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Caution! This page contains all the hints and solutions for every puzzle from 26 to 50. Scroll carefully or you might spoil the answer of a puzzle for yourself. The solutions are hidden behind spoiler tags, so only take a peek if you're desperate.

Puzzle 026[edit]

Trigger: Talk to Clarence
Location: North Ely Park
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 65

Description: "One day, I saw a spacecraft hanging motionless in the sky right above me. 'Must be engine trouble,' I thought. The solution was simple. All I had to do was move the spacecraft's energy ball from the left side to the right, and it was as good as new! Think you can do the same?"

  • Hint 1: The flying saucer can be fixed with a minimum of 31 moves. First, move down the two PLLS Puzzle 26 Symbol1.png on the right. Then line up the two PLLS Puzzle 26 Symbol2.png shapes in the top-right corner of the ship.
  • Hint 2: Continuing from Hint 1: Collect all four PLLS Puzzle 26 Symbol1.png in the middle row, moving the two PLLS Puzzle 26 Symbol2.png shapes to the left and the right as needed.
  • Hint 3: Once all four of the PLLS Puzzle 26 Symbol1.png are in a row in the middle, return both PLLS Puzzle 26 Symbol2.png shapes to the top-right corner. After that, try to maneuver the red PLLS Puzzle 26 Symbol1.png into the bottom-right space and move all of the other PLLS Puzzle 26 Symbol1.png to the far right. This will give you the room you need to move the energy ball into the top-left corner.
  • Super Hint: Slide the light-blue PLLS Puzzle 26 Symbol1.png into the bottom-left section. Then, slide the dark-blue PLLS Puzzle 26 Symbol1.png into the indentation on the left-hand side. Gather the two PLLS Puzzle 26 Symbol2.png shapes in the middle row, and move the energy ball to the top-right corner. Slide the two PLLS Puzzle 26 Symbol2.png shapes to the top left, and move the red and yellow PLLS Puzzle 26 Symbol1.png to the left-hand side. Almost there!
Move the yellow piece down , Move the red piece down , Move the top square right , Move the lower square up , Move the dark-blue piece down and right one space , Move the light-blue piece down , Move the square left , Move the other square left , Move the red piece up , Move the yellow piece up and left , Move the red piece down (all L-pieces are now in the middle row) , Move the square right , Move the other square right , Move the light-blue piece up , Move the dark-blue piece left , Move the yellow piece left , Move the red piece down , Move the yellow piece right , Move the dark-blue piece right , Move the light-blue piece down and right , Move the energy ball up , Move the light-blue piece left and down , Move the dark-blue piece left , Move the square down and left , Move the other square left and down , Move the energy ball right , Move the square up and left , Move the other square left and up , Move the yellow piece left , Move the red piece up and left , Move the energy piece down to solve the puzzle!

Puzzle 027[edit]

Name: Floating Cottages
Trigger: Talk to Jasmine
Location: Murray Street
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 35

Description: The floating cottages shown below are connected by 12 small bridges, which has made this little retirement community quite the tourist attraction. A visiting couple has decided to paddle a boat out to one of the cottages and walk back to the mainland by crossing each bridge only once. Which cottage should they start at?

  • Hint 1: From the correct cottage, there are several routes that cross each bridge once on the way back to land. It's OK to visit the same cottage more than once, as long as each bridge is crossed only one time.
  • Hint 2: You can try plotting out different routes back to land from each cottage, but there's an easier way to identify the correct one. Look for something that all but one cottage has in common...
  • Hint 3: Take a close look at how many bridges are connected to each cottage. There's something odd about the number of bridges connected to one of them...
  • Super Hint: There's only one cottage with an odd number of bridges connected to it. If you figure out which one that is, you'll have the correct answer!

Cottage D.

Puzzle 028[edit]

Name: Black and White Cats
Trigger: Talk to Hugo
Location: Apartment Row
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 30

Description: You want to display your impressive collection of black and white cat paperweights on this 4x4 grid. You must fill every space, and no row or column can have more than two same-colored cats next to each other. The six cats currently on the grid must remain where they are. How can you fill in the rest of the grid? Touch a space on the grid to place a cat, change its color, or remove it.

