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Caution! This page contains all the hints and solutions for every puzzle from 51 to 75. Scroll carefully or you might spoil the answer of a puzzle for yourself. The solutions are hidden behind spoiler tags, so only take a peek if you're desperate.

Puzzle 051[edit]

Name: Family Tides
Trigger: Talk to Nabby
Location: Market North
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 40

Description: A couple and their three children need to cross this river by raft. The raft can hold up to two people--one person to row and one passenger. Rowing is hard work, however. Both adults can row across twice, but they need to stop for a rest between the two trips. The children can only row across the river one time. Can you help get everyone in the family to the other side?

  • Hint 1: This one might be hard to work out all in your head. Try a more hands-on approach, and experiment by moving people on the raft. You'll work out the trick to this puzzle soon enough.
  • Hint 2: Once you've worked out the trick to this puzzle, concentrate on trying to get the children over first.
  • Hint 3: If you send two children over in one trip, you'll get stuck. Try sending the children over one at a time. After that, experiment with the order to get the parents across.
  • Super Hint: Here are the first few steps:
    1. Child 1 rows across with Dad.
    2.Dad rows back.
    3. Child 2 rows across with Mom.
    4. Mom rows back.
    5. Child 3 rows across with Dad.
    You should be able to work out the rest without too much trouble. Do your best to help out this nice family in need.
First, have one child row across with an adult as a passenger. Then, have the adult row back alone. Next, have another child row across with the other adult as a passenger. Like before, have that other adult row back alone. After that, have the last child row across with the first adult as passenger. Next, have the first adult row back. Finally, have the other adult carry both adults across.

Puzzle 052[edit]

Name: What Am I?
Trigger: Talk to Scraps
Location: Market West
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 20

Description: Who needs batteries or silly old springs? I have no want for those kinds of things. My top is my bottom, my bottom my top. If you knock me over, I surely will stop. Awake me from sleep with a soft touch. I'll never be least, not by much. Can you guess what I am? Circle me!

  • Hint 1: The mystery object says that if you knock it over, it will stop. To which of the objects might this apply?
  • Hint 2: Are there any objects on the table that use batteries or "silly old springs"? The table clock is electrical, and the pocket watch surely needs springs to run like clockwork. So you can eliminate those two.
  • Hint 3: What could the object mean when it says "My top is my bottom, my bottom my top"? It sounds as if the top and the bottom of the object are somewhat similar...
  • Super Hint: According to the object, it will "never be least, not by much." Perhaps it's something that helps keep time.
The object is the hourglass.

Puzzle 053[edit]

Name: Tricky Tomes
Trigger: Talk to Dean Delmona
Location: Lobby
Chapter: 6
Picarats: 20

Description: Here is a bookshelf crammed with thick, heavy encyclopedias arranged as shown. All the books have the same depth, and they fit perfectly onto the shelf. There is one book that nobody ever takes from the shelf first, no matter who is browsing the shelf. Touch which book that is.

  • Hint 1: Think about the puzzle carefully. When it says there is one book that nobody takes from the shelf first, it actually means there is one book that nobody can take first.
  • Hint 2: Think about the process of taking a book from a shelf. You can grab it and pull, hook a spine with a finger and pull, or push it in to try and get leverage on it. Is there a book you cannot remove using these actions?
  • Hint 3: Say you have a book placed between two other books. If the two books on either side is shorter, then you can grab the top of the middle book to pull it out. Books 3 and 5 are like this, so they can be taken out first.
  • Super Hint: Similarly, the books that have a gap between the top of the book and the shelf above can be hooked out from the spine. All the books except 3 and 8 are like this, and so can be taken first.
Book 8 can't be taken out first.

Puzzle 054[edit]

Name: It's in the Bag
Trigger: Check the green desk
Location: Layton's Office
Chapter: 6
Picarats: 45

Description: "I found an old bag while I was doing a spot of spring cleaning. What do you think was inside? See if you can create the mystery item using the three different pieces forming a bag shape below. Oh, and put the finished article on the table next to where the bag was."

