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Caution! This page contains all the hints and solutions for every puzzle from 101 to 125. Scroll carefully or you might spoil the answer of a puzzle for yourself. The solutions are hidden behind spoiler tags, so only take a peek if you're desperate.

Puzzle 101[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 101.png
Name: Square Goldfish
Trigger: Talk to Marion
Location: Fish Lab
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 45

Description: Below is a goldfish-shaped toy. This toy has a trick to it: it can be split into four pieces, which can then be assembled to form a perfect square. How can the toy be divided such that the resulting pieces could be rearranged to form a square? Draw two lines dividing the goldfish into four pieces.

  • Hint 1: Try to visualize which parts can be made to form the square. You can only draw two lines, so significant portions of the resulting piece will need to fit together to form a square shape, right?
  • Hint 2: The length of one side of the finished square is equal to the diameter of the circle that forms the fish's head.
  • Hint 3: Both the dividing lines should be drawn within the fish's head. Can you work out where?
  • Super Hint: Draw two lines to make an X across the circle that constitutes the fish's head. You will have three quarter-circle wedges as a result. If you fit these into the grooves on the fish's tail, you'll have a perfect square
PLLS Puzzle 101 Solution.png
Draw the two lines as drawn in the screenshot.

Puzzle 102[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 102.png
Name: Window Pains
Trigger: Talk to Jasmine
Location: Murray Street
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 25

Description: "I was carefully cleaning up the fragments of this broken window with my three friends. I picked up the first three pieces. My friends followed in turn, each picking up three more pieces than whoever went before them. In the end, there were still three fragments on the floor. How many pieces of glass were there to begin with?"

  • Hint 1: If you figure out how many pieces each person took, you should be close to the answer. Just make sure you don't forget any pieces.
  • Hint 2: Try reading the puzzle again. You already know how many pieces the first person took. You also know that each person took three pieces more than the person before them. Count out how many each person would have taken, and then add all the pieces together.
  • Hint 3: The first person took three pieces. Each person after that took three more than the previous person, so they had three, six, nine, and 12 pieces respectively.
  • Super Hint: Don't forget the three pieces left lying on the floor! Adding the pieces that were placed up to the pieces on the ground gives: 3 + 6 + 9 + 12 + 3. Now you've got your answer.
PLLS Puzzle 102 Solution.png
The answer is 33.

Puzzle 103[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 103.png
Name: Cogs & Pulleys
Trigger: Talk to Clarence
Location: North Ely Park
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 30

Description: You find a large machine in a warehouse. It looks like it could be some kind of complicated device for moving a bucket up and down, but all the cogs and wheels make it difficult to know which way to turn the handle. Can you work out which way the bucket will move if you turn the handle clockwise? Touch the arrow that points in the correct direction. All of the cogs and pulleys are in good working order.

  • Hint 1: Think about the direction that each cog will move, starting from the one connected to the crank. The direction that each cog moves will change depending on cogs, pulleys and ropes connected to it.
  • Hint 2: When two cogs connect, the second one will move in the opposite direction of the first in the chain. The pulleys will change the direction in which the rope moves. When a pulley is connected to a cog or another pulley, the direction will be reversed if the rope is crossed and stays the same if it doesn't cross.
  • Hint 3: The first cog with the crank handle attached to it turns clockwise. The rope connected to it doesn't cross, so the cog connected to the rope will also turn clockwise. The next connection is between two cogs, so the direction will reverse counterclockwise. Keep moving through the chain of cogs, pulleys, and ropes in this manner.
  • Super Hint: The final cog will move clockwise. So will the bucket go up or down?
PLLS Puzzle 103 Solution.png
The bucket will go up.

Puzzle 104[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 104.png
Name: Many to Cross...
Trigger: Talk to Dominica
Location: Pike Lane
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 50

Description: A wanted to return a book to her friend B, but she couldn't remember where B lives. After walking around and crossing every bridge just once, she finally arrived at her friend's house. Circle the number of B's house, then touch Submit.

  • Hint 1: There seem to be many routes that A could take to get to B's house. Let's consider a single route. First, she started by walking past house number 4 and then number 3. At that point, she still had no idea how long her route would end up being.
  • Hint 2: After numbers 4 and 3, she would then visit 2, 1, 5, and 2 again. However, she still had not found her friend's house.
  • Hint 3: After arriving at number 2 the second time, she visited 6, 3, A, 6, 8, 9, 8, and then 7. Even so, she could still not be sure which was the correct house. Had she overlooked something?
  • Super Hint: She had to cross every bridge to be sure. After arriving at number 7, she went to 8, 6, and 5 again. After crossing the last remaining bridge, she finally got to B's house. What a walk!
PLLS Puzzle 104 Solution.png
7 is B's house.

