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PS2 PSP Windows Xbox GameCube Control
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Browse or cycle through the different options.
Cross button Cross button A button A button Next screen, or change the current option.
Triangle button Triangle button Y button Y button Within the submenu, return to the previous screen.


PS2 PSP Windows Xbox GameCube Control
Square button Square button PC Mouse Left Click.png X button B button
  • Prince / Dark Prince - Dagger attack; dagger plant
  • Prince - Speed Kill finish
  • Chariot - Attack enemies
Cross button Cross button Space A button A button
  • Action (jump, roll, eject, climb on bar)
Triangle button Triangle button E Y button Y button
  • Prince / Dark Prince - Trigger Speed Kill
  • Prince - Secondary Weapon Attack; grab
  • Dark Prince - Daggertail attack; Daggertail swing; Speed Kill finish
Circle button Cross button C B button X button
  • Prince / Dark Prince - Climb down
  • Prince - Pick up weapon; throw weapon
  • Dark Prince - Spin Daggertail
L1 button R LB button L button
  • Rewind (hold); slow motion (tap)
R1 button PC Mouse Right Click.png RB button R button
  • Special action (run on wall, push / pull, swing on bar, drink water); block (when enemies are close)
L2 button Q White button Z button
  • Alternate view (landscape camera)
R2 button F Black button Neutral dpad
  • Look (first-person camera)
R3 button X R button
  • Reset camera
Neutral lstick Neutral lstick WASD Neutral lstick Neutral control
  • Move the Prince
Neutral rstick PC Mouse.png Neutral rstick Neutral cstick
  • Move camera
Start button Start button Esc Start button Start button
  • Pause / In-game menu