  • Hint 1: Any time you spot two adjacent cats of the same color in a row or column, any space next to them in that row or column will need to be filled with a cat of the opposite color.
  • Hint 2: First, concentrate on the placement of the white cats. You can only place a total of four cat paperweights in any single row or column. Once you figure out where the white cats go, you can pretty much fill the remaining spaces with black cats.
  • Hint 3: A white cat must belong in the empty space between the two black cats in the column farthest to the right. Remember, when you have two cats of the same color next to each other in the middle of a row or column, you must place cats of the opposite color on either side of them. Continue placing paperweights according to these rules until the grid is filled in!
  • Super Hint: Put a white cat between the two black cats in the column farthest to the right. Put white cats in the top and bottom spaces of the second column from the left. Put a white cat between the two black cats in the second row from the bottom. Think you can figure out the rest?
PLLS Puzzle 28 Solution.png
Arrange the paperweights according to the screenshot.

Puzzle 029[edit]

Name: How Old?
Trigger: Talk to Finch
Location: Crossroads
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 35

Description: A friend wrote you the following letter: "Our baby girl Nat was born last year in March. If you multiply her age by those of her older sister Kat and brother Pat, the product is 36. If you add all of their ages together, you'll get a sum of 13. Everyone is healthy and happy. Write back soon!" The letter was written on April 25th. What are the ages of Nat, Kat, and Pat?

  • Hint 1: You should be able to work out Nat's age easily. You know the month in which she was born last year, but when was the letter written?
  • Hint 2: Nat is one year old. When you multiply that by the ages of Kat and Pat, you need to get 36. Hear are the possible combinations: 1x36, 2x18, 3x12, 4x9, and 6x6.
  • Hint 3: The sum of all three children's ages is 13. The youngest child is 1, so the sum of the two older children's ages must equal 12.
  • Super Hint: Kat and Pat are the same age. You need to find a number that when multiplied by itself equals 36 and when added to itself equals 12.

Brother: 6; Older Sister: 6; Younger Sister: 1.

Puzzle 030[edit]

Name: Book Stacks
Trigger: Talk to Olga
Location: Library
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 35

Description: Someone left a ton of books on the table, and now these two librarians have the unpleasant task of shelving them all again. The librarians are trying to count all the books, but they're stacked so high that neither one can see them all. Using each librarian's point of view, work out how many books are on the table.

  • Hint 1: Make a note of all the books you see using the Memo function. For example, take a look at how many books each librarian can see from her viewpoint. That can help you determine how many books are in the center pile.
  • Hint 2: Next, let's figure out how many books are in the lower-left corner of the table. Can you see which stack that is from the other librarian's perspective?
  • Hint 3: You can also work out the number of books stacked in the top-right corner from the viewpoint of the librarian at the bottom of the screen. That leaves only two piles of books to figure out!
  • Super Hint: The books in the top-left corner can be counted using the top librarian's viewpoint. Don't forget that from her point of view, the stack is on the right. You already know that the bottom-left corner contains only two books, so the three books that she sees must be in the top-left corner.

There are a total of 16 books.

Puzzle 031[edit]

Name: Light Height
Trigger: Talk to Sebastian
Location: Closed Factory
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 50

Description: A single light hangs from a beam above the floor of this dilapidated warehouse. There are two posts, both of which are a foot tall, separated by a distance of 15 feet. The light casts a 3 foot long shadow from the left post and a 2 foot long shadow from the right post. Figure out how high the light is hanging above the floor.

  • Hint 1: Choose one of the posts, and visualize a large triangle formed between the light, the spot on the floor directly under the light, and the farthest point of the post's shadow. Then imagine a smaller triangle formed between the top of the post, the bottom of the post, and the tip of the shadow. These two triangles are mathematically similar. In other words, the larger one is proportional to the smaller one.
  • Hint 2: Let's say the height of the light equals X, and the distance on the floor between the light and the post on the left equals Y. The shadow cast by the post on the left extends 3 feet. X:(Y+3)=1:3, therefore 3X=Y+3.
  • Hint 3: The shadow of the post on the right is 2 feet long. X:(15-Y+2)=1:2, therefore 2X=17-Y.
  • Super Hint: By combining the solutions from the equations of Hint 2 and Hint 3, you get: 5X=20, therefore X=4. The height from the light to the floor equals X.