  • Hint 1: You will only need to flip one piece to complete the correct shape.
  • Hint 2: You might recognize parts of the object in the unassembled pieces. Could it be something that Professor Layton has at all times?
  • Hint 3: Professor Layton is known for his signature hat, isn't he? Try to rearrange the pieces to form a similar hat shape.
  • Super Hint: Flip one of the pieces that make up the body of the bag, and rotate both pieces so that they can be placed back to back. The part that makes up the handle of the bag will form the top of the hat.
PLLS Puzzle 54 Solution.png
Arrange the pieces to create Layton's hat as shown in the picture.

Puzzle 055[edit]

Name: Hat Trick
Trigger: Check the cabinet
Location: Layton's Office
Chapter: 6
Picarats: 45

Description: "There was a tall silk hat inside the old bag. It's a bit too large to keep around, though... Is there any way you could make it smaller? You're not allowed to let pieces overlap, of course."

  • Hint 1: In the other puzzle, you made the hat shape by placing the three pieces next to each other. If you are using the same pieces, no conventional solution will result in a smaller hat. You're going to have to look at this problem in a new way.
  • Hint 2: The frame given to assemble the pieces in should serve as a hint. If the task is to make the hat smaller, then why have you been given a larger space to work in?
  • Hint 3: Take the piece that forms the top of the hat and place it on the bottom center without rotating it. The silk hat will rest on top of this piece.
  • Super Hint: Place the two larger shapes in the top-left and top-right corners. Can you see the outline of a silk hat as you place the shapes?
PLLS Puzzle 55 Solution.png
Form a top hat with the space between the pieces as shown.

Puzzle 056[edit]

Name: Fortune Flowers
Trigger: Talk to Augustus
Location: Florist
Chapter: 6
Picarats: 30

Description: A young man tells his local florist about three games he intends to play by picking petals off of flowers one at a time. He'll start with "She loves me, she loves me not" and move on to "happy, unhappy, so-so." With the final flower, he'll choose whether to buy his sweetheart "A bouquet, a cake, a ring or a book." The florist decides to pick out a bouquet that he thinks will give the best answer on the last petal of each flower. Which bunch does the young man walk away with?

  • Hint 1: Consider the number of petals on each single flower in each bouquet. It all starts there.
  • Hint 2: The man intends to play three different fortune-telling games with the flowers he buys. Which outcome is best in each game? Keep in mind that the man probably has a preferred outcome for the first two, but he does not actually know which gift would be the best for his sweetheart.
  • Hint 3: Try thinking about it from the florist's point of view. Remember, it's the florist who will be selecting the bouquet for the young man.
  • Super Hint: For the young man, the best outcomes are "she loves me" and "happy". For the florist, the best outcome for the sweetheart's gift would be "bouquet," because that means he can sell the young man another bunch of flowers! Counting out on the petals, which flower would give you those three outcomes?
Bouquet D will give the best outcome.

Puzzle 057[edit]

Name: Right the Routes
Trigger: Check the bus stop
Location: Bus Stop
Chapter: 6
Picarats: 45

Description: A route map is posted at the bus stop. The route of each bus can be worked out by following the lines of the grid according to the following rules:
1. Buses only move toward their destination and never turn back.
2. A bus turns whenever it has the option to do so.
Someone rubbed out two vertical lines on the map, so some bus routes are now wrong. Add the two lines back in to correct the map. Draw the lines from an intersection on the map.

  • Hint 1: The solution should not contain any lines that might offer a bus more than one choice of direction at a junction. In other words, there are no four-way intersections. Keep the rules in mind, and try to work out which extra turns the buses must make.
  • Hint 2: Make sure you draw lines in places that won't affect the buses that already reach their intended destinations. If you add lines in other places, you'll only make matters worse.
  • Hint 3: There are actually two correct solutions to this puzzle. Start by adding a line between destinations B and C in the third column from the left. Both solutions require this section of road.
  • Super Hint: The other road sections must be placed between either destinations A and B or destinations B and C. If you can work out either one, you've got a solution!
First solution: Line between B and C in third column from left; line between A and B in center column. Second solution: Line between B and C in third column from left; line between B and C in first column from right.