Puzzle 105[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 105.png
Name: Bouquet Giveaway
Trigger: Talk to Aldus
Location: Café Entrance
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 30

Description: A girl received a large bunch of flowers from an admirer. She felt that she had too many, so she gave them away to people she met on her way home. Each time she started by giving just one flower, and then she decided to give half of the remaining bunch. After meeting five people, she had only one flower left. How many flowers were in the whole bunch?

  • Hint 1: In the end, she only has one flower, so when she met the fifth person, she must have been holding three flowers. Keep working backward this way, doubling and then adding one.
  • Hint 2: When she met the fourth person, she still had seven flowers.
  • Hint 3: As she ran into the third person, there were 15 flowers left in the bunch.
  • Super Hint: Continuing backward one meeting at a time, you can work out that the girl had 31 flowers just before she bumped into the second person. Therefore, the number of flowers she started with must be twice 31 plus one!
PLLS Puzzle 105 Solution.png
The girl had 63 flowers total.

Puzzle 106[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 106.png
Name: Apple Bounce
Trigger: Talk to Charlie
Location: Great Ely Street
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 45

Description: Newton wants to drop some apples from the top of his ladder into his friend's basket. Place trampolines carefully to help Newton bounce the apples on their way. Makes sure they don't hit the ground or bounce into any walls before they reach the basket! Nobody likes a bruised apple.

  • Hint 1: Those juicy apples sure can bounce! See what happens when you change the angle of a trampoline.
  • Hint 2: It's possible to solve this puzzle using only a single trampoline. See if you can find the best place to put it.
  • Hint 3: The best place for a single trampoline is in the path of the falling apple toward the bottom of its fall. Try changing the angle of the trampoline to make the apple bounce through the gaps between walls.
  • Super Hint: With the right placement, you can bounce an apple right over the top of the leftmost wall. You'll need two trampolines to solve the puzzle that way, and the placement might be a tad tricky... but why not give it a try?
PLLS Puzzle 106 Solution.png
Draw the trampoline based on the screenshot. (There is another solution using two trampolines, too. Based on the Super Hint)

Puzzle 107[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 107.png
Name: How Many Rooms?
Trigger: Talk to Joseph
Location: Hotel Lobby
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 45

Description: The guest rooms in this hotel all have two windows each. From the second floor upward, all rooms are guest rooms and all the windows belong to a room. The ground floor has no guest rooms, but you can enjoy a fine English breakfast and a cup of Earl Grey. If all four sides of the hotel have an identical layout, how many guest rooms does the hotel have in total?

  • Hint 1: Take it one floor at a time, starting with the second floor. The number of guest rooms on a floor will equal the number of windows on the floor divided by two.
  • Hint 2: The number of windows on the sixth and seventh floors is eight per floor. How many guest rooms is that per floor?
  • Hint 3: Every floor from the second to the fifth has 16 windows in total. So how many rooms are there on each of those floors? If you've worked that out, you just need to do the math to get the total number of guest rooms in the hotel.
  • Super Hint: If your math really isn't working, try counting all the windows you can see from the second floor upward. The number of windows you can see is half of the total number, and each room has two windows. If you pot these two together, you'll realize that the number of windows you can see on these floors is the same as the total number of guest rooms.
PLLS Puzzle 107 Solution.png
There are 40 guest rooms.

Puzzle 108[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 108.png
Name: Pendant Penchant
Trigger: Talk to Bobbi
Location: Hotel Lobby
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 30

Description: One of the three trinkets below is said to be a magic pendant made from three types of beautiful crystals resembling crimson suns, pearl stars, and cerulean tears. This priceless treasure can be identified by the fact that if the quantity of one type of crystal were doubled, it would equal the combined quantity of the other crystals on the pendant. Which pendant is the magic one?

  • Hint 1: Try to think about how many crystals are on each pendant. You won't get far if you don't find this out first.
  • Hint 2: Which type of crystal should you double? Well, adding any number to itself always makes an even number. Even + even = even. Odd + odd = even. Keeping this in mind should make things a lot easier.
  • Hint 3: The type of crystal you should double is the crimson suns. Now you just need to do some simple math.
  • Super Hint: If you still can't find it, you must be having trouble with your sums! Find the pendant made up of six crimson suns, seven pearl stars, and five cerulean tears.
PLLS Puzzle 108 Solution.png
The answer is pendant C.