The light is 4 feet above the floor.

Puzzle 032[edit]

Name: Fit for a King
Trigger: Talk to Beth
Location: Foyer
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 35

Description: You have the job of cleaning a king's room in his palace. The king is quite meticulous and has declared that his room be cleaned in a very specific way. There are numbers written on the floor tiles that show the order in which the tiles should be cleaned. Starting from tile 1 and proceeding from tile to tile in the correct order, can you find a way to clean all of the tiles without repeating any? To avoid dirtying the newly-cleaned floor, the last tile you clean must be next to the door.

  • Hint 1: There are several possible routes from tile 1 to tile 6. However, you can't pass over the same tile twice, so you should probably follow the edge of the room before you make a turn.
  • Hint 2: The path from tile 6 to tile 12 will look the same as the path from tile 12 to tile 18.
  • Hint 3: The path from tile 18 to tile 24 is a straight line.
  • Super Hint: If you treat the vertical line that runs down the center of the room as a mirror, then you can clean each side using the same zigzag pattern that you already created!
PLLS Puzzle 32 Solution.png
Move according to the specified path in the screenshot.

Puzzle 033[edit]

Name: Fruit Friends
Trigger: Talk to Marilyn
Location: Market South
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 25

Description: Four friends met in town, each with a kind of fruit to share. The first friend bought a bunch of bananas; the second bought a cluster of grapes. They set the fruit down at their feet as the third and fourth friends arrived, bringing with them a grapefruit and a melon. They also laid their foot at their feet but then had to run off as fast as possible. Where did the group meet? Circle your answer on the map.

  • Hint 1: What do a grapefruit and a melon have in common?
  • Hint 2: Fruits come in all shapes and sizes. Some fruits may not be very stable when placed in certain locations...
  • Hint 3: The grapefruit and the melon are both round. They started to roll as soon as they were placed on the ground...
  • Super Hint: A round fruit wouldn't roll if it was placed on flat ground. It only makes sense if they were on some sort of hill.

Location B. The grapefruit and melon rolled down the slope, forcing both friends to chase after it.

Puzzle 034[edit]

Name: Apple Picking
Trigger: Check the fruit stall
Location: Market Center
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 30

Description: Time to pick some apples! You have three baskets of three varying sizes, and there are five apples on the tree. Pick all of the apples, making sure that the large basket contains more apples than the medium basket, which in turn must contain more apples than the small basket. Each basket must contain at least one apple.

  • Hint 1: Take a look at the requirements for proper apple storage. The number of apples in each basket descends in the following order: large basket, medium basket, small basket.
  • Hint 2: If you're having trouble, try moving everything around and see what's possible. If you just move apples back and forth, though, you probably won't get very far.
  • Hint 3: Once you realize that you can move the baskets as well as the apples, you're close to solving the puzzle. Try out a few different arrangements with the baskets.
  • Super Hint: The small basket can fit quite easily into the large basket. Maybe that will help you count the apples in each basket in such a way that solves the problem.

Place two apples in the large basket, two apples in the medium basket and one apple in the small basket. Place the small basket in the large basket to bring the amount of apples in the large basket to 3.

Puzzle 035[edit]

Name: Candy Counter
Trigger: Talk to Aunt Taffy
Location: Market Entrance
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 35

Description: You ordered candies in the shape of hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades. But when the candies arrived, you noticed you received the wrong amounts. The seller claims she sent the correct number of each type, and looking again, you realize she's actually right. How many of each candy did you originally order?

  • Hint 1: Take a close look at the shape of each heart, spade, club, and diamond.
  • Hint 2: Have you noticed the top parts of the spades look very similar to the hearts?
  • Hint 3: It looks like something broke during shipping and then got stuck to some of the other candy.
  • Super Hint: The candy that broke was a diamond. The broken pieces of the diamond then got attached to heart candies, which, in turn, made them look like spades.

4 diamonds, 3 clubs, 4 hearts and 2 spades.

