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all Sticker collected.

The Picture Book is one of three unlockable minigames in the professor's chest, as well as the earliest one you can potentially get. It is unlocked by clearing Puzzle 010 (or simply quitting out of said puzzle) along with three starting stickers.

The picture book minigame consists of three picture books, each telling a particular story, as well as a set of stickers for each book. The picture books have incomplete stories with gaps to fill in, as well as spaces on each page for you to put a sticker. Placing a sticker on an available space will fill in a word in the corresponding gap, and the goal is to make a complete and sensible story. The gaps in the sentences have clues on which sticker belongs there, but the clues are intentionally ambiguous by referring to shared characteristics between each sticker. You must deduce the correct sticker for each space to clear the minigame. A new picture book is unlocked every time you complete the previous one in the series.


Picture Book 1[edit]

Picture Name Unlocked with
Dead tree Puzzle 020
Plum tree Comes with the first picture book.
Plum Puzzle 011
Boot Comes with the first picture book.
Banana Puzzle 017
Hat Puzzle 012
Man Comes with the first picture book.
Girl Puzzle 014

Picture Book 2[edit]

Picture Name Unlocked with
Woman Puzzle 046
Man Puzzle 036
Boy Puzzle 061
Traveler Puzzle 039
Raincoat Puzzle 030
Milk Bottle Puzzle 057
Mushroom Puzzle 24
Coffee Puzzle 033
Tea Puzzle 044
Cocoa Puzzle 026

Picture Book 3[edit]

Picture Name Unlocked with
Butler Puzzle 100
Master Puzzle 075
Young Master Puzzle 073
Chef Puzzle 135
Gardener Puzzle 098
Tutor Puzzle 138
Maid Puzzle 123
Cat Puzzle 108
Figurine Puzzle 117
Watch Puzzle 085
Trowel Puzzle 053
Fork Puzzle 080


all three Picture Books unlocked.

Scroll over the bolded clues to reveal the answers.

Picture Book 1: Lost and Found[edit]

One sunny morning, I was strolling through a meadow. As I approached a tree on my right, I noticed a purple thing in the middle of the path and a yellow thing to the left. I wonder who dropped these," I thought to myself. I decided I couldn't just leave them there.

I walked to a square with a tree in its center. Next to the tree, I saw a person frantically picking something up, so I said, "I'm looking for someone who has dropped some items. Have you noticed anyone who fits this description?"

The mustached person glanced at the items I was holding and replied, "Oh, so that's where my yellow thing went! Thanks for returning it to me!"

"Take this as my way of saying thanks. It fell out of this tree," said the person while handing me a delicious-looking purple thing.

And with that, I continued scrolling through the meadow. After a short time, I bumped into a person, so I said, "I found this purple thing and I'm looking for the person who dropped it."

The person hesitated a moment before replying, "I can't help you, but there's a white house just up the path. Try asking over there." I said my thanks and hurried on.

Curious as to whether the purple thing belonged to someone in the white house, I walked over to it and knocked on the door. A kindly-looking woman opened it and said, "Hello there. Can I help you?" Peeking inside, I couldn't help but notice that there was a tasty-looking yellow thing on the kitchen table.

"I found this purple thing, and I'm looking for its owner," I replied. "Oh, yes! That purple thing belongs to my grandson," said the woman. "Thank you ever so much!" Then she handed me the yellow thing on the table as a reward.

It was a good day. I returned two lost items to their owners and received a delicious plum and banana as a reward. I was so happy that I couldn't help but whistle, and I felt like I could walk all day long.

Picture Book 2: Rainy Day Café[edit]

I work in a little café. One day, the manager in charge stepped out, leaving me to run the shop. Before stepping out the door, the manager said to me, "I'm relying on you today. I'll be back as soon as I can."

After the manager left, I noticed that a white thing had been left behind on the counter. "Oh, no! The manager must have forgotten this!" I thought to myself. "And come to think of it, I don't even know where the manager went!"

A little while later, a customer arrived, the first customer of the day. "The rain is terrible. I'll have a hot drink, please. A really hot one," the customer said, taking a window seat. I looked outside and saw that it has indeed started raining.

The door flew open once again, and I could hear the sound of the rain on the pavement as the next customer came in. "Gosh, it's just like they forecasted. The rained has chilled me to the bone. I'll have a hot drink, please. But don't steep it for too long." The customer took a seat in a corner table.

Since the manager in charge was gone, I had to make a hot drink for the customer by the window. I also had to make the hot drink that the other customer has ordered. However, I ran into a snag when I realized the white thing was gone.

The door opened again and someone stepped inside. "Thank, heavens! That must be the manager," I said. But when I turned around, I saw that it was actually a customer. This customer sat down by the counter.

