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Power of Mouse: Danger Mouse Version
Box artwork for Power of Mouse: Danger Mouse Version.
Developer(s)Edgars Vecozolins
Publisher(s)Edgars Vecozolins
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player
Preceded byDanger Mouse (Mobile)
Followed byScary Room: Danger Mouse Version
SeriesDanger Mouse
TwitchPower of Mouse: Danger Mouse Version Channel

Power of Mouse: Danger Mouse Version is an action game, released by Edgars Vecozolins for iOS on February 19, 2016; it is the sixth official title in the Danger Mouse series and was developed under license from Fremantle International (who now own the rights to Cosgrove-Hall's Thames-era shows).


The player must guide Danger Mouse through hoops, while collecting stars and avoiding bombs; the game also features Danger Mouse's hamster assistant, Ernest Penfold, and the vampire duck Count Duckula in his 1987 incarnation (this makes it the first game to feature him since the much-maligned Count Duckula 2 in 1992). However, the app is riddled with pop-ups and non-skippable adverts (one of which is for The Walking Dead which is an odd choice for, and out of place in, a children's game).

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