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The careful detective will discover a large number of Hint Coins hidden throughout St. Mystere. There are a grand total of 190 Hint Coins scattered throughout the village; hidden in everything from barrels to rooftops. Hint Coins can be tricky to find, as you have to tap on the exact location where they are hidden. Be patient and follow the guide below to find them all. Hint Coins are used to buy hints on tricky puzzles. Each puzzle has three hits available for purchase, and using hints does not decrease the amount of Picarats awarded for a correct answer.

Beware! It is impossible to buy every hint in the game. There are some Hint Coins which can be missed, they will be marked red in the list. There are also Hint Coins which will change the Locations if the Screen is changed too (for example the entire Park before and after the destruction of the Ferris Wheel or the Dead End before/after the Wall opening)

An Interesting Note: The picture next to the Hint Coins changes as you save up Hint Coins.

Images Number
PLatCV 01-30 Coins.png 001-030
PLatCV 31-50 Coins.png 031-050
PLatCV 51-80 Coins.png 051-080
PLatCV 81-100 Coins.png 081-100
PLatCV 101-200 Coins.png 101-200

Hint Coin Locations[edit]


You start out with 10 Hint Coins.

  1. (Entrance) In the Barrel by the Inn
  2. (Entrance) In the other Barrel
  3. (Entrance) In the Pouch in the Window

Chapter 1[edit]

  1. (Plaza) In the Window of the house with the Smoking Chimney
  2. (Plaza) In the Barrel in front of the House with Ivy
  3. (Plaza) In the Trash Can on the far left
  4. (Manor Road) In the Pouch on the right
  5. (Manor Road) In the door-side Window of the Small House
  6. (Manor Road) In the Signboard outside the Store
  7. (Manor Border) In the Tree on the right
  8. (Manor Border) In the Steps leading up from the River
  9. (Manor Border) In the Hat on the Rowboat
  10. (Reinhold Manor) In the Tiny Window on the bottom right of the Manor
  11. (Reinhold Manor) In the Dark Mark on the Path leading to the Manor
  12. (Reinhold Manor) In the Window in the Lower Roof section of the Manor Tower
  13. (Manor Foyer) In the Small Portrait under the Three Large Portraits
  14. (Manor Foyer) In the Top Shelf of the Bookcase
  15. (Manor Foyer) In the Small Lamp above Matthew's head
  16. (Manor Parlor) In the Flowerpot by the Window
  17. (Manor Parlor) In the Picture Frame above Simon's head
  18. (Manor Parlor) In the Edge of the Rug between Gordon and Matthew

Chapter 2[edit]

  1. (General Store) In the Cabinet high up on the Wall
  2. (General Store) On the Third Shelf of the Big Shelving Unit
  3. (General Store) In the Box below the Counter in the bottom right of the screen
  4. (Town Hall) In the Picture Frame on top of the Bedside Pillar
  5. (Town Hall) In the Cabinet by Rodney's Legs
  6. (Town Hall) Under the Table by the Window
  7. (Drawbridge) In the Pouch on the Window
  8. (Drawbridge) In the top-left Window on the White Building
  9. (Drawbridge) Under the Platform where Layton and Luke stand
  10. (Inn) In the Flowerpot on the left
  11. (Inn) Between the Sofa Cushions
  12. (Inn) On the top of the Desk Lamp
  13. (Park Road) In the Box by the Door on the left
  14. (Park Road) In the Window on the Side of the second house on the right
  15. (Park Road) In the Barrel in front of the Restaurant
  16. (Restaurant) In the Notice by the Door
  17. (Restaurant) In the right Picture Frame on the right wall
  18. (Restaurant) On the Seat of the Chair in the bottom-left
  19. (Park Gate) Along the Top Edge of the Right side of the Wall
  20. (Park Gate) In the Top of the left Gate Post
  21. (Park Gate) In a Dirt Spot on the Ground in front of the right side of the Gate
  22. (Dahlia's Room) On the seat of the Chair
  23. (Dahlia's Room) In the Flowers on the left
  24. (Dahlia's Room) In the top-part of the Cabinet above Lady Dahlia's head

Chapter 3[edit]