Puzzle 109[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 109.png
Name: An Orderly Bookcase
Trigger: Talk to Olga
Location: Library
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 40

Description: This bookcase houses a set of books wrapped in five different-coloured bindings: red, blue, yellow, green, and orange. Each shelf contains one book of each colour, but the colour order varies from shelf to shelf. Your challenge is to organize the books on each shelf in the same order in only three moves. Swapping the positions of two books counts as one move.

  • Hint 1: Forget about the bottom shelf, to begin with, and focus on getting the top four shelves into the same order.
  • Hint 2: You should be able to arrange the top four rows of books in the same colour order using just two moves. Now you have just one move left. Can you use it to get the bottom shelf of books in the same order?
  • Hint 3: The books on the first and third rows already have the same order, so there's no need to rearrange them. You can get this same order on the second shelf by switching the rightmost two books, and on the fourth shelf by swapping the boom that's farthest to the left with the one second from the right.
  • Super Hint: Are you struggling with the last piece of the puzzle? It doesn't matter where on each shelf the books are, as long as the colour order is the same. Take a look at the bottom shelf, and see what happens if you move the rightmost book to the far left. Just don't go swapping it with another book.
PLLS Puzzle 109 Solution.png
Starting with the second shelf from the top, switch the green book and orange book. Then on the fourth shelf from the top, switch the red book and the green book. Lastly, on the last shelf from the top, move the red book to the leftmost empty space.

Puzzle 110[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 110.png
Name: Jumpin' Marbles
Trigger: Talk to Thomas
Location: East District
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 55

Description: The aim is to remove the silver marbles from the board except for one. You can jump a marble horizontally or vertically over an adjacent marble and into an empty space to remove the jumped-over marble from the board. Also, you can move or jump over any marble except those marked with an X.

  • Hint 1: The key is to work the other marble to the centre of the board. Start by jumping a marble from the bottom into the centre space.
  • Hint 2: After following Hint 1, move the marble at the top of the second column from the right down and then to the left. Then jump the marble in the very centre down over the marble you just moved. Next, the marble at the bottom of the second column from the left should be moved to the right.
  • Hint 3: Next, find the marble marked with an X on the top left, and jump the marble below it downward. Jump both marbles in the second row from the bottom upward, then move the marble in the centre to the right. If you jump the rightmost marble in the second row from the top downward, you're nearly there!
  • Super Hint: Move the marble that's farthest to the right into the centre. Jump over that centre marble with the one on its left. Now take the marble nearest the top and move it down. There are just two marbles left to remove!
PLLS Puzzle 110 Solution.png
First, jump the bottommost middle marble into the centre. Then, jump the marble at the top of the second column from the right downward, then to the left. After, jump to the centre marble below the last marble you moved. Next, move the marble at the very bottom of the second column from the left, to the right. Look for the upper-left X-marked marble, and then move the marble below it, downwards. Move both the bottommost marbles upward. Move the centre marble to the right. Move the rightmost marble at the top downwards. Move the marble farthest to the right, into the centre. Jump the marble at the left of the centre marble over the centre marble. Next, move the topmost marble downwards. Then jump the rightmost marble to the left. And finally, move the leftmost marble to the centre.

Puzzle 111[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 111.png
Name: Empty Seats
Trigger: Talk to Hanna
Location: Triton Estate
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 35

Description: There are five couples seated at this dinner table, but all the wives are visiting the bathroom and you've lost track of who is married to whom. When you ask your friend, he tells you only the following facts: 1. No one sits opposite their spouse. 2. No one sits next to their spouse. 3. Wife A and Wife B sit on opposite sides of the table. Where is Wife C's seat? Touch a seat to place her there.

