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Power Stone Wangtang.gif
  • Age: 19
  • Hometown: Tong-An
  • Fighting Style: Kung Fu

Wang-Tang is the a playable character in the Power Stone series. He is a 19 year-old martial artist from the land of Tong-An. He searches for the Power Stones at the behest of his sensei. He is always lively, full of energy, and optimistic; similar to many shounen manga heroes. Wang-Tang is a master of Kung Fu and never backs down from an opportunity to show off his skill. In the anime, Wang-Tang is shown to be a good cook.

Power Stone[edit]

Fighting Characteristics
Wang-Tang is a fast and agile character. He can easily overwhelm opponents with consecutive attacks and surprisingly fast environment based attacks. His wall attack is great for closing the distance between him and his foe and makes for a great surprise attack. He can stay in an opponents face better than any other character.

Combo Chains
Wang-Tang's Kung Fu fighting style makes for some impressive looking combo attacks. While not powerful, his combos are fast, tricky and visually impressive. His list of combos are as follows.

Finisher Commands Attributes
Double Open Palm Arcade-Button-Punch.png,Arcade-Button-Punch.png,Arcade-Button-Punch.png,Arcade-Button-Punch.png Sends opponent flying straight back and slightly upward. Good for knocking opponents into hazards directly behind them.
A useful move that is difficult to punish because of its fast recovery, even if it is easily sidestepped.
Tiger Spin Arcade-Button-Punch.png,Arcade-Button-Punch.png,Arcade-Button-Kick.png,Arcade-Button-Punch.png Sends opponent flying upwards in an arch and slightly to the left. Useful for knocking opponents in hazards above them or
onto a higher platform.
Dragon Blow Arcade-Button-Kick.png,Arcade-Button-Kick.png,Arcade-Button-Punch.png,Arcade-Button-Punch.png Sends opponent flying to Wang-Tangs's left. Good for punishing sidesteppers and for knocking opponents into hazzards
on the character's left side.
Roundhouse Arcade-Button-Kick.png,Arcade-Button-Kick.png,Arcade-Button-Kick.png,Arcade-Button-Kick.png
Sends the opponent flying to Wang-Tang's right. Good for knocking opponents into hazards on the character's right.
Both this attack and the spinning kicks preceding it are difficult to sidestep.


Move Name Command Description
Dragon Fury Arcade-Button-Punch.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png when opponent is facing Wang-Tang. Wang-Tang tenderizes his opponent's belly with 8 consecutive punches to the midsection.The opponent is send flying backwards.
Reverse Tomoe Nage Arcade-Button-Punch.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png when opponent's back is toward Wang-Tang. Wang-Tang grabs the opponent by the collar and judo throws them.
The opponent is flung in the opposite direction he was facing.
Dragon Crush Arcade-Button-Punch.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png in air near aerial opponent. Wang-Tang grabs the opponent and stands on them while they plummet to the
ground. The opponent is stomped into the ground and sent bouncing away.

Unique Attacks
Wang-Tang has very flashy and effective unique and environment based attack moves. The following are some of his unique and environmental attacks.

Move Name Command Description
Wall Flip Arcade-Button-Punch.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png while moving towards a wall or surface. Wang-Tang runs up the wall, flips off, and performs a bicycle kick that tracks the enemy if they are close enough. This move is useful for catching opponents by surprise.
Flying Kick Arcade-Button-Punch.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png while airborne near a wall or surface. Wang-Tang jumps off of the wall and goes into a flying overhead kick. If it hits, the opponent is knocked away.
Peddling Kick Arcade-Button-Punch.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png while standing near a pole or tree. Wang-Tang grabs the pole and swings around it, kicking any nearby foes. Then he flies towards his foe kicking multiple times while in mid-air.
Fish Flip Arcade-Button-Punch.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png while climbing a pole or tree. Wang-Tang back flips off the pole towards his opponent. If it connects, Wang-Tang will hold the opponent with his legs and then flip them over.
Dragon Step Arcade-Button-Punch.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png when opponent is below falcon. Wang-Tang falls down to kick the opponent twice from above. Then, Wang-Tang will bounce off and stomp the opponent twice again, causing a bounce effect.
Turning Palm Thrust Arcade-Button-Punch.png while facing away from opponent. Wang-Tang turns to deliver a two-handed palm thrust to his opponent, knocking them straight back.
Wild Roundhouse Arcade-Button-Kick.png while facing away from opponent. Wang-Tang turns to deliver a spinning roundhouse to his oppenent. The attack does great damage and sends the opponent clear across the stage.

Power Transformation

WangTang turns in to a chiseled Super Saiyan like warrior during his Power Change. Like in all Power Fusion modes, he gains access to powerful special and super attacks. This transformation comes with highly effective and impressive looking long range and close range abilities. His attacks in this mode involve energy attacks, and high speed physical attacks.

Move Name Command Image Description
Dragon Fang Bomb Arcade-Button-Punch.png
(Air OK)
WangTang fires a high-speed energy beam from his hands. The attack can be fired in bursts of three. The first 2 beams stun targets long enough for the following beam to connect, with the 3rd beam resembling a Kamehameha wave and sending the opponent flying. The move’s speed, range and power make it one of the best specials in the game. The only real way to defend against it is to just stay away from WangTang and make yourself a hard target.
Dragon Storm Arcade-Button-Kick.png
(Air OK)
WangTang performs a wild spinning kick that produces a whirlwind around him. It hits foes multiple times before sending them hurtling. This move is great for racking up damage and is fairly easy to hit with. There is a small startup lag during which you may be vulnerable. If you can corner an opponent and use this move multiple times it can cause big damage.
Great Dragon Flash Arcade-Button-Punch.png+ Jump (Air OK) WangTang raises his hand above his head and slowly produces a huge ball of energy which he proceeds to hurl and his opponents cause a large explosion. It looks and works exactly like a Spirit Bomb from Dragonball. This move has a lot of startup, so if you’re not careful your opponent can throw you before WangTang throws the ball. But it does so much damage if it hits it’s usually worth the risk. The safest way to land it is to knock the foe down and use it before they get up, or just uses from a long distance.
Mutenryubuu Arcade-Button-Kick.png+ Jump
(Air OK)
WangTang rushes at the opponent in a yellow streak. If it hits, he instantly barrages the opponent from all sides with a sequence of high speed flying kicks and punches before launching them away with a final flying kick. This move is easily dodged or sidestepped and does mediocre damage so it has limited usefulness.