, and you'll have to press Space or the joystick's button as you pass them, but if you miss, Pat will get out of the van and you shall have to get him to pick up the letter before you can try again). When Pat returns to the Post Office again, Mrs. Goggins shall give him his third delivery, which shall again be a parcel for one of the other villagers - and if he delivers six parcels to the other villagers (and five groups of letters) before the 25-minute limit he was given at the start of the game runs out, he will be given a new round. Also, when Pat gets the news that Peter Fogg's sheep are loose, you will have to direct the van to his farm; when he gets out, he will have to herd them back through the gate before he may return to his van. Finally, if Pat should crash his van into a wall in "hard" mode the text "OOPS! YOU HAVE CRASHED YET ANOTHER VAN." will appear on the screen - and he only starts off with three. The screen will then cut to a shot of him getting into a new van at the Greendale garage (if he still has two or one left), or the text "GAME OVER" (if he does not have any left); it is also impossible for him to receive any extra vans in this mode.