  • Hint 1: For starters, figure out where wife B is sitting. Husband B is sitting on the right-hand side of the table, so you know from the second clue that seats 4 and 5 can be ruled out. You can also rule out seat 2 in light of the first clue, which only leaves 1 and 3 as the possible seats where wife B is sitting. Which one is it?
  • Hint 2: Now try to figure out where wife A is sitting. From clues 1 and 2, you can narrow it downs to seats 2, 3, and 5. From Hint 1, you learned that wife B is sitting in either seat 1 or 3. Now take a look at clue 3. Wife A must be in seat 5, on the opposite side of the table from wife B.
  • Hint 3: Now try to figure out the location of wife D. From clues 1 and 2, you can narrow her location down to seats 3 and 5. You already figured out that wife A is in seat 5, so wife D must be in seat 3. That means wife B, whose location you narrowed down earlier to seat 1 or 3, must be sitting in seat 1.
  • Super Hint: Figure out where wife E is sitting. From clues 1 and 2, you can narrow it down to seats 1 and 4. Wife B is in seat 1, so wife E must be in seat 4. This leaves only one seat, which must be where wife C is sitting!
PLLS Puzzle 111 Solution.png
Wife C is seated in seat 2.

Puzzle 112[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 112.png
Name: Wall Repair
Trigger: Talk to Brock
Location: Wrecked Home
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 30

Description: There is a square hole in the side of this damaged building that looks as if it could fall over at any minute. Try to fill the hole using these five identically shaped blocks. As long as all the blocks are used in the wall, it's OK for there to be a few gaps. You can flip and rotate the blocks as required.

  • Hint 1: The main thing is to get all five blocks inside the hole. Start by rotating a block 180 degrees and putting it on the bottom right so that there is one square of empty space in the corner. You can use any block you want since they're all the same.
  • Hint 2: After following Hint 1, flip a block and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise. Place that block on the bottom left. There should be one square of empty space left between it and the first block.
  • Hint 3: After following Hint 2, flip another block and rotate it 180 degrees. Place it against the left wall. This should also leave one square of empty space.
  • Super Hint: Continuing from Hint 3, rotate the next block 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Place that block in the middle of the hole. Now figure out how to place the last block to finish repairing the wall.
PLLS Puzzle 112 Solution.png
Arrange the blocks according to the screenshot.

Puzzle 113[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 113.png
Name: Crystal Carafes
Trigger: Talk to Marilyn
Location: Market South
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 30

Description: Three shopkeepers each have two crystal carafes filled with juice for sale. The juice in each carafe is identical, but the carafes come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Whichever shopkeeper you buy from, the price is the same. Only one shopkeeper sold a large carafe. Can you tell which one?

  • Hint 1: Each vendor's two carafes are lined up in front of each other, which makes it difficult to tell what's what when looking at them straight on. If you study the three sets carefully, you should start to notice some subtle differences between them.
  • Hint 2: First, take a look at the level of juice in the carafes. In one of the sets, the level is different between the two. This should help you figure out the size of these two carafes.
  • Hint 3: The next thing you should pay attention to is the transparency of the carafes. The differences between the sets are slight, but they're discernable if you look closely. Once you've figured out how the transparencies are different, it should help you figure out the different sizes of the carafes.
  • Super Hint: Two of the vendors are selling two medium carafes, and the other is selling one small one. The vendor selling the large carafe has the small one displayed in front of it.
PLLS Puzzle 113 Solution.png
Shopkeeper C has the large carafe.

Puzzle 114[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 114.png
Name: Typing Numbers
Trigger: Talk to Crow
Location: Market Center
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 35

Description: This typewriter has only number keys. Pressing a single key type out that number immediately, but pressing subsequent keys takes an extra second for each key further along the keyboard from the previous key. For example, pressing 1 then 2 takes one second. Pressing 1 and then 3 takes two seconds. What is the shortest time possible (in seconds) it will take to type "68060" as shown on the paper?

  • Hint 1: Working out how long it takes to type out the number normally isn't enough. Try thinking of a quicker way to type it out.
  • Hint 2: It doesn't matter how fast you type, the speed of the typewriter will not change. The only way to make things quicker is to change the numbers you're typing...
  • Hint 3: The answer is hidden in the number "68060". Make sure you give "68060" a close look.
  • Super Hint: You're looking at this puzzle all wrong. In fact, you should be viewing it upside down. Try it out! Doesn't "68060" look like a different number now?
PLLS Puzzle 114 Solution.png
It takes 5 seconds minimum.

Puzzle 115[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 115.png
Name: Market Shortcut
Trigger: Talk to Nabby
Location: Market North
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 75

Description: There are several roads crisscrossing the marketplace. From the entrance, you want to pass over every section of the road and reach the exit without ever taking the same portion of the road twice. Draw a single straight line showing the road that would need to be constructed to make this possible. The new road can only start and end at existing intersections or corners.