Puzzle 058[edit]

Name: Favorite Umbrella
Trigger: Talk to Mick
Location: Museum Entrance
Chapter: 6
Picarats: 30

Description: The forecast is predicting rain. This girl needs help choosing the perfect umbrella so she can weather the storm. She wants one with a blue handle, a red rim, and a pattern of circular rings. Which of the four umbrellas meets her requirements? Choose from A, B, C, or D.

  • Hint 1: At first glance, it may appear that none of the umbrellas matches the given conditions. But if you think carefully about the description, you'll see that one of the umbrellas fits.
  • Hint 2: The blue handle and the red rim should be easy to spot. You may need to use a little more imagination when considering the last condition.
  • Hint 3: It would be difficult to solve this puzzle based solely on the images of the umbrellas as presented. However, they may look different when the umbrellas are actually being used to protect someone from the rain.
  • Super Hint: Try to visualize the young lady holding the umbrella while it's open. Even better, try to imagine how each open umbrella would look from a bird's-eye point of view. You can see clearly now, right?
Umbrella A is the right umbrella.

Puzzle 059[edit]

Name: Lost in the Museum
Trigger: Talk to Evan
Location: Museum
Chapter: 6
Picarats: 30

Description: Oh no! You somehow got left behind on a museum tour. Where did everyone go? From a distant room, you can hear the tour guide describing an exhibit. "What you're looking at now has come here from farther away than any exhibit in the museum. It's not man made, and it's quite hard to find, but you do occasionally find them dotted here and there on Earth." Any idea which room they are in? Circle the tour group's location.

  • Hint 1: Think of a place that's very far from where you are now... You won't get the answer by looking at your feet.
  • Hint 2: Try thinking a bit less locally and look at the bigger picture. What's the farthest away place you can think of in global terms?
  • Hint 3: The object that the guide is talking about is something that burned up as it fell from the sky.
  • Super Hint: The object being described didn't come from earth--it came from space. What sort of thing that falls to earth from space might be put on display in a museum?
The group is in the space exhibit in the top-right corner of the museum. The tour guide is describing the meteorite on display.

Puzzle 060[edit]

Name: Dinosaur Bones
Trigger: Check the fossil
Location: Museum
Chapter: 6
Picarats: 25

Description: The description of this prehistoric skeleton reads: "One can identify how many bones this dinosaur has with a thorough examination of the skeleton." A visitor nearby said:, "I have a feeling the number must be in the hundreds..." Can you come up with a more accurate figure? How many bones does this dinosaur have exactly?

  • Hint 1: You shouldn't have to count every bone one by one. Some visitors can work out the number of bones at a quick glance.
  • Hint 2: Take a close look at the skeleton, or maybe it will be more obvious if you back up a little. You should be able to figure it out however you look at it.
  • Hint 3: When asked to be more specific, the visitor said, "I'm sure it's in the hundreds, and one of the numbers is definitely a 6." Can you see a 6 somewhere?
  • Super Hint: If you look at the dinosaur's ribs upside down, it should be obvious. You can make out the number now, can't you?
The dinosaur has 326 bones. The number is given inverted at the ribcage.

Puzzle 061[edit]

Name: Find the File
Trigger: Check the boxes
Location: Archives
Chapter: 6
Picarats: 30

Description: You need to collect one of the files from these shelves. The file you want is two files over from a file with a 3 in its number. It is also three files over from a file with a 6 in its number and four files over from a file with a 9 in its number. Which file do you need?

