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PLatCV chapter 03.png

Chapter Goal: Comb St. Mystere for clues about Ramon's disappearance.

A new Journal Entry appears, titled PLatCV Journal.png "The Murder"

Dahlia's Room[edit]

PLatCV Screen 02.png
Hint Coins In:
  1. The Curtain Tie on the Right

Tap the Picture Frame on the right side of the screen. Layton says the picture is of Ingrid, Matthew, Baby Flora, and Dahlia. He decides to ask Lady Dahlia about it later.

Leave the room.

Manor Parlor[edit]

Talk to Inspector Chelmey and he'll present Puzzle 029. Solving this puzzle rewards you with a PLatCV Gizmo Foot.png gizmo!

Talk to Lady Dahlia. Professor Layton asks her about the photo, but she says the woman pictured is someone else. Who could look so much like Lady Dahlia?

Head downstairs.

Manor Foyer[edit]

PLatCV Mystery 05.png

Talk to Matthew. He tells you about Baron Reinhold's first wife Violet, who looks exactly like Lady Dahlia. There is no relation between the two women; the Baron just happened to show up with Lady Dahlia one day. "Lady Dahlia" Mystery is added to your list of Mysteries.

Professor Layton decides to investigate this mystery further.

Head outside.

Reinhold Manor[edit]

Tap Claudia. She runs off, but leaves a pair of glasses behind. The glasses belonged to Simon! Professor Layton takes them to Inspector Chelmey. Chelmey's face shows his surprise at seeing the glasses, but he insists that the glasses must have fallen off of Simon's body during transport.

Chelmey tells Layton to stop meddling and sends him on his way. Head to the Manor Border.

Manor Border[edit]

Talk to Agnes to ask her about Ramon and trigger Puzzle 030. Solve this puzzle to get a PLatCV Gizmo Front Leg.png gizmo.

She hasn't seen Ramon. Go to Manor Road.

Manor Road[edit]

Talk to Marco to ask about Ramon. Talk to him again and he'll give you Puzzle 031 to solve. Solve this puzzle to get another PLatCV Gizmo Foot.png gizmo!

Stop at the General Store before moving on.

General Store[edit]

Tap on the Candy Jars to find Puzzle 032. A successful answer gets you another PLatCV Gizmo Ear.png gizmo!

Tap on the Candle for Puzzle 033. Solving this puzzle rewards you with a PLatCV Pine Bed.png Pine Bed. Give it to PLatCV Professor Layton.png Layton.

Move on to the Plaza.


The Journal PLatCV Journal.png "Beyond the Clock Tower" appears in the Menu.

Talk to Percy to ask about Ramon. If you talk to him a second time he'll give you Puzzle 034 to solve. Percy's puzzle gets you another PLatCV Gizmo Top of Head.png gizmo.

Visit Town Hall and Granny R's House of Puzzles before moving on.

Town Hall[edit]

Talk to Rodney twice to trigger Puzzle 044.

Leave Town Hall and Tap on the door to the House of Puzzles.

Granny R's[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Bucket
  2. The Top of the Skinny Chimney
  3. The Bush by the Shack

Tapping on the door to the House of Puzzles will trigger Puzzle 058. The door will open only after this puzzle is solved.

Inside, talk to Granny Riddleton to learn how the House of Puzzles works.

Head outside and move onto Park Road.

Park Road[edit]

Upon entering Park Road, a loud noise shakes the screen. Pauly angrily complains about the increase of noise from the Tower. Why is the Tower making so much noise?


Crouton has lost one of his measuring cups again. Talk to him to help him solve his problem in Puzzle 024. Solving this puzzle rewards you with a PLatCV Gizmo Rear Body.png gizmo.

Return to the Plaza.


Professor Layton and Luke need to get through the Clock Tower, but Deke is blocking the way. Talk to him and he'll inform you that you need to have solved at least 12 puzzles to pass. No problem. However, you also have to solve Puzzle 035 to pass.

