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You're now in Highyard Hill, a high-class residential district where Mishtallery's wealthiest live. Barde Manor is on the hilltop, but as Luke will inform you, this location also contains the police headquarters, as well as the excavation site of the briefly mentioned Golden Garden. Proceed to Barde Manor to find out more about the calamity witch.

Around Highyard Hill[edit]

While you're at the Highyard Arch, tap the bottom window of the leftmost building, the chimney and the second window from the right on the second floor of the rightmost building for hint coins. Before going forward, go to the Forest Path near Keat's house and talk to Badger for Puzzle 040, which will net you the "breathed" puppet action. Now start going south to just past the bridge at the very start of the game. Louis is here, so talk to him for Puzzle 041. With two very out of the way puzzles solved, return to the Highyard Arch.

Move north. In this plaza, check the background. There is a dam in the distance, and Barde Manor is further north from it. Tap the top of the left mountain, the bush to the right of the man and the chimneys on the blue-roofed building. Talk to Otaki-san for Puzzle 042, after which you will get the Mt. Otaki train course. Your objective is to head north, but it doesn't hurt to explore around. Go east to the Quiet Townscape. Tap the top of the closest streetlight, the red bush in the distant building, and the tiles to the right of the right gate post of the closest building for hint coins.

Move west twice. This location is apparently the residence of Mr. Greppe. Check the lone patch of grass on the ground repeatedly, the top of the twisted light and the light on the right fence post of the closest house for hint coins. Tap the largest window of the closest house repeatedly for the hidden Puzzle 151. Go west once more to arrive at the Police HQ. Check the field to the right of the left fence post, the police logo on the arch of the door, and the second floor window to the right of the arch. Talk to Chippe for Puzzle 043. After that, tap the bottom-right bush repeatedly for the Hair Clip, another collectible item. Return to the plaza.

Path to Barde Manor[edit]

It's time to finally start heading for the manor. Go north and check the right window of the nearby house, leftmost metal pillar, the top of the leftmost pillar supporting the reservoir wall, and the basin at the end of the blue pipe on the wall for hint coins. Talk to Chippe for Puzzle 044. Go east to an empty scene. Check the right closed window of the leftmost house, the first bush on the right side of the road and the furthest arch in the distance for hint coins. Continue onward to the North Pier. Tap the end of the pier, the yellow boat beside the path, and the woods at the top-right for hint coins. Investigate the sign on the shack for Puzzle 045.

Go west to arrive at the dam. Tap on the door, making Layton remark that the water in Misthallery flows out of this dam. Check the door of the small building, the third protrusion from the left of the dam, and the steps below the big door for hint coins. Tap the forest to the right of the dam repeatedly for Puzzle 152. Go west once more to finally arrive at the entrance of Barde Manor. Keats is here if you missed any puzzles. Check the top of the left gate post, the center of the fallen gate, and the part where the roots branch at the bottom-right for hint coins. Go north and check the trees. In order to advance, you need to solve Puzzle 046, which additionally gives you the "scrubbed" puppet action after solving. Tap the center of the windmill as well as the top of both fence posts for hint coins.

As you approach the manor, Layton catches sight of a silhouette passing by a window in the manor. Before you do anything else, tap the bush hanging from the spire, the windows directly above the door, and the chimneys to the right for hint coins. Knock on the door. An old man who claims to be Seamus, the manor's gardener, will be at the door, and he won't let you in. After the confrontation, Luke says that all of the Barde family's servants were let go when Mr. Barde died. Noting the poor condition of the manor's garden as well, Emmy speculates that Seamus is no gardener, and is actually holding Arianna captive! You must find an entrance to the manor somewhere around here.

Go left to arrive at the bottom of the thin tower. Investigate the door. Emmy suggests using this tower to enter the manor, since it is connected to the manor via a tall passage. For hint coins around this area, tap the left bush repeatedly, the lone window on the tower and the top of the tallest tree in the background. Go left instead of entering the tower. You'll arrive at a misty lake. Luke says that the water from this lake flows to the canals of Misthallery. It used to be carried by pipes to the town, but the old system was replaced, and the unused, rusty pipes are left behind. Check the boat near the distant building, the small branch sticking out from the trees at the left, and the flowers in the bottom-left corner for hint coins. Tap the water below the pier repeatedly to get a collectible item, the Shiny Scale.