  • Hint 1: The only thing to do with a puzzle like this is to narrow down the possible options. Take note on which files meet the conditions you are given.
  • Hint 2: It would be nice to narrow down the number of files that might meet your conditions. The most limiting factor is probably that the file must be "four files over from a file with a 9 in its number." Start with that, and then check it against the other conditions.
  • Hint 3: The next most limiting factor is that the file you want is "three files over from a file with a 6 in its number." Applying this condition and the one discussed in Hint 2 should bring you down to three options.
  • Super Hint: Your last condition to apply is that your file is "two files over from a file with a 3 in its number." Don't forget to check both the left and right of each file when applying the conditions.
File 29 is the file you need.

Puzzle 062[edit]

Name: A Familiar Face
Trigger: Talk to Maggie
Location: Grand Plaza
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 30

Description: "One of these girls is my best friend. She has blonde hair, doesn't wear glasses, and has a mole under her right eye." Can you tell who it is?

  • Hint 1: There are only three blonde girls, right? That rules out the other three girls already.
  • Hint 2: Of the three blonde girls shown, only two aren't wearing glasses.
  • Hint 3: One of the details you were given was that she has a mole under her right eye. If you take a close look at the remaining two candidates, you should be able to work it out.
  • Super Hint: The girl with her face turned to the side may have a mole that you can't see. The girl facing the camera definitely does not have a mole under her right eye, so the answer is clear.
Choose girl E.

Puzzle 063[edit]

Name: Son's Slipup
Trigger: Talk to Sean
Location: Quiet Townscape
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 30

Description: "Hey, Dad! I finished making the LONDON one that you asked for." "Thanks, son. It looks great, got one letter wrong." "What?! No way! That's... Oh. I guess I did. I'll fix it right away!" So which letter did the son get wrong? Circle the incorrect letter.

  • Hint 1: Trying to figure out this puzzle in your head can be confusing. Instead, try using the Memo function to draw out the letters carefully and see what you can find.
  • Hint 2: Looking at the word as it's shown in the puzzle, it seems there are three incorrect letters. However, only one letter is incorrect. Try looking at it from a different angle.
  • Hint 3: For starters, try reversing the text as if looking at its reflection in a mirror. Use the Memo function to help visualize how this would look. Now you're just one step from figuring out how the word is supposed to look and which letter is incorrect.
  • Super Hint: Did you figure out what the word would look like reflected in a mirror? From there, shift your perspective 180 degrees or so...
The letter L is incorrect.

Puzzle 064[edit]

Name: Cutting the Cake
Trigger: Talk to Tweeds
Location: Descending Path
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 25

Description: "I suppose I could share this triangular cake. It's really tasty, but I can spare half of it, and my friends can divide that between them. Then again, it is my cake. It's only fair that I should have most of it... I'll just cut two pieces with a ratio of 4:5 and take the bigger piece. That's still pretty generous, isn't it?" The sides of the cake are 15 in. long. How far along the side should he cut?

  • Hint 1: You don't need to perform complicated math calculations to solve the puzzle. You just need to remember that with this equilateral triangle, each side is the exact same length: 15 in.
  • Hint 2: Is it possible to divide the cake into several smaller equilateral triangles? If you can figure out a way to do that, it should be easier to determine the correct proportions of the two final slices.
  • Hint 3: To divide the cake into portions with a ratio of 4:5, you could cut the top section into four tiny pieces and the bottom into five tiny pieces of the same size. Therefore, how long would the side of one of those pieces be?
  • Super Hint: Try dividing the cake into triangular pieces with 5 in. sides. You should end up with nine pieces of cake. Can you see where you need to cut the cake now?
Option C. You should cut at the 10 inch point to divide it into the correct ratio.

Puzzle 065[edit]

Name: Rubble Trouble
Trigger: Talk to Dugan
Location: Excavation Base
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 35

Description: Eureka! You've discovered priceless treasure at the bottom of the dig site. Unfortunately, it's buried under a ton of rubble. Move the rubble out of the way so that you can get your hands on that treasure.

