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Celery Cabaret Interior
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→← Restroom
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Celery Cabaret Exterior
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→← Pharmacy
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Electronics Shop
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→← Main Street
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→← Antiques Shop
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Coffee Shop
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→← →← Juice Shop
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→← Orange Park
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→← Mountain Side
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Location Appearance Command Description
Orange Park Garlic wanderer This is the starting point in Saladoria Town
Mt. Side Mr. Corn Talk ×2 He will mention that you can trade gold for coins at the antique shop.
Antique Shop Mr. Pear Mr. Pear won't say anything special until you leave and come back.
Antique Shop Mr. Pear Talk ×2 Now he will ask if you will do him a favor, and deliver a letter to Miss Peachy at the Deli.
Deli Miss Peachy Give the Letter Miss Peachy will thank you for delivering the letter by giving you a sandwich in return.
Antique Shop Mr. Pear Talk ×2 Once you delivered his letter, he will agree to exchange your gold coins for Saladoria coins.
Main Street Octoberry Check the Street When you notice an Octoberry crawl across the street, check the street to find a coin and then pick it up.
Take the Coin
Coffe Shop Mrs. Plum Buy a Coffee Purchase a cup of coffee with your Saladorian coins. Mrs. Plum will mention that they are out of donuts.
(In the Japanese version, this was a cigarette shop. You had to buy a pack of cigarettes, but they were out of matches.)
Orange Park Garlic Wanderer Give the Coffee He will appreciate the coffee (cigarettes) and ask for a donut (matches).
Talk ×2 After asking for a donut (matches), he will suggest that you might find some at the Cabaret, and that he'll have news for you when you return.
Main Street Check the Strip Now you will notice that there's a Cabaret at the far end of the shops.
Cabaret Celery Mr. Scallion Move to enter You will be charged one coin to enter.
Inside Cabaret Celery Miss Apricot
Miss Lemon
Banana Boy (waiter)
Talk to Waiter ×3 He will mention that he wants you to meet someone in the restroom.
Move to the Restroom You will give the waiter a one coin tip.
Restroom Check the Trash ×2 After checking the trash can a bit, you will find a donut (matches). Pick it up before you leave.
Take the Donut
Orange Park Soursop Wanderer
Soursop Child
Give the Sandwich The child will stop crying from hunger and become very happy.
Talk to Wanderer Since you cheered up the child, he will wake up his father so that you can speak with him. He will tell you that he was once a minister, and that he is seeking to establish a base for a resistance movement in the Parsley Forest. After this, however, he will resume sleeping on the bench and ask you to speak to the old man again.
Mt. Side Mr. Corn Talk ×2 Mr. Corn tells you that the resistance leader is suffering from a headache, and that you should find the pharmacy to get medicine.
Celery Cabaret Mr. Scallion Praise After complimenting Mr. Scallion, he will tell you where the Pharmacy is located.
Pharmacy Mr. Fig Talk ×2 Mr. Fig will not hesitate to give you aspirin to cure the resistance leader's headache, and suggests that the leader may invite you to join.
Orange Park Miss Cauliflower Buy a Flower The flower girl will thank you, and be more open to speak with you.
Talk ×2 She will tell you about a bookshop on the other side of the park that is a contact place for the Resistance.
Bookshop Simon Hit Simon This strange shopkeeper claims to know nothing, and will flee from the shop if you hit him, giving you a better chance to snoop around.
Check the Counter You will find a key. Take the key, and then exit the shop. When you step outside, government officials will be waiting for you an arrest you. At this time, Percy will drop any unnecessary items that you may have been holding.
Take the Key
Exit the shop