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There are numerous types of puzzles that will try to halt your progress. Here are tips on how to get around them along with explanations of some of the types of puzzles/solutions Jen and Scree will encounter.


  • Edge around ledges
  • Squeeze through small gaps
  • Fetch Scree using summoning stones
  • Jump or drop long distances (Ferai form) - usually indicated with "It's too high for me."
  • Run through doors that close quickly, or energy fields with time gaps (Wraith form, hold down Circle button to slow down time)
  • Swim (Undine form)
  • Kill things (any form). Some characters in Aetha drop keys, these shine - be sure to check and pick them up.


  • Climb up some surfaces. Generally these are ones with largish bricks, and no border at the top or bottom. If in doubt, try it. Generally, part of the puzzle is finding your way around the obstacles encountered during climbing.
  • Carry heavy objects. Hint: they don't have to go far, so don't carry them all the way across the level unless you want to irritate yourself.
  • Drop a rope for Jen. This comes in handy in many places, especially in Volca. The game can be a bit touchy about doing this, so wander around near the edge and press Cross button a lot if you are unsure.
  • Possess statues, if you have enough lodestones. Sometimes this is for combat, usually it's to pull levers, knock the statue over, or whatever.
  • Sink. This is important in some water puzzles; currents mean that Jen can't pass and Scree can.
  • Carry torches. Torches are important both in seeing where you are (they are often handy to light fire pots if they are around) and in solving puzzles that require fire. If you see a torch, pick it up. Sometimes they will go out (wind or water), but there are usually plenty around.
  • Recover Jen if she dies by running to the nearest rift gate.


  • Pull levers and open doors. Sometimes levers or doors need both characters to pull them, usually indicated with "It's too heavy for me" or "I can't do this on my own."
  • Vandalize pots, barrels, etc. or open chests. Lots of useful stuff is hidden inside, and sometimes they simply block the way. Vandalize everything, not only is it satisfying, it's often rewarding.
  • Use keys or key items. If one character has picked up a key or item, oddly enough they both have access to it.