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All 10 completed courses.

The Toy Train is one of the minigames which can be played once you have talked to Bucky in Chapter 2. A starter track by Bucky will be automatically given once the Train is received.

The goal of the Toy Train minigame is to drag and draw tracks from the starting point to the end while passing through all stations. The two types of stations can be passed either horizontally (stations facing front) or vertically (stations with a vertical bar at the side). There are also obstacles like trees, rocks, houses, and cars. Out of the four, the car moves through its own course which the player has to look out to as well.


Number Name Image Unlocked with Fuel Level Description Solution
01 Bucky's Train PLLS Course1.png From the beginning 30 Hey There! So you going to try out this course ol' Bucky made specially for you? Get the train through all three stations and to the goal, and I guarantee you'll feel as happy as a hippo in the mud! PLLS Course1 Solution.png
02 Dom's Express PLLS Course2.png Puzzle 015 20 Can't that train speed up a bit? Not enough fuel, you say? Well then, you'll just have to refuel along the way! Remeber that you can make intersections too! PLLS Course2 Solution.png
03 Dream Train PLLS Course3.png Puzzle 026 10 I had a dream where I was looking up at the stars and suddenly saw a big flash of light across the sky. I then realized I was in a train, but I had no idea where it was going... Anyway, I set up a course just like in my dream! PLLS Course3 Solution.png
04 Tweed's Trip PLLS Course4.png Puzzle 036 30 I've always wanted to take the train on an ice-cream tour of all the nearby towns! But how can I get through all three stations and reach the goal in one trip? Please satisfy my sweet tooth! PLLS Course4 Solution.png
05 Mt. Otaki PLLS Course5.png Puzzle 042 30 Just look at this course! The simplicity of the design, the straight lines, the symmetry... And you want to mess it up by having a second track run all over it? You'll need some lateral thinking for that. PLLS Course5 Solution.png
06 Augustus' Business PLLS Course6.png Puzzle 056 40 Being a florist, it's also my job to train budding gardeners. I get called out north, south, east, and west to pass on my horticultural expertise! Do you think you could help me find a way to my goals that stems from these two train lines? PLLS Course6 Solution.png
07 Dugan's Dodge PLLS Course7.png Puzzle 065 10 Oi! What's up with this train? There's hardly any fuel! If we run out of fuel and can't get to our new excavation site on time, we'll lose the spot to someone else. We'll just have to refuel on the go! PLLS Course7 Solution.png
08 Hugo's Trouble PLLS Course8.png Puzzle 068 30 Now, I'm a quiet, peaceful soul by nature. But I can't get a wink of sleep lately 'cause of this ridiculous course! Tell me, how are you supposed to get through all the stations and to the goal?! I'm at my wit's end! PLLS Course8 Solution.png
09 Rosa's Travels PLLS Course9.png Puzzle 120 40 If only the professor was a bit more orderly, I'd be able to leave him to his own devices for a few days and go on holiday. A nice relaxing trip on the Molentary Express would be so lovely... PLLS Course9 Solution.png
10 Beth's Dream PLLS Course10.png Puzzle 136 50 Back in the day, when I was just a lass, we used to take the train over the mountain to go to work at the mansion. It was quite a journey, but I loved the train ride. The view was spectacular! PLLS Course10 Solution.png


Upon completion of all 10 Toy Train courses, The Boatman's House will be unlocked in Layton's Challenges.