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After the lengthy, but beautifully animated introduction (with minor walking between sections), you arrive in Solum. First head towards the gatehouse, and watch the cutscene - you need to find another way around. Head to the southeast corner to the Malkai puzzle. Get Scree go to go through the cave, heading south to the fire cave once back out into the open. Once in the fire cave, pick up a burning stick, and return to the Malkai cave. Light the pot in the center of the area with all the Malkai, and go back to Jen.

Now head back through the cave, and then head west towards the river and the staircase with the locked door. Scree will show you how to climb. Climb over the top and open the door at the bottom for Jen. Go up the stairs and open the gate at the top, for which both Jen and Scree are required. Next head into the Ferai villa. There is a cutscene here, where Herne tells you to find Jared and gives you a knife. Go to the northwest corner, where there is a lodestone next to a pit.

Jared's Horn[edit]

Climb down the pit with Scree into the village cellar and follow the passage south. Cross the bridge and head southeast through the mill. Scree will note a conveniently wobbly tree, and give it a push to make a bridge for Jen. Go back to retrieve Jen, and have a fight with a pair of Malkai. Cross over the tree bridge and head northwest to the staircase. Going up the staircase, turn right at the small, locked door and follow the wall of the building to the left. There is a gap that Jen can slip through. Open the door to let Scree in. Head down the stairs to the Ferai burrows and the collection of Ferai at the southernmost part of map for another cutscene. Head northwest afterward to the waterfall, and go up the ramp. Pick up a torch if you haven't got one already. Walk down to the dubious looking dead end wall. To open this up, go in the room to the south, collect the mill wheel with Scree, and simply walk back to the top of the ramp. Scree will roll the wheel down and knock a hole in the wall.

Follow the passage along to the first set of steps. There is a lodestone in one of the two barrels to the left. Note that you can light all the pots if you want to see better. Pop through the hole in the wall and vandalize the barrels blocking your way to the second set of steps. Hop out of the trap door to arrive at Jared's lodge. Head northwest of the entrance towards the lodge, have a fight with some Malkai, and then enter to find a bit of Jared's horn. Head towards the north of the map where there is a gate that Jen and Scree can open.

To the hunt lands[edit]

In the large open area with the broken bridge, Jen and Scree need to take different routes. For Jen, go to the left of the door and follow the ledge around. For Scree, simply go straight ahead, and climb down and back up again. Follow the passage to the north and out into the bridge area. Head northeast past (not over) the city bridge to the gatehouse. There is a staircase on the left where you can finally kill those pesky people from the cutscene. You can also open the gate with the big lever, and there is a chest around the back that contains a tarot card.

Head back to the city bridge and cross to watch a cutscene with the queen and some poor chap. The main door to the city is locked, so head south (left if you're facing the door) and follow the wall along. You'll come to a ledge that Jen needs to edge along while Scree climbs the wall. After crossing that, there is a hole in the wall. Hop over the block and out into the poor quarter. Head to the southwest corner of the map, kill 3 Malkai and head into the next section of the poor quarter. Head to the northwest side of the map and go up the staircase just before the blocked one, towards the center. After going up the staircase, head inside the house to the south. Climb up the block and jump across the gap into the next house. Head down the stairs and vandalize some more containers to open the hole up. Head up the stairs in the next room and drop out of the house. Duck under the small hole in the wall and exit the area to the northwest.

Head around the building with the flag to see two Ferai and get a clue about how to enter that building later, after you have the Ferai form. For now, head norhtwest to the great temple. Scree will explain about statues and lodestones. Run around the temple collecting lodestones (some are in barrels). When you have enough, possess the statue and point the beam at the gem on the door. Enter the temple to get the Ferai form. You get to exercise your power on a couple of Malkai now. Go around the back of the temple, and Jen can now jump up onto the top of the gate in Ferai form. Dropping off the other side of the gate there is a lever that you can use to open the gate and let Scree follow in. Head through the passage to the hunt lands.

Freeing Jared[edit]

Kill the 4 Malkai (or run away if you like) and head west to the hunt camp where an ewok is telling a story. Search some barrels around the camp to find a lodestone. Head south and knock off some more Malkai. In the southeast corner there is another lodestone. Keep going south to the next map, where you get to kill 3 Ferai. Through the arch and to the west there are some barrels in front the door; one of these contains a lodestone. Go south into the burial grounds, picking up the torch on the way. Keep running south to the door to knock off the annoying archer and a few more Ferai. There are lodestones at the east and west side of the burial grounds by the rift gates. Go up to the necropolis door at the south end, and use the torch to light the fire in the statue. Then possess it, using another lodestone found in one of the vases by the door if you need it. Point the light at the symbol on the door, and you are told there is something missing. Now retrace your steps to the hunt camp to get the missing gem, and trolley back with it. Pop the gem in and the door will open up.