  1. (Dahlia's Room) Tie-back on the right curtain
  2. (Granny R's) In the bucket
  3. (Granny R's) In the top part of the chimney, near the smoke
  4. (Granny R's) In the bush by the shack
  5. (Clock Tower) Light connected to a wall on the left
  6. (Clock Tower) In a Large Mold Spot on the Ground
  7. (Clock Tower) In the Lamp
  8. (Fork in the Road) In the Lamp by the Door
  9. (Fork in the Road) In the Biggest Towel
  10. (Fork in the Road) In the Big Bush
  11. (Northern Road) In the Lamp by the Blue Door
  12. (Northern Road) In the rightmost Bump at the Bottom
  13. (Northern Road) In a Patch of Bricks in the middle of the Road
  14. (Northern Hill) In the Mold below Jarvis
  15. (Northern Hill) In the Skylight of the Green Roof
  16. (Northern Hill) In the Chimney of the Left House
  17. (Market) In the Stack of Books on the Right
  18. (Market) In the Red and White Jars to the left of Archibald
  19. (Market) In the Space Under the Table with the Red Awning

Chapter 4[edit]

  1. (Park Road) In the Manhole
  2. (Park Road) In the White Bag
  3. (Park Road) In the End of the Left Sidewalk
  4. (Plaza) In the Chimney of the House on the Right
  5. (Plaza) In the Roof of the House of Puzzles
  6. (Plaza) In the Window of the Clock Tower
  7. (Plaza) In the Barrel in front of the Left House
  8. (Park Gate) In the Trash on the Right
  9. (Park Gate) In the Top of the Right Post
  10. (Park Gate) In the Top Edge of the Left Wall
  11. (Entrance) In the Trashcan
  12. (Entrance) In the Chimney of the Inn
  13. (Entrance) In the Signboard by the Inn
  14. (Clock Tower) In the Rock by the Blue Door
  15. (Clock Tower) In the Window in the Alley
  16. (Clock Tower) In the Sign by the Door on the Left
  17. (Fork in the Road) In the Dirt Spot below the Door
  18. (Fork in the Road) In the Window on the Upper-Right
  19. (Fork in the Road) In the Window of the House on the Left
  20. (Crumm's Cafe) In the Seat of the Left Chair
  21. (Crumm's Cafe) In the Blue Picture Frame
  22. (Crumm's Cafe) In the Top of the Cabinet on the Left
  23. (Market) In the Pot on the Right
  24. (Market) In the Box by Giuseppe
  25. (Market) In the Barrel
  26. (Northern Hill) In the Steps
  27. (Northern Hill) In the Chimney on the Right
  28. (Northern Hill) In the Bricks on the Roof on the Extreme Left
  29. (Northern Road) In the Mold on the Sidewalk
  30. (Northern Road) In the Shadowy Patch in the Middle of the Screen
  31. (Northern Road) In the Crack in the Wall
  32. (Prosciutto's) In the Space Under the Doorside Table
  33. (Prosciutto's) In the Green Book on the Floor
  34. (Prosciutto's) In the Lower Bookcase Shelves
  35. (Inn) In the Light Switch
  36. (Entrance) In the Chimney on the Right
  37. (Plaza) In the Chimney to the Left of the Clock Tower
  38. (Manor Road) In the Brick Wall
  39. (General Store) In the Shelf Behind the Counter
  40. (Manor Border) In the Grass on the Lower Left
  41. (Reinhold Manor) In the Bush to the Left of the House
  42. (Manor Foyer) In the Third Step
  43. (Manor Parlor) In the Round Plate

Chapter 5[edit]

  1. (Town Hall) In the Desk by the Door
  2. (Drawbridge) In the Path in Front of the Laytonmobile
  3. (Park Road) In the Stone Wall
  4. (Restaurant) In the Rightmost Hanging Lamp
  5. (Park Gate) In the Middle of the Left Wall
  6. (Clock Tower) In the Upper Moss Patch
  7. (Fork in the Road) In the Trashcan on the Right
  8. (Northern Road) In the Roof of the Leftmost House
  9. (Northern Hill) In a Brick Patch on the Leftmost Roof
  10. (Market) In the Blue and White Striped Umbrella
  11. (Archibald's) In the Painting
  12. (Archibald's) In the Flowers
  13. (Archibald's) In the Table on the Left
  14. (Desk) In the Tray in the Back
  15. (Desk) In the Right Corner of the Desk
  16. (Desk) In the Bottom of the Left Leg

