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In a dim candlelit room, a man tells of a story about a farm girl with a magic flute. When her village was attacked, she used her flute to summon a towering specter and defeat the invaders. Since then, she summoned the specter whenever she faced danger. After finishing the story, the sinister man decides to continue the legend...

The scene cuts to Layton in a small hotel, accompanied by Luke and a woman. Apparently, Luke has predicted the appearance of a specter in the town, but both Layton and the woman are doubtful. The sound of flute-playing emanates throughout the room, followed by the sudden emergence of a towering, dark figure. As the woman tries to capture a photo of the monster, it slashes at the building, leaving huge marks on the wall.

The professor's new assistant[edit]

An unknown time in the past, we see the woman from before driving her motorbike to Gresenheller U, Layton's workplace. Meanwhile, Layton wakes up from a night of studying, his apartment in a total mess. He receives a letter, the contents of which surprise him. He leaves the university on his Laytonmobile, followed by the unknown woman. The woman cuts him off on the road, saying that the two has previously met before!

Now also in the Laytonmobile, the woman will introduce herself as Emmy Altava, Professor Layton's new assistant. She says she was hired by Layton's employer, but Layton himself doesn't recall hearing about a new assistant as he was busy with research. As they head off into the countryside, Emmy asks about the mystery Layton's headed off to solve. He hands her the letter, sent to him by Clark Triton, an old friend of his. According to the letter, a giant is terrorizing Clark's town at night, and he needs Layton's help to investigate this peculiar occurrence. Layton also notes that there is a secret message in the letter. You'll get the first puzzle in the game, Puzzle 001!

The secret message was a plea for help, but why would Clark need to hide something like that from his old friend? Layton also notes that the letter was written with a typewriter, something Clark rarely uses. He states that Clark lives in Misthallery, where ancient ruins were discovered a few weeks ago. It is said that Misthallery is built over a city of gold, the Golden Gardens. You will get Mystery 01: Letter and Mystery 02: Golden Garden.

With introductions and exposition out of the way, you're finally headed into your new adventure! Be sure to save when prompted, and look forward to Chapter 1!