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After the cutscene finishes head forwards towards the men trying to break down the door, a large fireball will obliterate them before you get too close. Turn right and angle the Left analog stick into the rubble to start climbing up. You should climb up three steps and then you’ll be facing a gap – follow the onscreen instructions (if you have tips on) to run and press jump to get across, turn right on the other side and keep going forward. When you reach the wall you’ll get instructions on how to run up it, do so. At the top you’ll get the buttons for your alternate camera modes explained – try them out here, when you’re done head right across the rampart. Another blast from the catapults will destroy a chunk of it – keep running and jump at the gap to get across. Turn right and go out onto the broken wooden walkway and jump across to the other side of it.

Turn left into the corridor and then right again, you’ll be told to draw your sword and break the bench and box that are blocking your path. A quick cutscene follows showing you your first enemy – a spearman, he snarls at you but as soon as the cutscene is over he just goes back to patrolling until you get very close to him Kill him and then climb up the ladder on the wall, at the top there’ll be another spearman and a swordman – dispatch them and then go into the chamber to the left of the top of the ladder. In the chamber is a pool of water – drink some if you’ve taken any damage in the fighting then exit through the other door after breaking the obstacles in your way.

As you step onto the damaged walkway a cutscene will trigger showing you four enemies below – two swordsmen and spearmen. Run forward and down the broken parts of the walkway and get ready to rumble! Once the fight is over head to corridor on the lower level opposite to the doorway you entered the area from.

Follow this corridor around until you exit onto, a wonder of wonders, complete wooden walkway – as you go onto angle into the wall as it’s not going to be complete for long. As the catapult blasts take two large chunks out of it wall run along to the remaining middle part and then again over to the end. Climb on the ladder and go up. Turn left into another water chamber and drink up if you were hurt in the last battle. Exit through the other doorway breaking any obstacles in your way.

A cutscene will trigger showing a catapult blast knocking a hole in a wall the camera will pan back towards the Prince showing you the path you have to follow to enter the palace through this hole. As it comes back towards you it shows you four enemies – again two swordsmen and two spearmen. Deal with them and run back into the pool chamber for a refresh if you get hurt. When the path is clear and you’re ready to proceed run up to the wall at the end of the walkway and jump up to grab the ledge, don’t climb up onto it just yet. Shimmy left under the out jutting face and then climb up onto the ledge. Jump up again and shimmy around the corner to your left (ignore the fireball that hits the corner – it never hits the Prince) keep monkeying left until you can’t go further and then drop down to the ledge beneath. You need to press the drop button again to shimmy past the next face. Keep shimmying until you’re directly above the hole in the wall and then drop.

The prince catches the ledge – press the jump button to climb up onto it and then draw your sword and jump into the room. There are four spearmen in here that you’ll need to kill before you can progress safely. Once they’re dead check the wall opposite the hole for a fountain if you got hurt. When you’re ready to proceed grab the pillar that is cylindrical from the bottom and isn’t broken. Climb up it using the left thumbstick and at the top press right on and jump at the same to quickly jump to the next column. Push forward and jump to make it to the final column and then climb up a little bit and then angle left and jump to jump onto the balcony. Go through the curtains and you’ll be given your first save point proper.