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St. Mystere is filled with interesting characters who all seem to love puzzles. Talk to each character often in order to find all the puzzles.

In the Outer Part of Town[edit]


The first villager you meet, Franco seems a bit rough around the edges. Franco operates the drawbridge and thus acts as a watchman for the village. The drawbridge is his life. He does not care for outsiders.

He works the drawbridge that links St Mystere to the outside world. As Franco's portly form might suggest, though, he often ducks out of work to loaf at the village restaurant.


A kind old lady with a large nose. She is always ready with a puzzle or some kind words.

Flora's nanny looks like a sweet older lady, and as she can't recall names for the life of her, she acts the part quite well. She enjoys baking and is considered a true pie artisan for those in the know.

Stachen (Stachenscarfen)[edit]

This bundled up villager's full name is Stachenscarfen. Be sure to talk to him right away, as he introduces you to Hint Coins.

Ah, yes, the mysterious Mr Stachenscarfen. In a village full of mysteries, few stand out as class-A enigmas the way this moustached man does. Where did he come from? And where is he going? That, no one can say.


Percy loves to write. He will share some gossip if you solve a puzzle in return.

This aspiring writer is constantly searching for new inspiration. Though he's never actually completed a piece of writing, he remains undaunted. His current plan is to novelise Layton and Luke's adventures.


The guy with the shades. Marco doesn't like strangers, but he'll move out of your way if you solve his puzzles.

This uncouth fellow has the unfortunate habit of answering his own questions when he talks. He's usually so busy with this that he doesn't listen to what anyone has to say. Ironically, he also hates being ignored.


Rodney runs Town Hall, and is full of strong advice. He is especially fond of paperwork.

Uptight and by-the-book, Rodney runs the village hall. He often tries to weasel out of work by "strongly advising" people to do things without his help. He loves forms so much, it's rumoured that he sleeps on them.


This tall, burly gentleman never seems to get enough sleep. He's always yawning as a result.

Deke is the tall fellow by the clock tower. He's known as St Mystere's biggest person as well as its biggest chicken. He'd like to climb the clock tower, but his acrophobia keeps him from anywhere above ground level.


The owner of the Inn. Beatrice takes a liking to Professor Layton right away.

Beatrice manages the village's only inn. She's a kind lady, but she tends to fall head over heels for every man she meets. She claims she's outgrown her wild man-chasing, but adults don't really grow. Mothers, hide your sons.


A kind older lady who knows what cats like best. She also has a habit of telling Layton and Luke that trouble is in their future. Perhaps she's right...

Agnes can predict the future, but her fortunes are so full of doomand gloom that all try to avoid her. Anyone who bumps into her is forced to listen to her litany of grim prognostications.


Adrea is a young girl who finds humor in everything, especially other people.

This girl always seems to be laughing at someone. Some say Adrea got her cruel sense of humour from her grandmother, Agnes. Oddly enough, Adrea is good friend with Lucy, who is as kind as they come.


Pauly ALWAYS has something that irritates him on his mind. If you solve the puzzles he will ask you to solve he will get really mad. If you don't solve them he will get mad too.

Pauly can often be seen outside the restaurant, fist raised high in the air. Now and then he runs out of steam, but for the most part, he's a regular volcano.


A chess lover, Flick tends to hang out in Crouton's restaurant.

Note: Flick is the US-Name while Nick is used in EU-version.

Nick is a regular patron of the village restaurant and is nuts about coins. He looks like a teenager, but he's actually 28 years old and married, though no one has ever seen his wife.


The owner of the restaurant. He tends to misplace his measuring cups, but his food is quite good.

Crouton is the owner of the restaurant and is renowned for both his kindness and his heavenly pudding. Stay away from his scones, though. They are like dry sponges. He is also Crumm's brother.

Granny Riddleton[edit]

The witch-like puzzle mistress lives in The House of Puzzles. She collects all the missed puzzles and keeps them in her shack.