  • Hint 1: See the block farthest to the right? Start by moving it straight up. Then move the block shaped like the backward "S" and the L-shaped block up into the top-right corner. Are things starting to look a little clearer now?
  • Hint 2: Next, take hold of the two blocks directly above the treasure and move them both as far to the right as possible. After that, move the remaining boot-shaped block down and to the right in a diagonal line.
  • Hint 3: Now move the treasure diagonally from its hiding space to the empty space you've created. All you have to do now is rearrange a few pieces of rubble to make room for the treasure. Can you almost taste the riches?
  • Super Hint: The buried treasure is almost yours! Move the blocks down toward the bottom-left corner, and don't leave any gaps between the rubble. The path to the exit should now be clear. Move the treasure out through the opening to complete the puzzle.
Move the right cyan block all the way up to the top. Then, move the purple block to the top-right corner, and the green block snugly to the left of the purple block. Move both of the lower blocks to the bottom-right corner, and move the dark blue block all the way down and right. Wiggle the treasure up to the left of the upper green block, and move the dark blue block into the treasure's original position. Move the two remaining blocks in the second lowest level all the way left. Finally, move the last three blocks in your way to the second lowest level and move the treasure out to solve the puzzle in 14 moves!

Puzzle 066[edit]

Name: Sorting Artifacts
Trigger: Check on of the caves at the center
Location: Excavation Site
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 40

Description: An archeologist shows you some ancient runes found on a dig in Misthallery. "These runes were divided into two groups, but I seem to have mixed them up." Can you sort the runes into the correct groups? Only the top-left rune cannot be moved.

  • Hint 1: The key is to look at the symbols. Do any of the runes have something in common?
  • Hint 2: There should be three runes in the left box and four in the right.
  • Hint 3: Use the stylus to find out what the runes have in common. Try tracing the symbols on each rune.
  • Super Hint: Some of the runes may be written out using a single pen stroke that never retraces itself. You should be able to sort them out now.
PLLS Puzzle 66 Solution.png
Arrange the runes as shown in the screenshot. Runes to the left have symbols that can be traced in one stroke, while runes on the right does not.

Puzzle 067[edit]

Name: Reflections
Trigger: Talk to Dugan
Location: Excavation Base
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 40

Description: Two signs decorate the entrance to this unique hotel. One sign has a mirrored surface with several lines drawn across it. It also reflects the lines drawn on the sign directly opposite. When both sets of lines are combined, they form a three-digit number that states the price of the deluxe suite. How much would a night in the deluxe suite run you?

  • Hint 1: You'll need to visualize the reflection in the mirror to solve this particular puzzle. Try using the Memo function.
  • Hint 2: The first digit is 5.
  • Hint 3: The final digit is 6.
  • Super Hint: The middle digit has two vertical lines and one horizontal line. Think about how digits look on a calculator display, and see if you can get the answer.
A night in the suite costs you 546.

Puzzle 068[edit]

Name: The Cat in the Maze
Trigger: Talk to Hugo
Location: Apartment Row
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 25

Description: A sweet little kitty cat has gotten herself trapped in a maze, and it's up to you to rescue her! She won't come when called, so you have to coax her out with some very fresh fish. She's so hungry that she'll head toward any fish she spots in her direct line of sight and eat it before looking around for the next fish. Lead this trapped kitty to the goal using only six fish.

  • Hint 1: Keep in mind that the cat will travel any distance for just one fish, as long as it's in a straight line. You'll want to start by placing a fish two spaces to the right of the cat.
  • Hint 2: Continuing from Hint 1: Place the second fish two squares below the first fish.
  • Hint 3: Continuing from Hint 2: Place the third fish one square to the right of the second fish. You're only moving one square with this fish, but it'll pay off in the end!
  • Super Hint: Continuing from Hint 3, place the fourth fish right at the top of the column the cat currently occupies. You can probably work out the rest, right? Just don't forget that you also need to put a fish on top of the star.
Place your first fish two squares right of the cat, then your next fish two squares down. Place your third fish one square right, followed by the fourth fish six squares up. Next, place a fish in the upper-left corner of the maze. Finally, place a fish at the star to clear the puzzle.

