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Use the following keys as controls for Prince of Persia (IBM version). Most of them are also noted in the readme instructions for the game.


Controls Action
Up Climb up ledge
Down Crouch / climb down ledge (if located close behind Prince)
Left or Right Run left / right
Shift + Left or Right Walk left / right (finer control, backs off from ledges the first time, walks through spikes)
Shift Drink potion / hold on to ledge (release to fall)
Up Jump
Sword-Fighting Mode
Up Block attack
Down Quit sword-fighting
Shift Bring out sword / Strike

Game controls[edit]

Controls Action
Ctrl + G Save game (from level 3 on)
Ctrl + L Load game (during title screen only). Note you'll always start from the beginning of the level where you saved.
Ctrl + R Restart game (go to title screen)
Ctrl + A Restart current level. Note that time's counting down regularly.
Ctrl + K Keyboard Mode
Ctrl + J Joystick Mode
Ctrl + Q Quit to DOS immediately
Ctrl + S Turn sound ON/OFF
Ctrl + V Show the version of the game
Shift + L Skip to next level and set time to 15 minutes left (up to level 4)
Esc Pause game. Resume with any other key.
Space Display time left