Granny Riddleton has the uncanny ability to find puzzles that Layton and Luke overlooked on their adventure. She sports a fairy godmother-like style and is further proof of bizarre sense of humour.


This confused Frenchman turns up in random places. He's a world explorer, but he can't seem to find his way out of the sewer!

Intrepid adventurer that he is, Pavel has the most unfortunate sense of direction. He has planned to make his way to America but ended up St Mystere somehow. The real mystery is how he travels so light.


The keeper of the park and the sewers. He's not very good at keeping the park clean and updated, but he's more than happy to let interested visitors into the park.

As park steward, Sylvain used to keep the park in top shape, but when people stopped visiting, he decided to close it. However, the upside of that is he gets to enjoy the rides without having to wait in line.

Through the Clock Tower[edit]


This young girl who knows way too much.

In a village filled with oddballs, Lucy stands out for how normal she is. Despite her grandfather Archibald's attempts to spoil her, she remains mature, honest, and smart as a whip.

Alley Cat[edit]

This striped cat hangs out in the Clock Tower. He is usually accompanied by a mouse. Their relationship as friends or foes is unclear.


Zappone pretends to be wise, but his cover is blown as soon as he is faced with a question. His curled mustache gives him a shady salesman appearance.

Zappone claims to be a detective and is elated to meet a fellow sleuth like Layton. He also claims to have the inside scoop, but he's really just clueless.


A nervous man who is protective of his money. Unfortunately for him, he tends to lose things and be taken advantage of.

Gerard is a timid old man who has trouble deciding just about anything. He loves growing flowers and can often be found in the garden tending to his flower beds after one of Claudia's wild, destructive romps.


This old merchant spends his time in the Market. He used to be close to the late Baron Reinhold.

Archibald is a friend of the baron. The baron was so close to him that he left him his desk, which cointains a clue to finding the Golden Apple. The apple of his eye is his granddaughter Lucy.


Jarvis is quite an authority on the comings and goings of St. Mystere villagers. For instance, he seems to have some information on those strange kidnappings...

Jarvis stands on a hill in the village, pondering all manner of deep and important thoughts. He knows much about the village, but he's too preoccupied with his own thoughts to share them. He is friend with Ramon.


Giuseppe sells meat in the market. In addition to his steaks, he also serves up an abundance of bad puns.

As the village butcher, Giuseppe's steaks are top-notch, but he's best known for his cringe-worthy jokes and puns. His sense of humour is said to have come from Bruno.


A portly fellow who continuously eats. His favorite place is Crouton's restaurant.

Prosciutto has a big appetite and lives in the north of the village. He's never seen without a snack in hand and is known as "Prosciutto the Pantry". He regularly visits the market and gets all the food he can.


The owner of the cafe. He isn't terribly eager to give up information, but the information he does have, is valuable.

Crumm manages the village cafe. While his bulk and stature might suggest otherwise, he's a big softie on the inside and loves small animals. He's Crouton's brother.


A rather creepy woman, Martha loves cards. She also has a fondness for Luke and Layton that is decidedly one-sided.

A lover of card games, Martha sometimes spends entire days holed up in her house polishing and shuffling her cards. Her favourite pastime is challenging unsuspecting people to a rousing round of 52 Card Pickup.

Mysterious Girl[edit]

A young girl hides beneath a bandanna. She is timid, but seems to want to help Luke and Layton all the same.


Flora rigged up this disguise so she could slink around without being noticed. Just about all of the villagers cann see through the disguise with a glance, but she's convinced that she is incognito.


The engineer of St. Mystere. He keeps a low profile.


Bruno is St Mystere's caretaker. He served Baron Reinhold for years and is a skilled technician who built allthe robots in the village with his own two hands.


Don Paolo[edit]

This shady character arrived in St. Mystere just before the drawbridge crank was stolen. He seems to know and dislike Professor Layton a lot.


The criminal mastermind who poses as Inspector Chelmey, Don Paolo is renowned as a scientist of the highest order and views himself als Layton's rival. When he's not plotting evil, Don Paolo also enjoys playing music.