Go down the steps into the necropolis, killing a few guards along the way. Take the westernmost passage, after opening the portcullis with the help of Scree. Follow the passage along to the cells. In the two nearest cells are a gem and a lodestone. Kill the guard in front of the northernmost cell and open the door to get to Jared. He's feeling a bit tired, so you have to go off and fetch a key for him. Take the rift gate back to the great temple.

Fighting Belazhur[edit]

Now go back to where the Ferai jumped in the cut scene, and hop up yourself. Drop down and open the door for Scree. Head through the kitchen and out into the plaza. You get a couple of Ferai to play with now. After knocking them off, there is an energy fountain in the northwest corner that you can use to fill Scree and Jen up with energy. Head to the center and kill 3 more Ferai. Head to the small area on the east edge of the map and just north before the big double doors, to find a gem. Head back to the large building with the locked doors on the east side of the plaza and run around the side of it to get in. Head east through the back and go down the stairs to find the door where you must prove your allegiance to Herne using the talisman that Jared gave you.

Head north through the burrows through the Jen/Scree door and into the sewer. Kill the Malkai and head down to the crossroads. Send Scree up the ladder to the south for a lodestone. Next, to get around the broken ladder to the north, Jen needs to climb the ladder to the south and edge around. Scree can simply walk up the north wall. Once both are there, climb up the ladder into the cell block.

Moving northwest towards the blocked off group of cells, one of the barrels contains a gem. Enter the cell area to the south, kill the Malkai, and go into the southwestern cell. Hop up on the block to reach the upper level. There is a rift gate in the southeast corner that you can hop down to, and an energy fountain there too. Heading to the southwest end of the block gives a lodestone. Carry on from there around the back of the rubble and up the stairs to the colisseum and the first big fight. Belazhur turns up, and you fight him with Scree possessing the statue of Abdizur. There are a stack of lodestones lying around to make this possible - all 5 that you need in fact. This fight is pretty easy. From time to time, Belahzur will jump up onto a ledge and start hurling fireballs at you. Simply keep moving in one direction to avoid them. When you've finally finished beating him up, he gets up and runs off. Next, possess the statue again and use it to open the gate to the west. Go through and hop down.


Head east to the courtyard with a statue in it, and into the house at the north side of that courtyard. Follow the house to the east then south, exiting into an open area with an energy fountain. To the north is a cave with the 2nd tarot card and an energy gem. With those collected, backtrack and head to the northwest corner to enter the barracks.

Head west, killing plenty of Ferai along the way. On the bridge, in order to open the portcullis, slip Jen through the crack at the opposite end by the locked door. Open the door to let Scree in and then you can both move the lever. Carry on north up to the gatehouse. Predictably, this is locked, so go northwest until you get to the broken bridge. Jen can edge across the top here and Scree can walk along the wall. Next go to the northeast exit from this area, ignoring the archer for now. Kill the guards that come out and then open the portcullis with Scree's help. Head south down the stairs, killing some more guards along the way. Then head west, north and up two flights of stairs to kill that archer and collect a gem. Go back and head south down into the kitchens. On the way down you can see a lodestone on a rafter - just walk Scree up the wall to get it.

Head south out of the kitchens and open the portcullis to the west. Follow the path through the snowy cave and up to the first summoning stone. Head north from the Herne statue to the tower; Scree now has to go and find his rope. Climb him up the tower, and then trundle down the steps and passageway to the pantry. In the north corner of the room with the pots is some creaky flooring. Pile up pots on it until it breaks. Conveniently, there is a coil of rope in the room. Climb out and head back up to fetch Jen. Drop the rope and let her climb it. Then both of you should head back though the pantry following the one way passage to the Malkai lair. Keep heading east until the passage turns south. The room on the west side here is full of barrels, and one of them contains a gem. Open the huge portcullis to the south and head downstairs. After entering the banquet hall, just leave and the door at the end will open itself.

Leave through the newly opened door and head north to the throne room. There is a key on the throne, and a chest with a lodestone next to it. The queen turns up and gives you a few friends to play with. Dispatch those, then head west to the unexplored room. Hop over the ledge in the northwest corner. The chest here contains a tarot card. (The passageway leads back to the intersection by the kitchen). After collecting the card, retrace your steps to Jared's room, which you now have the key to. Follow the passage around killing the guards en route. You arrive in Devena's courtyard, where there are a few archers to kill. Go around the top of the courtyard to the south side. There is a gem on top of a ruined small tower here. Inside the door nearby is a passage leading down. Go down and take the east passage, following it up and killing guards to get to Devena's rooms. The keys will be shiny so you won't miss them. Go back down and take the west passage this time, following it around back to the intersection with the large and small portcullises. Open the small portcullis and head up into the courtyard towards the rift gate. Take that back to the necropolis. Nearly done.

At the necropolis, head back to the cell block where Jared was. In the first cell, there is a wall that Scree can climb up. Get him to go around and open the silver door that was previously blocked. Follow the passage to the end, and the final battle of this realm.