With the completion of this puzzle, the Clock Tower opens and two Journal Entries appear titled PLatCV Journal.png "St Mystere's Puzzle Obsession" and PLatCV Journal.png "The North Side of St Mystere". You also receive yet another PLatCV Gizmo Eyes.png gizmo.

Enter the Clock Tower!

Clock Tower[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Brown Sign on the Left
  2. The Lamp
  3. A Large Mold Spot on the Ground

Tap on the cat and mouse. Professor Layton will be reminded of Puzzle 036. Complete the puzzle to find a PLatCV Painting Scraping Corner.png painting scrap!

Tap the sliver of doorway on the left to find Puzzle 107.

Talk to Lucy to find out about Ramon and get Puzzle 037. Lucy tells you to seek out Jarvis. She also rewards you with a PLatCV Gizmo Head.png gizmo.

Head north.

Fork in the Road[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Lamp by the Door
  2. The Biggest Towel
  3. The Big Bush

Talk to Zappone. He'll present Puzzle 038. Solving this puzzle gives you another PLatCV Gizmo Tongue.png gizmo.

Talk to Agnes. After another dire prediction of your future, she'll ask you to solve Puzzle 039.

Head right.

Northern Path[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Lamp by the Blue Door
  2. The rightmost Bump at the Bottom
  3. A Patch of Bricks in the middle of the Road

Talk to Gerard. He is looking for a big coin that he lost. Despite his loss, he is still able to present Puzzle 041. Solving Gerard's puzzle rewards you with a PLatCV Gizmo Nose.png gizmo!

Move north.

Northern Hill[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Mold below Jarvis
  2. The Skylight of the Green Roof
  3. The Chimney of the Left House

Talk to Jarvis. He hasn't seen Ramon since yesterday, which is an unusual occurrence. Even more unusual, people have been continually vanishing after complaining of sickness or fatigue.

PLatCV Mystery 06.png

Sounds like a new Mystery! "Village Disappearances" is added to your list of Mysteries. A Journal Entry accompanies it, called PLatCV Journal.png "Gathering Information".

Jarvis refers you to Zappone for more information. Head left.


Hint Coins In:
  1. The Stack of Books on the Right
  2. The Red and White Jars to the left of Archibald
  3. The Space Under the Table with the Red Awning

Talk to Archibald to trigger Puzzle 040.

Solving this puzzle rewards you with the last PLatCV Gizmo Ear.png gizmo! Go into the Gizmo section of The Professor's Trunk to put the gizmos together and find out what they make!

Tap the top of the large Column located behind the stalls to find Puzzle 101.

Head back to the Fork in the Road.

Fork in the Road[edit]

Talk to Zappone. He proves to be useless at providing any helpful information about Ramon, but he is able to direct you to the owner of the Restaurant, Crouton. A new Journal Entry appears, titled PLatCV Journal.png "Zappone's All Talk."

Before heading to Park Road and the Restaurant, stop by the Northern Path.

Northern Path[edit]

Gerard is back with another Puzzle. Talk to him for Puzzle 042.

Head back to the Plaza. Deke will send you a friendly reminder to search the entirety of St. Mystere carefully to find all the puzzles. Take his advice and backtrack to the Clock Tower.

Clock Tower[edit]

Lucy has returned. Talk to her for the final puzzle in Chapter 3, Puzzle 043. She will reward a successful answer with a PLatCV Blue Bed.png Blue Bed. Give it to PLatCV Luke.png Luke.

It's finally time to visit Crouton on Park Road.

Park Road[edit]


PLatCV chapter 03s.png

Crouton hasn't seen Ramon either. It seems that Ramon has a habit of skipping work and visiting the Restaurant, so his absence is cause for worry. Also frightening are the rumors circulating of a strange old man whose been kidnapping people. Crouton recommends that you visit the Cafe for more information. It's good timing, because sunset has just fallen and the Cafe is now open.

This ends Chapter 3.

Crouton closes shop as night falls. Chapter 4 begins.