Mysterious tower[edit]

The hint coins throughout this tower are hidden in some really innocuous places. In the lower tower, tap the mushroom beneath the third golden bowl, a dark spot at the right side of the central column, as well as one of the top steps on the column for these hint coins. Climb up and check the dark red brick at the left close to the pillar, the top step of the lower part of the tower, and a dark spot at the left edge of the pillar to get three more hint coins. Tap the pillar itself repeatedly for Puzzles 153, then tap the tree branches to remove them, letting you ascend some more.

At the top of the tower, there seems to be no visible passage into the manor. However, there are some markings painted on the wall. There are four numbers: 4, 1, 2, and 3, and each of them have a flame above them. For hint coins, tap the dark spot below the center of the window repeatedly, the moss directly below the "2", and the moss on the left column of the window. If you may recall, there were four golden bowls at the bottom tower. If you go down to investigate them, they turn out to be gas lamps which can light themselves up. These lamps must have some connection to the tower and its secrets!

Puzzle: Trial by Fire[edit]

There are four alcoves here, each housing a lamp. The tower's secret seems to be connected to these four torches, somehow. Search the tower for any clues that will help solve this puzzle.


The clue you're looking for is at the top of the tower. The numbers on the wall indicate the order in which to light the torches. For example, you must light the torch with a "1" below it first, and the one marked "4" the last.

Inside the manor[edit]

Once you solve Trial by Fire, a doorway will appear at the Upper Tower. Enter it to reach the corridor leading to Barde Manor. For hint coins here, check the cobweb above the further window, the lights and the middle panels of the closer window. Check the door for Puzzle 047 to unlock it. You will also get the "tasted" puppet action which, if you were following the walkthrough or just solving every puzzle available to you, should give you all the actions you need to complete the first puppet theater.

Go into the manor. Layton will notice a painting of Arianna and a boy on the wall. Luke says that the boy is Arianna's brother, Tony. Tony supposedly lives with Arianna, but he's nowhere to be seen here. Check the chandelier for Puzzle 048. After that, tap the top of the center window, the top of the orange pillar, as well as the web on the blue painting for hint coins. Go right and investigate the toys. They're not the toys Arianna might play, and one of them has the name "Tony" on it. Tap the bottom square of the left column beside the door, left vase and the lone red bus. Check the door to enter.

Arianna is, as could be expected, quite surprised about your presence. She says that Seamus is no kidnapper, and that he indeed works here. She also denies any knowledge about a specter's flute. Arianna warns you about her reputation as a witch, but Luke is adamant she isn't. It turns out Luke is a friend of Arianna's, having met her at a party. Arianna continues to say she is a witch, attracting the attention of Seamus, who forces you to get out. After exiting the room, Luke notes that Arianna is "sick".

Instead of going back through the Sky Passage and the tower, you can simply descend down the stairs from the hall of the manor. At the manor entrance, tap the white pot, the plant and the bottom of the steps for hint coins. Check the painting on the wall for Puzzle 049. Go back to get outside. Luke says that Arianna has not much longer to live, as he was told by Arianna's father. He is sure Arianna isn't a witch. Layton thinks that we must prove Arianna isn't a witch, which might cause her to be more open.

Asking around[edit]

Backtrack to the Old Gate. Here, Layton suggests that you should talk to the residents around Highyard Hill to gather information about Arianna. Wren and Socket are here, and they state they were helping Bucky set up his new station. Sure enough, you can see Bucky at the North Pier, but you can't use his boating services yet. At the Riverside Road, someone is hiding behind a bush. Talk to the person, who introduces himself as Goosey. He confirms that the servants in the manor lost their jobs after Mr. Barde died, leaving only the children leaving in the manor.

Asking around Highyard Hill yields several responses. Notably, Hans at the bent light says the children were originally set to inherit Mr. Barde's fortune, but were only left with the manor. At Highyard Arch, you can talk to a resident called Mimi. She says that you can ask one of the children's friends, who is currently at the area west of the plaza. Go to the Quiet Townscape and talk to the boy Sean. He says that he couldn't meet Tony, as Seamus denies entry to everyone going to the Barde Manor. He also says that he once followed Seamus to the market, but lost sight of him. Return to Highyard Arch and talk to Mimi. She just witnessed Seamus on Bucky's boat going south, with Seamus' direction likely being the market!

