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Having discussed with Clark about the menace of the destructive specter, Layton decides to visit Clark's son, Luke. Luke has been acting very odd lately. Is his behavior connected to the recent specter appearances?

Meet Luke Triton[edit]

Before you leave the parlor, tap the cushion on the sofa Clark is sitting, the coat rack and the china plate on the mantel for hint coins. After that, tap the mirror for Puzzle 008. Exit the parlor and talk to Beth to learn that Luke's room is at the end of the second floor hallway, and that Luke is usually a more lively boy. Go upstairs and tap the plant at the corner, the leftmost wall lamp and the rug near the closest door for hint coins. The door at the back is Luke's room, so check it out. Luke wants to test Layton's puzzle-solving mettle, and you must solve a puzzle to enter his room.

Puzzle: Luke's Door[edit]

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Once you call Luke, simply don't touch any items on the screen for the entirety of 15 seconds.

The truth of the oracle[edit]

After entering the room, Layton claims that Luke was the one who wrote the letter to him. Clark himself dislikes using typewriters to write letters, and only someone close to him knows about his history with Layton. Clark reprimands Luke for doing so, and states that Luke has rarely spoke ever since the appearance of the specter. He also says that Luke has only been making odd, gloomy prophecies. Clark hurries back to attend to some business in his study, while Doland comes to prepare Luke for bedtime. Layton deduces that Luke is the oracle the townspeople have been talking about, which Luke confirms. Luke also says that the specter will indeed reappear tonight on Great Ely Street. He will also join Layton and Emmy to investigate the specter's origin. Since Luke almost never leaves the estate, how does he predict specter attacks with such accuracy? You will get Mystery 03: Luke Foretells.

In Luke's room, tap the pillow on Luke's bed, the center of the rug on the floor and the object on top of the bookshelf for hint coins. Talk to Doland, who will remind Luke to stay safe, even if he does know about the town's secrets. Back in the hall, go through the door closer to you to reach Clark's study. Talk to Clark. He's busy with the specter incidents, and doesn't seem to be aware at all about Luke's predictions. For hint coins, check the hat on the coat rack, the papers on Clark's desk, and the doors of the cabinet at the right. Go downstairs and talk to Beth for Puzzle 009. Now leave the mansion. Outside, Luke explains that Great Ely Street is in North Ely. However, Layton wishes to investigate the damage caused by the specter first.

The specter's frightening power[edit]

The obvious place to observe the aftermath of a specter attack is at Brock's house, so move there. On your way there, talk to Bucky, the man who runs the boat station. He will give you the Toy Train minigame as well as the first course, Bucky's Train! There is nothing else notable on the remainder of the way to the Wrecked House. Brock is still laughing his troubles away, and there's nothing you can do to help. Luke does note say that there's another house being repaired at East District, which you can go check out. You will get Episode 02: Laughing Man after the conversation is over.

To get to the East District, return to the Crossroads and go right. You will arrive outside a library, but you can't enter it as it's closed today. Tap the middle window of the library's leftmost wall, the library's clock and the right column of the fence for hint coins. Go right again to reach the East District. Having seen all of the attacked houses that still show any signs of damage, Layton tries to figure out a pattern for these specter attacks, but fails to do so. You can talk to Thomas, who just says that Luke's mother left in a hurry recently. Check the rusty pipe for Puzzle 010. Tap the second window on the wall of the orange house, the manhole cover at the back and the distant house near the upper-right corner to expand your collection of hint coins.

To Great Ely Street[edit]

Return to the Crossroads. The police officer that was guarding the path north is no longer there, so you're free to advance to the Warped Hill. Talk to Mido to get Puzzle 011. Mido states that sinkholes and very thick fog have been occurring around the same time as the specter attacks. Are these phenomena connected to the specter itself? You will get Mystery 04: Mist Upon The Village. For the hint coins hidden in the Warped Hill, tap the mailbox, the leftmost chimney and the tree at the right side of the path. Go forward to arrive at North Ely.

Layton will deduce that Luke wrote the letter to lure Layton here, as he wants Layton to help him stop the specter appearances. Mystery 01 is solved! Luke states that you can get a room at the hotel on Great Ely Street, which has a good view of the whole area. Before you do, tap the lightbulbs of the far lamppost, the moss under the nearby bench and the base of the closer lamppost for hint coins. The road to Great Ely Street is blocked by Chippe. Talking to Chippe will make him reveal that the police force in Misthallery are mostly related, which is why many of them look alike. Chippe will let us go into Great Ely Street with permission from Luke.

Going into Great Ely Street, you will meet Aldus once again. Tap the channel of flowing water, the rusted pipe far out in the back and the middle window above the bridge for hint coins. Talk to Aldus, who instructs you to tap on the nearby rusted pipe repeatedly. Do so to make a Tiny Fossil pop out! Aldus notes that this is one of the many secret items you can find around Misthallery, and you can try to find them all for your collection. The collection section is added to the professor's chest, so you can check it out any time you want. Aldus will also hint you to the location of another collectible item. Return to the bridge just outside Misthallery and check the wooden box where you found the first hint coin repeatedly. Doing so will net you the Sticky Spoon!

Booking a hotel room[edit]

Continue forward from Great Ely Street to reach a hat shop. Tap the red object, the red object, the second lamppost on the left side of the street as well as the trash can for hint coins. Go forward again to arrive at the hotel. Everyone should have evacuated the area by now, so there is likely to be a vacant room. Tap the middle window of the furthest wall of the hotel, the bushes to the left of the trees and the plants above the dome covering the hotel entrance for hint coins. Then, check the tree to the right repeatedly for the hidden Puzzle 145.

Enter the hotel and ring the bell to make the owner, Joseph, come out, which automatically triggers Puzzle 012. He is adamant on staying despite the order to evacuate. He will give you the keys to Room 302, which has a nice view of the surrounding streets. In the lobby, tap the clipboard on the table with towels, the rug at the counter and the lights of the ceiling fan for hint coins. Go upstairs. For hint coins here, tap the second closest ceiling lamp, the rectangle to the left of the closer arch and the wooden square next to the door of Room 301. Enter the door at the end of the hallway to check in to Room 302.

If the opening cutscene is true, Layton, Emmy and Luke will certainly encounter the specter tonight. No one was ever hurt from a specter's attacks due to Luke's predictions and evacuation orders, but now that the three are right in the area of a specter's attacks, can they survive the unknown danger posed by the dark giant?