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Layton and Emmy arrives at the town of Misthallery, a town connected with canals and almost contantly shrouded by an odd fog. As the letter Layton received did not have a return address, you'll need to ask around town for Clark's home.

Welcome to Misthallery[edit]

To start off, check the hill at the back and Emmy will note an eerie mansion perched high above the rest of the town. A person will arrive after this. Talk to the man Aldus, who will give you a tutorial about hint coins. Tap the wooden box beside him repeatedly to bust it open, netting you your first hint coin! These hint coins are used to buy hints from unsolved puzzles, but you can't buy every hint in the game, so spend them frugally! After Aldus have left, get two more hint coins by tapping the leftmost window of the first house with the blue roof from the left, as well as the lowest wooden sign next to the bridge. Move forward to enter the town.

After the conversation about Layton's Chest, you will get Episode 01: Layton's Office. Talk to Charlie, the lone boy on the street to trigger Puzzle 002. Charlie will tell you that Clark's house is around the South Pier. He will also mention that he and his family are evacuating from their own home because an "oracle" told them to. After talking to Charlie, Chippe the policeman will appear. Talk to him to find out that Misthallery is in some trouble and that the town isn't open to visitors. Before you continue onward, tap the wooden box beside Charlie, the black hat hanging from the stall and the highest structure on the arch at the back for hint coins.

You will have to cross a rope bridge to reach Clark's house, but it appears that someone has roped off the bridge you need to go. Check the tangled ropes to start a mini-puzzle.

Puzzle: The Rope Bridge[edit]

Description: This rope bridge is your only way over, but someone sealed it off. You only need to cut the rope in one place to unblock the bridge. Where should you cut the ropes? Choose one of the five points in order to cut the rope.

Cut the top left section of rope to unravel the entire knot.

Aftermath of an attack[edit]

With a quick snip, you can now go across the rope bridge to the other side. Before crossing the rope bridge, tap all of the signs nailed to the bridge. Three of the signs will bend and net you a hint coin. Once you cross the rope bridge, you will arrive at a scene of immense destruction. Is this the site of the "giant's" attack? Check the mark on the blue door. The unfortunate owner of the house, Brock, will appear and say that it is a witch's mark. The mark appeared on his home one day, and it was destroyed overnight, leaving the ruins we're seeing here. Check the box full of scrap metal for Puzzle 003. For hint coins here, tap the mailbox, the corner of the damaged house and the witch's mark. Then go forward.

Here, tap the balcony of the leftmost building, the sign hanging from the same building, and the balcony of the rightmost building for hint coins. Talk to Jasmine or check the cart to trigger Puzzle 004. Jasmine will say that she is also evacuating from the town. The police are handling the evacuation under orders from an oracle. Another officer, Fische, will appear after solving the puzzle. The road he is standing on is blocked off, and he will also state that you can get something nice from solving 5 consecutive puzzles. Walk left to reach the South Pier. There is a boat station here, and Layton will note that Misthallery's inhabitants often move around town by rowing along the canals. Check the chimney of the leftmost building, the rightmost house in the closest hill at the back, and the blue boat next to the house for hint coins. Talk to Bucky for Puzzle 005. Move left to approach Clark's abode.

The grand Triton Estate[edit]

Check the house at the back, which Layton figures is Clark's house. Talk to the boy Finch. He confirms that this is indeed Clark Triton's estate, and will also reveal that Clark has became the mayor of Misthallery for about a year. Tap the mansion's chimney, the left column of the gate and the second from the right section of fence for hint coins. Move forward and check the mailbox for Puzzle 006. Tap the bottom-left bush, the second open window and the mansion's sewer entrance for hint coins. Tap the door of the mansion to be ushered in.

Clark's butler, Roland, will inform Clark about your arrival while you wait in the foyer. Here, tap the top left corner of the rug, the blue stair cloth and the red potted plant for hint coins. Check the broom resting next to the painting for Puzzle 007. Talk to Beth the maid, who will mention the oracle once again, although even she is unclear about what the oracle predicted. Once you've talked to Beth, Roland will return to the foyer, saying that Clark is ready to meet you.

Clark seems surprised about Layton's visit, although he is glad to see him again nonetheless. Apparently, Clark and Layton both wanted to be archaeologists, but while Layton did end up becoming a professor of archaeology, Clark became a mayor of a small town instead. Curiously, Clark claims that he never wrote a letter to Layton, but does confirm that a giant has indeed been attacking the town at night. He theorizes that the giant is a specter similar to the one in an old legend that protected Misthallery. With Roland's suggestion, Clark requests for Layton's help in investigating this destructive specter.

Before leaving, Layton inquires about the state of Clark's wife Brenda, and their child Luke. According to Clark, Brenda is away while Luke has been very withdrawn lately, often shutting himself in his bedroom. Clark hopes that seeing someone from out of town will get Luke to open up. With Hershel Layton meeting Luke Triton, a legendary friendship is about to be born. How would this first acquaintance between the professor and his future apprentice go down?