Puzzle 036[edit]

Name: How Many Ones?
Trigger: Talk to Tweeds
Location: Market Center
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 40

Description: One day, a little boy who was very curious about numbers thought to himself: "If I were to write out all the numbers from 1 to 120, how many times would I write the numeral 1?" Can you work out the answer?

  • Hint 1: Try writing the numbers down and counting the 1s. Be careful with numbers with more than one 1, such as 11.
  • Hint 2: The single digits are easy. There's just one 1.
  • Hint 3: Think about the double digits. There's one 1 in 10 and two 1s in 11. There's also one 1 for every number from 12 to 19, for a total of eight. There are eight more in 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, and 91.
  • Super Hint: What about the triple digits? There's a single one in 100, and two 1s in both 101 and 110. 111 has three 1s, and there are two 1s in every number from 112 to 119. Are there any numbers you haven't considered yet? Don't forget about the 1 in 120, either.

There is a total of 53 1s.

Puzzle 037[edit]

Name: Seven Coins
Trigger: Talk to Badger
Location: Market West
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 20

Description: Seven gold coins make up a circle. Moving only one coin, arrange them so there are an equal number of heads-up coins as there are tails-up coins. Use the stylus to move just one coin. Tap a coin to flip it over. Think you can make heads or tails of the given situation?

  • Hint 1: Go ahead and play with the coins. You can move any coin around as much as you like.
  • Hint 2: You can move and flip a coin over as much as you want. However, since you have a total of seven coins, there will never be an even number of heads or tails. It'll take more than a coin toss to determine the solution to this puzzle!
  • Hint 3: There are more heads-up coins than there are tails-up coins. You can nearly even the field by flipping over one of the heads-up coins. What else could you do with that flipped coin?
  • Super Hint: Even if you flipped a coin over to make four heads and three tails, you still need to make a head disappear. You are only allowed to flip one coin, but there isn't any rule about using that coin to cover up one of the others...

Flip over a heads-up coin, then move said coin on to another heads-up coin.

Puzzle 038[edit]

Name: Flip Maze
Trigger: Talk to Louis
Location: Market South
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 40

Description: This clever toy is actually a double-sided maze. Every time the ball drops through a hole, the board will flip over. Do you think you can make it to the goal?

  • Hint 1: This puzzle is harder than it looks! It would be a lot easier if only you could see both sides of the maze at once. Why not use the Memo function to keep track of the ball?
  • Hint 2: Persistence and perseverance are keys to solving this mind-bending puzzle.
  • Hint 3: From the starting point, choose the topmost hole of the two available holes. This fork in the path is one of the most crucial in the maze.
  • Super Hint: Assuming you followed the previous hint, guide the ball through the leftmost hole. Common sense and a little elbow grease will help you reach the goal from there.

Go right, down and left to go down the first hole. Then, go right, up and left and go down the leftmost hole you can reach. After that, go up and right into the next hole, then move toward the only hole available on the opposite side. Go into the hole below you at the other end, then move straight right to the next hole. Next, slide into the lower hole you can see, and do the same to enter the next hole in the opposite side. Once you emerge, just slide to the star to finish!

Puzzle 039[edit]

Name: Raven Medals
Trigger: Talk to Nabby
Location: Market North
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 35

Description: "If you want to know what's going on in the black market, you need to form these medals into a raven. Using the engravings in the frame as a guide, slide the medals into their correct slots. Oh! That reminds me. Put the stone numbers into their correct spots, too!"

  • Hint 1: Start off with the numbers. Move the 2 and the 3 to the left- and right-side openings in the middle row, respectively.
  • Hint 2: Continuing from Hint 1: Slide the tail medal into the top-right corner, move the heart medal next to it, and move the raven's right wing below that. Keep in mind that the raven is facing you, so don't confuse which wing is on which side.
  • Hint 3: Continuing from Hint 2: Slide the 3 to the bottom-right space, the left wing to the far-right space in the middle row, and the 2 to the space in the bottom-left corner. Next, move the right wing to the far-left space in the middle row, the heart to the bottom row, and the tail to the space above that.
  • Super Hint: Continuing from Hint 3, move the left wing to the top-right space. Replace that vacant space with 1. Then slide the right wing to the top-left space and the tail to the left space in the middle row. Surely you can complete the raven now! Arrange the numbers, and you're done!