"Eesh, I'm tired. But look at this white thing I found in the forest! Was I lucky or what? Oh, right, my order. I'll have a hot drink, please." The customer leaned over, put the white thing on the counter, and said, "Isn't it a beauty?"

"It is, but I have to apologize because I can't make you a hot drink. The white thing is gone, you see," I said, deciding to be honest.

Overhearing my apology, the mustached customer sitting by the window said, "I don't like my hot drink black. One really needs to tip the white thing to make it palatable."

The customer in the corner piped up as well. "Hot drink's best friend is the white thing." Then the customer by the counter chimed in, "This is unbelievable. I came all the way here to enjoy a hot drink!" The customer by the counter's glasses began to fog up with anger. I was getting very flustered.

Just then, the door opened again, and in stepped the manager. "Lots of customers today, eh? I'm glad you all came in here out of the rain." I was so relieved to see the manager's pointy hat.

"I can't find the white thing! I looked everywhere," I said, causing the manager's eyes to grow as big as saucers. "What are you talking about?! Didn't you hear me when I told you I was stepping out to get another white thing?"

The old dear really was steamed, but she wasted no time in making everyone fresh hot drinks and a mushroom pie. The customers were all delighted, and I cheered up as well. Doesn't this story make you want to visit a café on a rainy day?

Picture Book 3: The Missing Figurine[edit]

One day, I received a request for help from a friend of mine, the head of a venerable old family, so I headed over to the family mansion. At the entrance I was met by a man dressed completely in blue.

According to the friend who invited me, a valuable thing had disappeared from the mantelpiece. As I was inspecting the scene, a boy whispered from the door, "Not many people come and go from the mansion. Someone who lives here must have hidden it." He asked me to follow him to the study, where he'd tell me the whole story.

However, when we arrived at the study, someone was already there. "There you are, you little rascal!" said the man. "Oh, excuse me! I didn't realize you had a guest." And the man left the room. "Who was that?" I asked. "Can't you tell from the hat?" was the reply. "I wonder what he wanted."

Across the room, we heard a loud meow. "Oh!" I exclaimed. "We're not alone!" "Heh, that's right. My pet is the queen of the house," said the boy. Oh, but I better get going. It's time for my study session with my tutor now. He's the one with the small mustache."

I decided to investigate the dining room. Upon entering, I startled a man inside, causing him to drop the thing he was carrying. "O-oh! Y-you must be a guest. But please don't sneak up on me like that!"

"Does that thing you dropped belong to you?" I asked. "N-no, it belongs to the young master. I found it while working in the garden, so I thought I'd return it to him," he said. "So why did you come to the dining room?" "The young master has a voracious appetite, so he's often here looking for a bite to eat."

I walked back through the house to the big garden behind the house. There I encountered a man. Pointing at a thing on the ground, he said to me: "I'm looking for the owner of this. He's the man in blue trousers."

Soon after, a woman entered the garden and said to me: "Ah, so this is where you are. The master's been looking for you. Turning to the man, she said, "And as for you, it's time for the young master's lesson." A look of panic flitted across the man's face. "Oh, my word, is it that time already?!"

The pet appeared with a meow. "Your paws are all muddy! Have you been out in the garden again?" scolded the woman. Turning to me, she said: "The family doesn't know, but she likes to dig holes in the garden and bury things there. She's like a dog."

Next to the trail of muddy paw prints, a silver thing had been dropped. "This...this belongs to that man in the study. He lost it and was looking for it."

I met up with the friend and asked about the missing thing. "Was it shiny?" I asked. "Oh, yes," he replied. "It was a little statue of a goddess. Really magnificent silverwork." "I see... I think I understand what's happened here," I said. "My word! Really?! Jolly good!"

The friend gathered everyone in the hall, and I started to explain the situation: "After the thing went missing, the man noticed that holes had been dug in the garden and assumed the boy had been making mischief. You see, the boy's thing was found next to the holes."

"The man also had suspicions. He found mud on the floor of the boy's study, which made him think something untoward had happened. Therefore, he went out into the garden to look for evidence. Had he taken a closer look, he would have seen that the muddy footprints belonged to the pet.

"The man also had his suspicions, but it wasn't the valuable thing that was concerning him, but rather the missing thing. He thought it had been taken by the boy as a practical joke. He's always in the dining room, after all."

"You're all awful! Everyone suspected me?! I didn't hide the thing, I didn't use the thing, and I didn't take the thing without telling anyone either!" said the young master angrily.

"Now, now, calm down. There's another explanation that hasn't been considered." The boy looked around him. "That's right," said the friend kindly. "Nobody here did anything wrong." "Exactly," I said. "The real criminal is over there."

"Meow," said the cat. "She seems to be fond of shiny things, like this silver figurine, watch, and silver fork. She hid them all in the garden." "Ah, so that's what happened!" "Another puzzle solved!" I said, smiling.