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After the save point, advance to the corridor ahead, and turn left. Collect the sand cloud. Turn around and ascend the wall using the bar to jump to its top.

When you reach the top, you should see a passage on the right. This leads to an area which upgrades your maximum health.

Continue the descent. Note that there is another sand cloud that is across the floor gap, which should be collected too.

When you catch up with the woman, she will introduce herself as Farah, and ask for the dagger. However, the introduction is interrupted by Scarabs. In battle, the scarabs are individually weak but are dangerous in the large groups. After battle, you can recover at the fountain, and take the exit to the large room.

Large room[edit]

Head to the balcony to watch the hourglass of time being carried away. Walk along the balcony, running along the wall over the cracked section of floor. Re-enter, and the camera will pan towards the direction you need to take.

After re-entry, climb the pillar, and use it to jump onto the broken pillars on the right. Jump from pillar to pillar, and use the last one in sequence to jump onto the hand holds on the wall. Drop down, and wall run towards the corner to jump onto the last pillar. Slide down and attack the two scarabs before obtaining the sand cloud.

Wall-run along the next wall, and jump to the pillar. This leads to the next corner, where you need to climb the rubble. Climb to the top floor, and take the sand cloud. Use the pillars to reach a jutting section of the floor. Shimmy on the side of this floor to the cracked wall, which you can use to drop down to the second floor, where two more scarabs attack.

Continue the parkour by using the bars holding the torches. Two more scarabs wait in this corner. Climb over the guard rail, and jump to the last pillar that connects to ground level. This will start a battle with 14 sand zombies. Also, be sure to collect the sand cloud.

Once all zombies are defeated, you can use the save point.