  • Hint 1: Don't forget about the Memo function! You can use it to trace a route along the streets and gain a better understanding of the problem.
  • Hint 2: The road you will need to create is a single diagonal line connecting two intersections.
  • Hint 3: This is a classic single-traversal puzzle. In order to draw a route that passes through every stretch of the road exactly once, there must be an even number of roads extending from each intersection.
  • Super Hint: Search for intersections that have an odd number of roads extending from them. There should be two such points. How can you add a single line that will result in both intersections having an even number of roads?
PLLS Puzzle 115 Solution.png
Draw the line according to the screenshot.

Puzzle 116[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 116.png
Name: Stained Glass
Trigger: Talk to Scraps
Location: Market West
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 30

Description: The stained-glass window below is split into four triangular panels that combine to create a single design. Place the panels within the window frame to complete the design, then tap Submit.

  • Hint 1: The design of this window is quite intricate. If you're focusing on the centre of the window, it may be making matters more difficult than need be.
  • Hint 2: When combined correctly, some of the pieces form leaf-shaped designs. Try looking for those shapes and putting them together.
  • Hint 3: Look for the large, coloured circle on each panel. When the panels are aligned properly, the upper-right panel will contain the same-coloured circle as the lower-left panel and the upper-left panel will contain the same-coloured circle as the lower-right panel.
  • Super Hint: Have you noticed that putting certain panels together in a certain way will create a diamond shape where two edges meet? Arrange the panels so that two of these diamond shapes are created, one purple and one blue.
PLLS Puzzle 116 Solution.png
Arrange the panels as such in the screenshot.

Puzzle 117[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 117.png
Name: A Token Puzzle
Trigger: Talk to Shackwell
Location: Black Market
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 45

Description: It's not safe to walk around an auction house with large sums of money, so this particular establishment offers tokens in exchange for cash. The heart tokens are worth 5,000, the clubs are worth 10,000, and the diamonds are worth 50,000. The total dollar amount, in thousands, of the 16 buyers at this table is summed up at the end of each row and bottom of each column. Can you figure out which token each buyer is holding?

  • Hint 1: Take a look at each row and column carefully. Is there one that has a total that could only be reached if all four buyers have the same token?
  • Hint 2: Focus you attention on column C. The total for the four tokens in column C is 20,000. The only way this number can be reached is if all four buyers have a heart token worth 5,000 each. Make each token in column C a heart and see if that helps you figure out the rest of the puzzle.
  • Hint 3: Now take a look at row 6. The total of the four tokens in this row is 35,000, and you already know which token in this row must be a heart from the previous hint. Since the heart is 5,000, the other three need to equal 35,000, which means each of the other tokens in this row must be a club!
  • Super Hint: Let's focus on diamond tokens now. There are two diamond tokens in each of the following: column D, row E, column A, and row F, and no diamond tokens anywhere else. Knowing this, the rest should be a walk in the park!
PLLS Puzzle 117 Solution.png
Change the suits according to the screenshot.

Puzzle 118[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 118.png
Name: Sketchy Stars
Trigger: Talk to Louis
Location: Grand Bridge St.
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 30

Description: Here's a sketch of seven stars on a piece of graph paper. It's quite pretty, but the stars aren't all in the correct locations at the moment. When placed in their correct locations, all seven stars will sit in different rows from the others, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Only the three lighter-coloured stars can be moved. Can you place them in their correct locations?

  • Hint 1: Try using the Memo function to block out the rows that are already used by the four fixed stars. Remember, you need to make sure that no two stars share a row in any direction: vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Once you block out the rows already occupied by the fixed stars in each direction, you'll have a clearer idea about where to move the others.
  • Hint 2: There are actually two different ways to solve this puzzle. Here are some hints to lead you toward one of them: Place the first movable star in the third square from the right on the bottom row. When placing the other two stars, be sure they don't line up with any other star in any direction.
  • Hint 3: Put the second movable star into the square that's one square over from the left and three squares up from the bottom.
  • Super Hint: Put the last star in the centre square. That should do it! Once you've got them all in place, however, feel free to check and make sure no two stars are lined up in any direction.
PLLS Puzzle 118 Solution.png
Place the light-coloured stars as shown in the screenshot.