Puzzle 069[edit]

Name: Lanky Lamppost
Trigger: Talk to Clarence
Location: North Ely Park
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 40

Description: Can you work out the height of this lamppost just by looking at its shadow? The post next to the light has a height of 1 meter and casts a shadow 1.5 meters long.

  • Hint 1: The shadow on the wall is the tricky part. It runs vertically up the wall, so the proportions of this part of the lamppost's shadow are not stretched. Actually, its scale is the same as the post next to the lamp or, indeed, any other vertical object.
  • Hint 2: Think about a 2-meter post and how long its shadow would be. The 1-meter post casts a 1.5-meter-long shadow. Therefore, a post 2 meters tall would cast a shadow 3 meters long.
  • Hint 3: The post is 1 meter tall with a shadow 1.5 meters long (in other words, the shadow is half as long again). The part of the lamppost's shadow stretching from the foot of the post up to the wall is 3 meters, and so the part of the lamppost casting the shadow on the ground is 2 meters high.
  • Super Hint: Since we know from Hint Three that the part of the shadow on the ground is cast by 2 meters of the lamppost, all we need to do now is add that to the 2 meters of shadow running up the wall.
The lamppost is 4 meters tall.

Puzzle 070[edit]

Name: Good Neighbors
Trigger: Talk to Dominica
Location: Pike Lane
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 30

Description: "A, B, and C live in a row of houses that runs west to east. Their roofs are colored red, blue, and yellow. Unfortunately, I forgot who lives where, but I remember a few details.

  • A lives west to B.
  • The red roof is east of the yellow roof.
  • The blue roof is west of A's house.

Put the houses and roofs in the correct positions."

  • Hint 1: It may be too difficult to take the information and work through it in your head. Try making sketches using the Memo function.
  • Hint 2: With the first clue in mind, try drawing the possible positions of A, B, and C. There are only three valid combinations, so it shouldn't take long.
  • Hint 3: After narrowing down the possible locations for A, B, and C, take a look at the third clue. The blue roof is west of A's house. What do you find if you compare this with the three combinations you worked out using the first clue?
  • Super Hint: You found out where A, B, and C live from Hint 3, didn't you? You should also have worked out the position of the blue roof from the third clue. Of the remaining roofs, the red roof is farther to the east.
From west to east: House C with blue roof, house A with yellow roof, and house B with red roof.

Puzzle 071[edit]

Name: Fountain Fightin'
Trigger: Talk to Charlie
Location: Great Ely Street
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 55

Description: The water in the park fountain is fed through 13 valves. One day, A and B are cleaning the fountain and come up with the following game: Taking turns to open one valve or two adjacent valves at a time, whoever opens the final spout will be the winner. After the coin toss, A starts and opens two valves. Can you help B win the game?

  • Hint 1: The key to winning this game is in going second. Try to work out how you can use it to your advantage.
  • Hint 2: To be sure of winning, there is only one choice for B's first move. Think about which valves can help B win.
  • Hint 3: If the top valve is valve 1, then counting clockwise, open valve 8. After opening valve 8, take a look at the position of the valves. Do you notice anything? You should be able to spot a way to make sure B wins.
  • Super Hint: If you open valve 8 as in Hint Three, there should be five valves left on either side of the fountain. When A makes his next move, B should match it on the opposite side. Give it a try!
As the hints state, the starting valve must be valve 8 to divide the fountain into two sides of five valves. After that, you must simply mirror A's actions on the opposite side. As A does not have a set pattern for opening valves, a step-by-step strategy cannot be provided.

Puzzle 072[edit]

Name: Checkerboard Caps
Trigger: Talk to Mr. Browne
Location: Wrecked Hat Shop
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 20

Description: Here are 16 people standing in four rows of four. By moving only two caps, find a way to create a checkerboard pattern of people with and without visible brown hair. Of course, to meet this requirement, each row and column must contain an equal number of people with brown hair and without brown hair.

