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Professor Layton[edit]

Professor Hershel Layton, the hero, is a lover of puzzles with an uncanny ability to sniff out the most difficult and exciting mysteries. His assistant, Luke, describes him to be an, "archaeologist and puzzle-solving detective," but Layton firmly denies being a detective of any sort.

An unabashed puzzle fanatic, Hershel Layton's skill for cracking the toughest riddles has put his name in the papers many times. His trademark top hat fits him so well, you'd swear that it was part of his body.


Luke is apprenticed to Professor Layton and accompanies him wherever he goes. His puzzle-solving skills are still developing, but St. Mystere's endless supply of puzzles makes it just the place to train. Luke loves animals, and usually has a knack for dealing with them.

As the self-proclaimed apprentice of Professor Layton, Luke follows his teacher everywhere, but he still has much to learn before he can be called a puzzle master. Besides puzzles, Luke is also a huge animal lover.


The Laytonmobile is Professor Layton's car, which he used to travel to St. Mystere. The professor seems to be quite proud of it. Unfortunately, due to a broken drawbridge, the Laytonmobile was stuck on the other side of a moat for the whole game.

The Laytonmobile sports an unusually high ceiling that lets the professor take to the road without removing his top hat. Thanks to his careful maintenance, the car is always in tip-top shape.