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Lake Melon patch
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Town entrance
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Quench shrine
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Parsley Forest
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→← Crossroads
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→← Lake Quench
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Inside a bush
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Celery Forest
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Starting point
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Location Appearance Command Description
Starting point Cucumber Soldier (you) Take the Flower (optional) The story is told. You have three gold coins. You may pick up the flower if you like.
Celery Forest Percy Talk Percy is thirsty
Lake Quench Look There is a fern bird's nest in the tree.
Check the Nest You will find a gold coin in the nest that you can take.
Take the Coin
Take the Water You will store up to three drinks of water in a pot.
Lake Quench shrine Give the Flower (optional) If you like, you may place the flower in front of the shrine.
Celery Forest Percy Give Water Percy looks relieved.
Talk ×2 Percy tells you that his friends have been captured and need help.
Look Percy will join you.
Parsley Forest Look Cherry birds will fly by.
Check the bush If Percy is with you, he will notice someone underneath the bush.
Inside the bush Prince Lettuce Give water Prince Lettuce will look relieved.
Talk Prince Lettuce will ask you to use the passage to help his friends in the Melon Patch.
Melon Patch Nappa, Cantalop, Hon Dew, Wat Mel Give water All four melons will be revived.
Talk to Cantalop You will receive a pass to enter Saladoria Town.
Town entrance Guard Give Pass The guard will notice you don't look like the picture and take the pass away.
Percy Percy tells you that the guard sometimes falls asleep.
Go back and return Keep leaving and returning until you catch the guard asleep.
Move: Advance You will enter the town. Percy will drop all unnecessary items.