Puzzle 119[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 119.png
Name: Window Design
Trigger: Talk to Dean Delmona
Location: Lobby
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 60

Description: A man wants to decorate his window so that people can't see into it so easily. Help him out by decorating the window with these transparent apple stickers, making sure that every part of the window is covered. The apple stickers may be oriented in any direction and can even be flipped, but you must make sure that every frame has one apple and no stickers extend past the edges of the window.

  • Hint 1: Rotate the rectangular sticker so that the clear part is on the top left, and place it in the bottom-right corner. There's no need to flip this one.
  • Hint 2: Put the L-shaped sticker with the transparent corner on the top right of the window and rotate it so that the clear part is on the bottom right. The sticker that goes in the top-left corner already has the correct orientation. Look for a sticker with apples arranged in an "L" shape that will fill the edges of this corner.
  • Hint 3: Place the sticker that has apples arranged in a T-shape in the bottom-left corner. Rotate it so that the long edge is on the left-hand side standing vertically. Next, rotate and flip the Z-shaped sticker so that it fits in below the sticker with the T-shaped apples.
  • Super Hint: The sticker with four apples in a square should be placed so that it's one row up from sitting in the centre of the window. Make sure you put it in the right place! That should be all the help you need. The rest is up to you!
PLLS Puzzle 119 Solution.png
First, look for the rectangular-shaped sticker and rotate it until the transparent part is in the upper-left part (don't flip it). Place that sticker in the bottom-right corner. Next, find the L-shaped sticker with a transparent corner. Rotate it until the transparent corner is on the bottom right. Place it in the top right corner of the window. Then, look for a sticker forming the apples into an L shape. Place it on the top-left without changing its orientation. Next, look for a ticker forming the apples into a T shape and rotate it until the long edge is on the left-hand side. Put this in the bottom-left corner. Then, rotate and flip the Z-shaped sticker and place it at the very bottom where it fits between the stickers already placed. Now look for the sticker which has apples in form of a square. Don't change its orientation, then place it where the transparent corner lays over the sticker at the upper-left corner. Look for the sticker forming the apples in a straight line and place it below the sticker you just placed, moving it one square to the left. Finally, place the rest of the stickers in the missing portions where they fit.

Puzzle 120[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 120.png
Name: Gallon Hat
Trigger: Talk to Rosa
Location: Layton's Office
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 30

Description: Can you rearrange the puzzle pieces that make up Layton's hat into the shape of a juice bottle? You can move, flip, and rotate the pieces in any direction.

  • Hint 1: Take the small two-block piece and place it vertically along the right-handed side of the bottle's neck.
  • Hint 2: Now let's work on the bottom of the bottle. Take a piece shaped like a backward J, rotate it 90 degrees, and place it at the very bottom of the bottle.
  • Hint 3: Next, rotate the piece shaped like an "L" so that you can place it below and to the right of the label in the middle of the bottle.
  • Super Hint: If you followed the previous hints, you should be close to completing the bottle. Now flip the piece in the bottom-left corner of the hat and rotate it so that it fits the space on the bottom left of the bottle. After that, fitting in the final piece should be quite straightforward.
PLLS Puzzle 120 Solution.png
Place the blocks according to the screenshot.

Puzzle 121[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 121.png
Name: Flatfoot Families
Trigger: Talk to Monica
Location: Second-Floor Desk
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 45

Description: Three veteran detectives, A, B, and C, are standing by a first-floor window. Looking at the garden below, they say, A: "That's my daughter and grandchild.". B: "That's my daughter and grandchild.". C: "That's my daughter and grandchild.". Being hard-boiled detectives, they're all very serious about this. None of them is lying. What is the minimum number of people who need to be in the garden?

  • Hint 1: There's a family relationship between the detectives. Try using that as a given in your thinking.
  • Hint 2: The puzzle didn't specify the genders of the detectives. How might the answer and meaning change depending on the number of men and women?
  • Hint 3: Suppose that two of the three detectives are a couple, and they have a daughter and granddaughter together. Does this make the last detective a bit clear?
  • Super Hint: If two of the three detectives are a couple and the last detective is their son-in-law, then the minimum number of people needed in the garden should become clear.
PLLS Puzzle 121 Solution.png
There's a minimum of 3 people.

Puzzle 122[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 122.png
Name: Balanced Fruit
Trigger: Talk to Augustus
Location: Florist
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 35

Description: Apples, oranges, lemons, and strawberries can be balanced as shown on the scales. Given all of the examples shown are balanced, can you figure out how many lemons are equal to the weight of one orange?

