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With the police archives in Misthallery inaccessible, Emmy makes a trip to Scotland Yard to find the files on Mr. Barde by herself. While she is in London, she might as well stop by at Layton's office to help him pick up some files. She is his assistant after all!

Gresenheller University[edit]

Before heading to Scotland Yard, you must first visit Layton's workplace. At the exterior of the university Layton works in, tap the bush repeatedly, the second floor window to the left of the main entrance, and the traffic sign for hint coins. Enter the university. In the lobby, tap the pair of papers on the wall, the pot of the left plant as well as the right ceiling lamp for hint coins. Talk to Talk to Dean Delmona for Puzzle 053, which will net you the "flattened" puppet theater action.

After talking to the dean, you can enter Layton's office. Rosa is inside and she will help you find Layton's notes. Tap the left box on bookshelf, the stool and the black bust on the green drawers for hint coins. Check the green desk for Puzzle 054, then check the top of the cabinet at the left of the room for Puzzle 055. Talk to Rosa to get Layton's notes. Now it's time to head for Scotland Yard! Get outside and tap on Emmy's motorcycle to move there. Before leaving, Emmy mentions a person called Inspector Grosky, who she seems to know.

Finding the inspector[edit]

After you arrive, you will get the Emmy's Memory episode. This episode is actually quite relevant to the story, describing how Emmy first met Layton after she was accused of pickpocketing. At the outside of the station, tap the fire hydrant, the emblem above the main entrance, and the top of the columns of the right face of the station for hint coins. Inside, tap the potted plant, the red light and the seats at the right side of the screen for hint coins. Talk to the police officer Colby. He states that Inspector Grosky is not here, suggesting that you ask about it at the reception.

Move upstairs. At the reception desk, tap the pot of the plant, the shelf next to the door at the back, and the certificates on the shelf at the right for hint coins. Talk to Monica, the receptionist. She says that Grosky is busy with a big case, and has just gone off for an arrest. Return outside and go west. You will pass by a florist's. Talk to him for Puzzle 056. After that, tap the leftmost window of the florist's store, the sign of the store, and the phone booth in the distance for hint coins. Tap the bush above the big window of the florist's to get the Strange Seed collectible.

Continue on to the bus stop. Tap the left no entry sign, the pavement below the railing at the center, and the trash can beside the lady for hint coins. Talk to the lady Hanna, who says that Inspector Grosky chased a criminal to the museum. Check the bus stop for Puzzle 057. Go forward and talk to Mick for Puzzle 058. He says that Inspector Grosky is in the museum right now. Tap the center window of the museum tower, the second tree from the left repeatedly, and the rightmost bench for hint coins.

Enter the museum. Inside, tap the rock in the glass case, the rock on the left half of the second floor, and the sign of the big fossil exhibit. Talk to Ewan for Puzzle 059, which will net you the "wrapped" puppet action. Then, tap the fossil for Puzzle 060. Go upstairs to find a destroyed exhibit and the museum curator. Tap the sign on the back wall, the right crown in the vertical display case, and the shattered display case at the right for hint coins. Talk to Chappy, the eccentric curator. Apparently, you've barely missed Inspector Grosky, and he has already left the museum.

Meet Inspector Grosky[edit]

With nowhere else to go, head back where you came. Once you reach the bus stop, Hanna will tell you she saw Grosky fighting the criminal back to Scotland Yard. Return there to trigger a cutscene. Inspector Grosky and his opponent bursts through a window into the station, looking evenly-matched as they fight on. Just as the criminal appears to get an upper hand over the inspector, Emmy downs the baddie with one hard kick. Grosky knows Emmy quite well, and gladly grants you access to the archives.

Enter the archives. To help you find the needed files, the inspector has requested help from two familiar faces: Detective Chelmey and Constable Barton. Barton will be sent to develop Emmy's film, so only Chelmey is left to search through the archives. For hint coins here, tap the green drawers of the leftmost shelf, the boxes below the big box inside the second shelf from the left, and the further ceiling light. Next, check the top of the shelf that is third from the left for the collectible Faded Map item.

Check the box on the second shelf from the left for Puzzle 061, which will let you get Mishtallery's files. While looking through the report on Mr. Barde's death, Chelmey notes something strange about the files. There is oddly only one eyewitness to Mr. Barde's death. With his interest piqued, Inspector Grosky decides to go with Emmy to Misthallery. Head outside and tap Emmy's bike. Emmy realizes that her bike only seats one person, but that's no problem with Inspector Grosky. He'll just run there!