Chapter 6[edit]

  1. (Path Entrance) In the Ledge on the Right
  2. (Path Entrance) In the Top of the Pot
  3. (Path Entrance) In the Stone in Front of the Door
  4. (Path Entrance) In the Window on the Door
  5. (Tower Road) In the Flowers in the Box
  6. (Tower Road) In the Bottom of the Window Frame
  7. (Tower Road) In the Window of the Middle House
  8. (Tower Road) In the Globe above the Door
  9. (Dead End) In the Window
  10. (Dead End) In the Crack at the Bottom of the Right Wall
  11. (Dead End) In the Roof on the Left
  12. (Dead End) In the Bottom-Left Corner of the Mold

Chapter 7[edit]

  1. (Sewer) In the Water on the Left
  2. (Sewer) In the Bottom Rung of the Ladder
  3. (Sewer) In the Middle of the Wall left of the Ladder
  4. (Sewer Exit) In the Ivy on the Right Wall
  5. (Sewer Exit) In the Water on the Left
  6. (Sewer Exit) In the Gate
  7. (Outside the Sewer) In the Bank by the House
  8. (Outside the Sewer) In the Water below Layton
  9. (Outside the Sewer) In the Leftmost Window
  10. (Sewer Dead End) In the Middle of the Rightmost Mold
  11. (Sewer Dead End) In the Bottom of the Waterfall
  12. (Sewer Dead End) In the Floor by the Back Wall
  13. (Park Path Fork) In the Bottom of the Signpost
  14. (Park Path Fork) In the Trashcan
  15. (Park Path Fork) In the Top of the left Lamppost
  16. (Park Path Fork) In the Middle of the Rightmost Tree
  17. (Abandoned Tent) In the Stack of Cups
  18. (Abandoned Tent) In the Back of the Circus Horse
  19. (Abandoned Tent) In the middle Dirt Spot
  20. (Abandoned Tent) In the Leftmost Street Lamp
  21. (Ferris Wheel) In the Rightmost Street Sign
  22. (Ferris Wheel) In the Sign by the Ticket Stand
  23. (Ferris Wheel) In the rightmost Grey Box in the Shop
  24. (Ferris Wheel) In the middle Leg of the Ferris Wheel
  25. (Shack Path) In the right Patch of Grass
  26. (Shack Path) In the Trashcan
  27. (Shack Path) In the Blue Part of the Shack Roof
  28. (Shack Path) In the Shack Chimney
  29. (Waterside Shack) In the Bush on the Right
  30. (Waterside Shack) In the Trashcan
  31. (Waterside Shack) In the Wood Path to the Shack
  32. (Waterside Shack) In the Niche of Water on the Left
  33. (Under the Shack) In the Pail
  34. (Under the Shack) In the Stone on the Right
  35. (Under the Shack) In the Middle/Right Side of the Path
  36. (Under the Shack) In the Wall above the Tablet
  37. (Underground Path) In the Dirt Spot in the Middle/Front
  38. (Underground Path) In the Middle of the Right Wall
  39. (Underground Path) In the Stones in the Back/Left
  40. (Underground Path) In the Moss in the Bottom Left
  41. (Underground Area) In the Floorboard by the Tub
  42. (Underground Area) In the Mold next to the Milk Jug
  43. (Underground Area) In the Grey Bump on the Right Wall
  44. (Underground Area) In the Space under the Raised Cabinet

Chapter 8[edit]

There are no Hint Coins found in Chapter 8.

Chapter 9[edit]

  1. (Tower Entrance) In the Mold on the Right
  2. (Tower Basement) In the Space below the Red Switchboard
  3. (Tower Floor 1) In the Barrels on the Left
  4. (Tower Floor 2) In the Pile in the Back
  5. (Tower Floor 3) In the Unlit Candle on the Right
  6. (Tower Floor 4) In the Hole at the Bottom of the Wall
  7. (Tower Floor 5) Tap Under the Bench in the Back/Left
  8. (Tower Floor 6) In the Window above Layton's Head
  9. (Tower Floor 7) In the Middle of the Path toward the Back
  10. (Spiral Staircase) In the 3rd Lamp for the Left
  11. (Tower Top Floor) In the Middle of the Garden