  • Hint 1: The key is finding one fruit that can be used as a reference for determining how much the other fruits weigh. For starters, try figuring out how many strawberries equal the weight of one apple.
  • Hint 2: Looking at the scales in the first example, you'll see that one orange equals two strawberries and one lemon. With this in mind, try replacing the orange in the third example with two strawberries and one lemon. This should simplify things a bit.
  • Hint 3: Did Hint 2 help you figure out that one apple equals the weight of five strawberries? With this in mind, take a look at the scales in example 2. Replace the two oranges with the number of lemons and strawberries that equal the same weight, and then do the same for the apple with strawberries. This should help you figure out how many strawberries equal the weight of one lemon.
  • Super Hint: Did Hint 3 help you figure out that one lemon equals two strawberries? With that in mind, take a look at the scales in example 1. If you replace the two strawberries with one lemon, it should become clear how many lemons equal the weight of one orange.
PLLS Puzzle 122 Solution.png
2 lemons weigh the same as one orange.

Puzzle 123[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 123.png
Name: The Same Chain
Trigger: Talk to Mick
Location: Museum Entrance
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 35

Description: You've got four chains. All the chains are the same length, but their colours vary. Some links are black and some are white. Some are one colour on the left and the others on the right. Others are one colour on the back and the other on the front. Among the four chains are two lengths that have exactly the same combination of links. Touch two of the letters from A to D to mark two identical chains.

  • Hint 1: The process of elimination is the best way to solve this puzzle. Compare the chains one link at a time.
  • Hint 2: Look for a link in the chains that simply can't be the same type of link as the other three have in the same position. There is at least one such link. If you can spot it, you know you can eliminate that whole chain.
  • Hint 3: After you've eliminated one of the chains, you can search for the two that are the same. You should be able to find them quite easily. By the way, if you've eliminated the first chain, you may want to look again, but this time start from the bottom up.
  • Super Hint: First, try comparing the links that are second from the bottom. Chain C has a link that is different from all the others. If you compare the very bottom links on the three remaining chains, you'll find the two chains that are identical.
PLLS Puzzle 123 Solution.png
Chains A and D have the same-coloured links.

Puzzle 124[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 124.png
Name: Snake Mummies
Trigger: Talk to Ewan
Location: Museum
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 30

Description: Four snake mummies were excavated from an ancient ruin. The mummies were then transported to a museum and displayed in a showcase. The curator wants to make a pamphlet to advertise these new exhibits and has had a replica made for photography. Of the four mummies on display, A to D, which one matches the boxed replica?

  • Hint 1: Look closely at the replica in the box. Are there any special features that can help you identify which snake mummy it's a replica of?
  • Hint 2: Look for a snake mummy with a similar-patterned wrapping. Is there one that stands out?
  • Hint 3: It's difficult to figure out heads or tails when a snake is all wrapped up like that. Perhaps the displayed mummy is upside down. Take into account as you make your comparisons.
  • Super Hint: The mummy you are looking for has a patterned wrapping that looks thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom. The displayed mummy may not be the same way up as its replica. Now can you narrow it down to just one?
PLLS Puzzle 124 Solution.png
D is the answer.

Puzzle 125[edit]

PLLS Puzzle 125.png
Name: The Specter's Path
Trigger: Talk to Wren and/or Socket
Location: Old Gate
Chapter: 9
Picarats: 35

Description: Traps were set at every intersection in town. That night, every time the specter passed an intersection that spot was marked with an X. Knowing that the specter never hits the same area twice, Luke had a revelation. "I've got it! I know which way the specter went!" Which way, A to H, does Luke think the specter went? Circle the letter.

  • Hint 1: Every spot with an X is an area the specter had to have passed before he left the town. Anywhere there isn't an X, the trap wasn't sprung. Therefore, the specter didn't pass there.
  • Hint 2: Look for intersections where the specter could only go one way. Keep in mind that while each intersection has streets going in three or four directions, the specter could only have passed through it once.
  • Hint 3: Here's the first part of the path the specter took: Starting from the red X in front of where the specter appeared, it moved down, down, left, up, left, upper left, left, down, left. That left it in front of H.
  • Super Hint: From the X in front of H, the specter went up, up, down right, down right, up right, up left, up right, and up. At that point, it was in front of B. Next, it went right, down, left, down, right, and down. The rest should be a piece of cake!
PLLS Puzzle 125 Solution.png
The specter went to point E.