On the trail of Seamus[edit]

Since Seamus is using Bucky's boat, you can't just go to North Pier and take a shortcut there. You must travel screen-by-screen to the market from the last chapter. At the Market Entrance, Luke notes that he can't see Seamus anywhere. Like before, you must talk to the people in the market for more information. Aunt Taffy says that a kid from Highyard Hill came and bought all of her candy. Marilyn and Scraps also mention a wealthy kid on a spending spree. Scraps in particular advises you to ask Crow about Seamus.

Descend into the black market and go to the backstage of the auction house. Crow is present, but he wants you to solve Puzzle 50 to get him to speak, which will also net you a Sleepy Seabed fish tank. Crow says that a boy from Highyard Hill was indeed at the market, and that he was buying a lot of things, as if he's stocking up. Layton now thinks that something will soon happen in town. Go to the East District. Another witch's mark has appeared here, as well as a candy wrapper near it. Layton will now say that he has figured out Seamus' exact identity. He'll ask you to answer some questions about what you've just experienced.

Puzzle: Reviewing past events[edit]

Q: Why did you need Seamus?

A. To gain Arianna's trust. B. To clear Arianna's name. C: The only reason: love.


B. You tracked down Seamus to find out more about Arianna, hopefully some proof that she's not a witch.

Q: Who was seen at the market?

A. Mido, without glasses. B. A boy from Highyard Hill. C. Clarence, in his new outfit.


B. The boy purchased plenty of supplies, as well as all the candy Aunt Taffy had.

Q: What clue was near the mark?

A. A candy wrapper. B. A paintbrush. C. A bucket of fish.


A. As you've seen just minutes before, there was a candy wrapper near the witch's mark.

Despite answering all of these questions correctly, Layton is still holding back the answer. He suggests going back to the manor, where this witch affair will become clear.

The reality of the calamity witch[edit]

After answering the questions, backtrack to the black market entrance and talk to Nabby for Puzzle 051. Then, move left and talk to Scraps for Puzzle 052, which will net you the placed puppet action. Now you can move back to the manor. As you go north to Highyard Hill, Bucky will stop you at the crossroads to tell you about the grand opening of his next boat station, the North Pier. Now you can finally make use of Bucky's boat as a shortcut to Highyard Hill. Take the boat there and head straight to the manor. Outside the manor, there are some people visible at the lake. Move to the tower entrance, then go left again to arrive at the Lakeshore.

At the Lakeshore, Layton confronts Seamus and Arianna. He reveals that the calamity witch is merely a myth, perpetrated by Seamus to protect Arianna. Seamus painted a witch's mark on the houses of whoever spoke ill of Arianna, spreading fear and paranoia, leading to the rumor that Arianna is cursed. Layton also says that Seamus isn't actually the manor's gardener, prompting Seamus to remove his disguise. It turns out that Seamus is Tony, Arianna's sister who was never seen around the manor despite living with her. Arianna still denies having anything to do with a flute, so you have no choice but to leave her alone.

Move out of the scene to initiate another conversation. Luke fears that the specter doesn't just cause physical destruction, it can also ruin relationships. The fear of the specter controls the movements and decisions of the residents in Misthallery, and the town's rulers are merely pawns to be manipulated by it. He recalls the day of Mr. Barde's death, an event that completely changed Arianna, and notes that the specter started appearing soon afterward. He also worries that his own father is affected by the specter, and he suspects that his mother isn't travelling, but outright disappeared.

Since the specter seems closely connected to Mr. Barde's death, Layton suggests going to the Police HQ to research the circumstances surrounding that event. Before you do so, return inside the manor and go back to Arianna's Room. Tap the chandelier repeatedly for the hidden Puzzle 154! After that, check the chair by the window multiple times to get the Stuffed Bear for your collection.

Head to the exterior of the Police HQ and talk to Chippe to gain entry. At the reception, tap the paper with lines of illegible writing on the wall, the rightmost bulb of the chandelier, and the blue arrow sign to the right for hint coins. Talk to Chippe. The officer says that you cannot see the archives without the chief. Given that the chief is busy with the specter appearances, it would take too much time to wait for him.

The police officer says that the HQ shares some of its files with Scotland Yard. Emmy volunteers to head to London and look through Scotland Yard's archives. Layton also asks here to collect some of the notes and newspapers from Layton's university. The three agree to meet at the library, as the group splits into separate ways for the investigation.