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There are a few glitches to watch out for in Primal.

Falling out of the world[edit]

The most serious glitch is the "falling out of the world" bug. This can be quite entertaining for a while, as you wander around peeking into all those interesting places you shouldn't be. However, you can't get back in the world! If this happens to you, the options are:

  1. If it is Scree, then find a summoning stone if possible and pull him back.
  2. If it is Jen, or there is no summoning stone, then you must reload the game or use scene select.

Don't save while stuck here, or you will still be stuck outside the world when you reload. Save frequently to keep yourself from becoming permanently stuck.

Straying characters[edit]

The following algorithm (when Jen follows Scree or vice versa) is sometimes quite poor. It's not unusual to have to go and fetch one or other character. Keep track of where the following character is and you should be fine.

Miscellaneous bugs[edit]

Other known bugs are graphical glitches (disappearing textures and the like), sounds that cut off half way through, and the fact that many actions take a an inordinate amount of time (e.g. opening doors, draining energy).

Cheat bugs[edit]

There are a few cheats for the game, but avoid them (especially easy kill), as it can bug the game a lot.

-> The boss at the primer station in Aquis world is possible to beat easily with easy kill, but unless you open the vents in the area as Scree suggests, it makes it impossible to change to Scree, which you'll need in order to continue.