Move the 2 block down two spaces and left, then move the 3 block left, down two spaces and right. Move the tail medal up three spaces and right, then move the heart medal up four spaces. Move the left-pointing wing medal left and up three spaces, then move the 3 block left, down two spaces and right. Move the right-pointing wing medal right, up two spaces and right, then move the 2 block right, down two spaces and left. Move the left-pointing wing medal down and left, then move the heart medal four spaces down. Move the tail medal left and three spaces down, then move the right-pointing wing medal left, up two spaces and right. Move the 1 block right, down two spaces and right, then move the left-pointing wing medal right, up two spaces and left. Move the tail medal up and left, then move the heart medal four spaces up. Move the tail medal right and up, then move the 1 block left. Move the 2 medal right and up, then move the 3 block left to complete the puzzle!

Puzzle 040[edit]

Name: Fill 'er Up
Trigger: Talk to Badger
Location: Forest Path
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 40

Description: You are tasked with filling a reservoir by pumping water from a nearby lake using these four pumps. If you filled the reservoir using only one pump at a time, pump A would take three days, pump B would take 6 days, pump C would take 10 days, and pump D would take 15 days. You decide to get one extra pump to make your life easier. Which pump should you buy another of in order to get the job done in exactly one day?

  • Hint 1: How much of the reservoir can each pump fill in one day? Is there any convenient way to add these amounts together?
  • Hint 2: This puzzle can be solved by adding fractions together. If you dislike working with fractions, you can solve the problem by imagining the full reservoir has a certain amount of water in it.
  • Hint 3: Pump A can fill the reservoir in three days. Therefore, it fills a third of the reservoir in one day. Pump B takes six days, so it will fill a sixth in one day. Pumps C and D also follow the same logic. You should be able to work out what the remaining fraction is required by adding them together.
  • Super Hint: Adding a third, a sixth, a tenth and 1/15 gives exactly two thirds. Therefore, the reservoir requires a further third to be full. Which of the pumps is capable of providing that amount of water in one day?

Pump A

Puzzle 041[edit]

Name: Stargazing
Trigger: Talk to Louis
Location: Grand Bridge St.
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 20

Description: It's not safe to look directly at the sun, so people use lenses that can filter light, like the two pieces of glass below. These pieces of glass are good not only for looking at the sun, but also for seeing stars. Can you use these two pieces to see a star? The bigger, the better!

  • Hint 1: It seems these two pieces of glass can be used to see a star even during the daylight hours. You don't even need to point them at the sky. Focus on the shapes of the glass pieces.
  • Hint 2: You already know that the shapes of the pieces of glass are important, but it's also worth noting that this trick wouldn't work with bricks or metal sheets of the same shape. You need to make use of some special property of the glass pieces to solve the puzzle.
  • Hint 3: If all goes well, you should see a green star. What do you think you could do with a piece of yellow glass and a piece of blue glass in order to see a green star?
  • Super Hint: Arrange the two pieces of glass so that they overlap. The two sharp prongs extending from the blue piece of glass should be the two points of a five-pointed star that face down. The sharp prong on the yellow piece of glass will be the top of the star, pointing upward. Try arranging the glass with these points in mind.
PLLS Puzzle 41 Solution.png
Layer your glass pieces like in the picture.

Puzzle 042[edit]

Name: Angle Time
Trigger: Talk to Otaki-san
Location: Grand Plaza
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 55

Description: Have you noticed that throughout the 24 hours of the day, there are special times, like 1:11, at which the same digit appears three times in a row? If you take these special times and measure the angle going clockwise from hour hand to minute hand, excluding angles where 12 lies between the two hands, which time has the greatest angle? Obviously, the angle between the hands in times like 00:01 and 00:09 is tiny, so you can ignore those from the start.