  • Hint 1: It goes without saying that you need to split up any lines of people wearing caps and people without caps.
  • Hint 2: If you're low on caps, you'll need to find another solution. Perhaps there's something you haven't noticed yet?
  • Hint 3: Swap a few hats that you haven't tried yet. If you think the puzzle is impossible, maybe the answer has yet to be uncovered.
  • Super Hint: Did you take off everyone's cap? You should find one person with white hair. This is decidedly not brown. Can you use this person for the checkerboard pattern you need?
PLLS Puzzle 72 Solution.png
Swap two hats to make the formation in the image.

Puzzle 073[edit]

Name: Bottle Game
Trigger: Talk to Joseph
Location: Hotel Lobby
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 45

Description: The hotel owner, Joseph, has challenged the professor to a little game. There are 15 empty bottles on the counter. The players take turns removing one, two, or three bottles at a time. Whoever takes the last bottle loses the game. Layton is going first. Can you help him win?

  • Hint 1: Experiment by taking different numbers of bottles. Can you make out any significant patterns?
  • Hint 2: It is possible for the player who goes first to win this game every time. You need to be sure to leave only one bottle on your last turn. Think about how many bottle you would need to leave on the turn before last to make that possible.
  • Hint 3: If you can arrange it so that there are five bottles left before one of your opponent's turns, you can win. So how many bottle would you need to leave on the turn before that? Just work your way backward until you know how many bottles you need to leave on the counter after your first turn.
  • Super Hint: On your first turn, you should take two bottles, leaving 13. The number of bottles you should leave at the end of each turn is:
    1st turn: 13 bottles
    2nd turn: ? bottles
    3rd turn: 5 bottles
    4th turn: 1 bottle
    Just work out how many bottles you should leave at the end of the second turn!
Since the computer doesn't follow a set pattern, the number of bottles you remove each turn will not be explained. Follow the Super Hint and leave 13 bottles the first turn, 9 bottles the second turn, 5 bottles the third and 1 bottle the fourth.

Puzzle 074[edit]

Name: Emergency Lighting
Trigger: Talk to Bobbi
Location: Hotel Lobby
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 40

Description: Even a fabulous chandelier isn't going to be much use in a blackout. Let's say you need to light a room during a blackout using only seven lamps. Each lamp will light the square it's on and one square on each side of it. How would you place seven lamps to light this entire room?

  • Hint 1: There is more than one way to place the lamps. Start by placing a few lamps, and avoid overlapping lit squares as much as you can.
  • Hint 2: Put a lamp in the top square of the middle column. Now try placing the other lamps with as little overlap as possible.
  • Hint 3: Once you've place a lamp in the top square of the middle column, place lamps in the leftmost and rightmost squares of the second row from the top. Then put one on the bottom right.
  • Super Hint: After following Hint 3, you'll have three lamps left. Put one in the second column from the right, third row from the top. Put another in the second column from the left, second row from the bottom. you can work out where to put the last one, right?
PLLS Puzzle 74 Solution.png
Place the lamps according to the picture.

Puzzle 075[edit]

Name: The Magic Paint
Trigger: Talk to Goosey
Location: Library
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 45

Description: On a square piece of wood with 20 cm sides, a mysterious fellow has painted an interesting design using a brush that is 10 cm wide. This painter used only one type of paint, but it's quite magical. It starts off pink, as shown in example 1. If the pink is painted over, it turns orange as shown in example 2, and if the orange is painted over, it turns brown as in example 3. With that in mind, how many brushstrokes did it take to paint this design?

  • Hint 1: If you think about the colors in order, 1, 2, 3, it's not so tricky. Just be careful not to miss any strokes.
  • Hint 2: The painter's first step was painting the entire board pink. How many strokes did this take?
  • Hint 3: The next step would be to paint the lower left and right corners, which would take two strokes, since you can still see some pink between the two orange parts. That just leaves the brown part...
  • Super Hint: The two brown sections only took one brush stroke. If this is confusing, remember that painting over the pink paint turns it orange and painting over the orange paint turns it brown. How many total brushstrokes is that?
It took 5 brushstrokes.