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A thousand years ago the world was in balance. For light there was darkness, for darkness, light – but Ahriman the God of Darkness was hungry and he stretched out his shadow sending forth his corrupted followers to conquer all he did not possess. Unwilling to be a party to the destruction, Ormazd the God of Light retreated from Ahriman hoping for peace, but as the Corruption spread, overcoming even the City of Light, Ormazd was forced to act. The world was plunged into war.

Outnumbered, Ormazd and his Ahura, the Warriors of the Light, faced destruction until Ormazd tricked Ahriman into the Tree of Life, supposedly sealing him there for eternity. With the war finished, Ormazd surveyed the destruction that resulted from his reluctance to act. Unable to face the consequences of his actions, Ormazd turned his back upon the world and left for the stars.

For a thousand years the Ahura have tended the Tree, keeping Ahriman imprisoned. As time has passed, their faith and powers have waned. Their city has fallen to ruins and the Ahura have dwindled to but a mere handful of the faithful. Now, Ahriman’s voice can be heard whispering from his prison and the balance of the world is set to change once more.

Prince of Persia manual

PoP2008 TheKingsGate.png

The wind is free, but the sand goes where it is blown, unaware of the world around it. Whirling on the breath of the Gods, at the mercy of the storm that engulfs it. What is one grain of sand in the desert? One grain amongst the storm?

Opening narration