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Pro Yakyuu World Stadium
Box artwork for Pro Yakyuu World Stadium.
Release date(s)
System(s)PC Engine
Followed byPro Yakyuu World Stadium '91
TwitchPro Yakyuu World Stadium Channel
This guide is for the PC Engine game. For the arcade game with the same name, see World Stadium.

Pro Yakyuu World Stadium (プロ野球 ワールドスタジアム? lit. Pro Baseball World Stadium) is a baseball game developed and published by Namco in Japan for the PC Engine in 1988. It is the first of the World Stadium off-shoot series of Namco's Family Stadium, or Famista, franchise for the Nintendo Famicom. World Stadium is the title given to games in the series released on a non-Nintendo system. During the same year, Namco published an arcade version of the game under the same title, but known simply outside of Japan as World Stadium. However, this version of the game has less in common with the arcade game it shares a name with, and is considered more of an upgraded remake of the original Famicom game, Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium. The PC Engine received only one sequel to this game, known as Pro Yakyuu World Stadium '91.

Besides the overhaul in graphics over the original Famista series, one of the new features added to this version was the chance that a fielding error will occur when a fielder drops the ball. This feature also made its way into the Famista series starting with Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium '88. The domed stadium Pikkari appears in this game. Home runs are determined by the balls ability to smash through the roof, as opposed to bouncing off of it and back down into the field.

The game features a password system in the same manner as the original Famicom versions, but the number of characters is reduced from four to three. Special teams become available after the player has beat the game with the regular available teams, and there are also hidden teams which can only be made available through certain passwords.

Baseball teams[edit]

In this version, the same 10 teams appeared in the first installment of the NES version are available for selection.

Team Name Real world basis
G ガイアンツ (Giants) Yomiuri Giants
L ライオネルズ (Lionels) Seibu Lions
R レールウェイズ (Railways) Hankyu, Nankai, and Kintetsu Union teams. The independent team Bravos (Hankyu) from Famista '87 has been re-integrated.
C カーズ (Cars) Hiroshima Toyo Carp
T タイタンズ (Titans) Hanshin Tigers
F フーズフーズ (Foodsfoods) Nippon Ham Fighters, and Lotte Union team. Orientsu(Lotte) appears as a separate hidden team from Foods Foods.
W ホイールズ (Wheels) Yokohama Taiyo Whales
D ドラサンズ (Drasans) Chunichi Dragons
S スパローズ (Sparrows) Yakult Swallows
N ナムコスターズ (Namco Stars) Namco characters All-Star team

Special teams[edit]

The following three teams will appear after you defeat 9 other teams with your select teams. You usually can not use these teams and only the CPU will select them, but players can enter codes to select them in two player competitions.

O - Old Stars
Japan professional baseball all-star team of OB (Old Boys) players. Originally based off of a team on the MSX2, appears in the '89 through '91 seasons of Famista as well as the '91 follow up to this game as the Professional Stars (abbreviated P).
M - Major Leaguers
The United States Major League All-Star team which initially appeared in Famista '87.
A - All Dreams
An unrealistic team with each player having some incredible talent not greatly beyond the skills of other players in the rest of the game.

Hidden team[edit]

The following teams do not appear in normal play. They are hidden teams that are only accessible by entering a specific password.

Black team - Famicom Stars
No letter is displayed as part of the abbreviation, the whole body of each player is covered in black. Player data is similar to those of the All Dreams team.
Red team - Arcade Stars
No letter is displayed as part of the abbreviation, the whole body of each player is covered in red. Player data is similar to those of the All Dreams team.
White team - Orients
No letter is displayed as part of the abbreviation, the whole body of each player is covered in white. The real world Lotte Orion team is the model for this team.

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