  • Hint 1: First, try to think of all the times in a day that have the same number three times in a row. There might be too many to remember, so use the Memo Function. Also, why would the puzzle note times like 00:01 or 00:09?
  • Hint 2: Ignore any angles that you would measure going from the minute hand to the hour hand. Additionally, the largest angle is greater than 180 degrees, so you can disregard any angle you find that's less than that.
  • Hint 3: Are you sure you didn't miss some times? When you express the times in 24-hour format, you'll have more possibilities to consider than with a 12-hour format. In addition to 11:11 and 22:22, there are 31 possible choices. If you didn't find that many already, you may have overlooked something. Try to relax and think about the problem again.
  • Super Hint: The following times that have three identical numbers in a row have an hour-hand-to-minute-hand angle of more than 180 degrees: 14:44, 15:55, 22:23 to 22:29, and 23:33. Which of these times can be excluded because 12 lies inside the angle you measure? If you just think a little longer, you should get it.

15:55 has the biggest angle.

Puzzle 043[edit]

Name: Armor Antics
Trigger: Talk to Chippe
Location: Police HQ
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 30

Description: Somebody threw on this suit of armor in the exact same attire they're wearing now and put a dent in the helmet! All you need is a close look at the perpetrator to find out who it was. Which of these four lads was it?

  • Hint 1: Getting in and out of a suit of armor while wearing a hat would be nearly impossible. A good sleuth will use the process of elimination to find the culprit.
  • Hint 2: You can disregard lad C because he couldn't even fit in the armor.
  • Hint 3: Whoever was wearing the helmet when he dented it probably hurt himself too. Who could it be?
  • Super Hint: The lads are all facing the opposite way of the armor, so don't get the position of the dent confused.

Person D. He is using his hand to hide his head wound.

Puzzle 044[edit]

Name: Family Portraits
Trigger: Talk to Chippe
Location: Reservoir Wall
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 30

Description: These portraits show five generations of the same family. Each generation shares only one particular facial feature with the next generation. The portrait above the Roman numeral I is the first in the series. Put the remaining portraits into chronological order.

  • Hint 1: Move the portraits around to compare them all. Look for portraits that share only one single feature with the next.
  • Hint 2: The men in the first and second portrait share the same eyes. Apparently, their big round peepers were a hit with the ladies.
  • Hint 3: The fourth and fifth portraits have the same eyebrows. They claim their dignified brows were the talk of the town among the ladies.
  • Super Hint: The man in the fifth portrait is wearing a blue cap. However, the man in the second portrait never went anywhere without his red cap. The ladies loved the men's caps!

Swap portrait V with portrait II. Next, swap portrait IV with portrait III.

Puzzle 045[edit]

Name: Sign Flipper
Trigger: Check the sign
Location: North Pier
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 30

Description: This café's sign has been turned around. The sign is made up of nine panels. When one panel is turned over, the adjacent panels turn over with it. Touch the panels to turn them all around and display the sign correctly!

  • Hint 1: Turning over the four corner panels has a slightly different effect than turning the others. Bear this in mind when trying to solve the puzzle.
  • Hint 2: Start by turning over the center panel. You don't have to use a specific order, but it's possible to complete this puzzle in five moves.
  • Hint 3: Continuing from Hint Two, touch the top-right panel. Don't worry about the orientation of the other panels. Now touch the top-left panel. Do you get the idea?
  • Super Hint: Continuing from Hint 3, touch the bottom-left panel. There is only one panel left to touch. It should be clear which it is.

Touch the center panel, then touch all of the four corner panels.

Puzzle 046[edit]

Name: Overgrown Garden
Trigger: Check the trees
Location: Desolate Garden
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 50

Description: The garden at Barde Manor has grown so thick that it's nearly impassable! Fortunately, a sign tells you how to navigate your way through it. It reads: "Walk on every square of the garden only once, going in numerical order, from 1 to 8." Can you get to the goal from one of the starting points?

  • Hint 1: There may be four entrances, but there is only one exit. Try working backward from the exit. That may help you figure out where you should start.
  • Hint 2: When working from the exit, you'll need to complete each series backward from 8 to 1. You'll need to step on every square in the garden, but you can't step on one twice. As you work backward from the exit, if you find yourself in a dead end of options, back up until you find another branch.
  • Hint 3: The entrance on the left side of the garden is the correct starting point. Just keep at it!
  • Super Hint: Starting from the entrance on the left side of the garden, going from the 1 to the 2, you'll then see a 3 both above and below you. Take the 3 below you and continue on!
PLLS Puzzle 46 Solution.png
Take the path indicated in the image.

