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Aetha is a nice rainy place populated by Wraith, who have the very neat time shifting ability, and very dodgy French accents. To start, climb Scree around the gate to the north and pull the lever to let Jen in. Get Scree to drop a rope and both climb down. Follow the board walk around into the house and open the gate. Continue W into the village. Turn S, kill some beasties and enter the house. Go upstairs and out of the north door. Head S through the courtyard having a few fights along the way. Turn E and head up into the house. Exit the door into the upper village. Follow the boardwalk into the village square for a cutscene.

Next follow speedy back to his lair. Just through the first portcullis and to the W is a way blocked by barrels. Smash through and go around for a gem. Carry on following until you reach the cellar. Head to the barrel in the SW corner and pull the tap to activate another cutscene. Now head S and keep following the path towards the castle. Head over the broken bridge and up the steps. After the cutscene, head E into the cemetery. There is a lodestone by the tree in the lower part. Go up the steps and learn that you must bury the duke. Go up again and through the building. Use Jen in ferai form to jump onto the building. Walk around and drop the corpse of the duke down (with an amusing cutscene where Scree loses his ear).

Walk the duke back and put him into his grave. Now you need some holy water and a sword. Head back to capn pugwash the way you came and follow him to the lower village, killing plenty of bulldogs along the way. On the way through the main sq, if you head N to a rift gate there is a tarot card in a nearby chest. At the lower village, the well is broken. Fortunately, the man blesses the entire well and Scree is at hand to collect the water. Follow the captain back to the main square and have a fight to get the sword. Fortunately, you don't have to walk to the graveyard :)

Now you have the wraith form, head NW to the castle. Yank the lever and use your wraith speed (hold down O) to run through the portcullis before it closes. Continue on to the water. Switch to undine form and swim N into the dungeon docks. Climb out to the N noting that there is a lodestone in the water just by the platform. Head N then W to a summoning stone. Pull Scree through and get him to collect the lodestone if desired. Head N into the drink.

In the next area, head W then S with Jen through the gap cell bars. There is a hole in the floor, take that. Head down and N through the arch them swim into the cell with the light shining out of it. Climb out then proceed E then S. In this area the cell door to the W has a gap Jen can slip through. Follow the passage to the lever, pulling this opens the door just by the first hole you swam through and lets Scree follow. Proceed W to the cage chamber.

To do the cages, first climb Scree up the sW wall then run around to the levers. The levers move the cages; forward or backwards moves the cage forward or backwards; and pushing left or right lowers or raises the cage respectively. Numbering the levers 1-8 from S to N (i.e. the first lever that you hit is 1 and the broken lever is 6), the solution is:

- First hop Jen onto the broken cage in the water - 1 F, L, L climb up - 1 B, R, R; 2 B, B climb up - 2 B, B; 3 F, R, R climb down - 3 L; 4 B, B, R jump across - 5 B, B; climb up - 5 F; jump across - 7 B, B, R; climb down - 7 F; climb up - 8 F; step off, edge around the ledge.

Finally walk Scree back down, up the N wall (collecting the lodestone along the way) and around to join Jen. Head S following the passage around, hopping over some rubble on the way. In the N-S running room there is a lever and a portcullis at one end. Pull the lever and wraith run through the portcullis before it closes. There is a summoning stone through here that you can use to pull Scree out, although on one occasion when I did this he managed to follow me :) Follow the passage to the torture chamber and a cutscene. Kill the guards, note that one of them drops a key. In the SE corner of this room is a lodestone in a barrel, and a tarot card in a chest. Those collected, head to the SW corner to open the door using the key that you just picked up. Follow the passage up the steps to the rift gate to gain a new helper.

Have some fights. A good strategy here is to attack the same nasty that your helper is having a go at. This way they aren't facing you and you do much more damage. Those dead, in the NE corner of the room is a barrel with a lodestone. Exit the area through the portcullis to the N. In the first area of the walkway cells, just after entering a barrel to the right contains a gem. Head SE up the steps and across either walkway. Go both sets of steps into the areas below the walkway. There are a number of beasties to kill, a couple of lodestones, and one of the guards drops a key. Head back upstairs and open the door to either of the outer walkways.

Walk up to the statue. One the barrels in front of the statue contains a lodestone. Get Scree to possess the statue and rock it until it breaks the door down. Go through and kill the guards proceeding through the double doors and up the stairs. Your helper buggers off at this point. At the top of the stairs Jen gets captured.

To get her back, head S into the courtyard. There is a lodestone by the rift gate here. Head up the steps on the S side and trot around to the library. Open the door and run up the stairs to the SW where there is a suspicious looking bust of Raum. Give that a shove, and this will open a tunnel at the bottom of the stairs. In the room through the tunnel are a couple of chests, one of them contains a lodestone. You can also climb up a wall to the balcony, which seems pointless. Leave the area up the NE stairs and through the door to a cutscene with Elizabeth.

Continue SE through the open door and around the top of the balcony to the door at the back. Open it and head NW to the broken guttering where water drips down. Climb up and go through the open window to get to raum's tower. Proceed down a flight of steps and continue up the other side to the top. Go the spike chamber and let Jen out. In this room on top of the scaffolding next to the bookcase is a gem and in a chest by the entrance is a lodestone. Head back all the way downstairs to the ballroom.

Go back out into the courtyard where the guttering was, only this time head to SE door. There is a lodestone in front of it. Head around the balcony down the stairs and open the double doors to the banquet hall at the bottom. Continue through to the stairs. A chest at the bottom contains a lodestone. Head up to the count and countesses rooms. There is another lodestone here. Head into the side chamber for a cutscene. Dress on, proceed back to the entrance to the courtyard balcony (the one with the leaky guttering) and head downstairs to the ballroom entrance. Get the key, then following the corridor SW and up the stairs to return to the bedroom and change back. Fortunately you don't have to walk to the tower, you just get there :) Vambrace back, the next thing to do is to get to the blood machine.

Head all the way downstairs and kill some guards. Follow the corridor NW out of the area, continuing down to above the ballroom. Go down the stairs to the entrance and kill the guards here; one of them has a key. You can go out into the main courtyard now where there is a gem in the fountain. Now retrace your steps to the banquet hall. Continue down and around the corridor to get to the central area where the dark maze is. There a lot of guards here but just keep dodging around and you will polish them off pretty easily. Now you learn that you need to get the maze key from Elizabeth. Head back NE to the star^H^H^H^Hrift gate and then to the W wing. Trot into the library and kill the guard in front of the door. Open this door using the key that you picked up. Head upstairs, past another guard to get to Elizabeth and the maze key. Retrace your steps to the dark maze.

Oh, this is a maze. I would need a map to explain exactly where to go, but fortunately I don't need to do that. Simply have Scree possess the stone head, then you get an overview of the entire maze. You can use this to direct Jen. Essentially in order to solve the maze, you need to pull the switches by the lamp posts on either side (the lights go off when you have done that). The centre way will then open, and that's it done. Note that there is a tarot card in the maze somewhere, I'll leave that to you to find :)

Open the double doors at the other side of the maze and head down the steps continuing through some light resistance to the NE. When you've got all the way to the blood machine, then watch a cutscene. Next step, final battle. Trundle on back to the ballroom to kick it off. The only complication here is that Raum keeps firing lightning at you, that's very easy to avoid with the wraith dodge however. Finish them off, and job done -- back to the nexus for another cut scene.