Puzzle 047[edit]

Name: The Terrace Door
Trigger: Check the door
Location: Sky Passage
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 40

Description: To open the lock on this door, you must enter the correct numbers. To the right of the doorknob is a set of equations. Each symbol represents a unique single-digit number. If you solve the equations, you'll determine which symbol represents which number...and you'll have your key! Touch the numbers to change them.

  • Hint 1: So STAR must represent a number that is small enough to produce a single digit when multiplied by itself. Once you figure out the value of STAR, you're well on your way to solving the remaining equations.
  • Hint 2: STAR times STAR produces a single-digit answer, so the value of STAR could only equal 1, 2, or 3. But since STAR times STAR does not equal STAR, we can safely eliminate 1. The value of STAR must be either 2 or 3.
  • Hint 3: If STAR were 2, that would make 4 the value of CLUB. In that case, STAR multiplied by CLUB would equal 8. But that can't be correct, since STAR times CLUB is a two-digit number. Therefore, the values of STAR and CLUB must be 3 and 9, respectively.
  • Super Hint: STAR is 3 and CLUB is 9. Therefore, DIAMOND is 2 and SPADE is 7. Multiplying 7 by CRESCENT gives you a two-digit answer containing two numbers you haven't yet used. If you go through the possible multiples of seven, you should be able to work it out.


Puzzle 048[edit]

Name: Crawling the Web
Trigger: Check the chandelier
Location: Atrium Stairs
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 35

Description: A spider made a very intricate web. When its prey gets stuck at A, the spider starts from the center and takes thread 2 or 5 to get it. To get to the prey at B, the spider uses thread 1 or 2, starting from the center. The spider has a simple rule. Following this rule and starting from the center, which two threads could the spider take to get to C?

  • Hint 1: Spiderwebs consist of radial support threads and sticky spiral threads to catch prey. Normally, spiders only travel along the non-sticky radials, but this spider is particularly unusual!
  • Hint 2: Find the path the spider takes to A when starting at thread 2 or 5. Maybe you will stumble upon the rules the spider uses if you try out some different routes.
  • Hint 3: This spider always heads away from the center of its web, but when it meets a junction it turns. The spider will never ignore a junction while on its way to its prey.
  • Super Hint: Try thinking about the prey instead of the starting thread. The spider can get from C from either the left or right depending on which thread it starts from. Try tracing both routes backward to the start.

Threads 2 and 4. The spider moves away from the center, taking a turn whenever it hits a junction.

Puzzle 049[edit]

Name: Picture Key
Trigger: Check the painting
Location: Entrance
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 40

Description: A priceless painting is held securely in a locked display case at an art gallery. According to the guard, the painting contains a clue to which of the four keys opens the case. So which key--A, B, C, or D--opens the display case?

  • Hint 1: The guard says that this is one of the finest works ever to have been committed to canvas. So maybe you should give it a closer look.
  • Hint 2: The artist didn't do a very good job with those flowers, though...
  • Hint 3: And he could have paid more attention to the girl's profile...
  • Super Hint: There really is something in the flow of the lines of the girl's face and the flowers. Could that be the key to this painting's beauty?

Key C. The dents on the key correspond to the shape of the girl's face and flowers.

Puzzle 050[edit]

Name: Middle of the Deck
Trigger: Talk to Crow
Location: Backstage
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 40

Description: You have a 52-card deck with no jokers. It the cards are all placed in a certain order that follows the pattern below, what will the number and suit of the 26th card be?

  • Hint 1: It may seem complicated, but actually, it's surprisingly simple. The cards are lined up according to a particular rule. Just look at their order carefully.
  • Hint 2: Trying to work out both the suit and the number patterns at the same time can be confusing. Try figuring them out one at a time.
  • Hint 3: The suit seems to follow a pattern of diamond, club, heart, spade. So, if you can find a pattern for the numbers, you should know the answer.
  • Super Hint: Two numbers are skipped for each card drawn, so what would the 26th card be? It's important to realize the 14th card in the set is the same as the first.

Jack of Clubs. The suit changes in a set order per card, while two numbers are skipped from each card.