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Horse-Drawn Wagon[edit]

Hint coins
  1. Lantern hanging from the roof
  2. Satchel to the left of the other passenger
  3. Crate underneath the basket of fruit

Luke and the Professor finally come to in a horse-drawn wagon, with no idea how they got there, and no idea where they're going to. First, to try to get a hold of the situation, talk to the other passenger. She gives you a vague answer, and tells you to ask the driver instead. Do so. Apparently the wagon is heading for "that town", which you arrive at shortly after.

Main Street[edit]

Hint coins
  1. Green flag above the armour stall
  2. Green flag next to the yellow flower basket
  3. Red flower basket

Knights? Bards? Period costumes? Where in the world is this place? As the Professor tries to figure out how you ended up here, the passenger from the wagon appears again. She claims to know nothing of the "London" you've come from, or indeed anywhere outside of this town - Labyrinthia. And there's no way back to London either - the gate you just entered through has vanished! Surely someone must have noticed? Try talking to the pair of knights in front of you. They don't understand anything you're trying to say about the vanishing gate, and decide to test you with a puzzle to make sure you aren't completely insane.

Puzzle 6: Knight Training
Ensure you can properly block any attack with your shield!

Use Stylus button to move the knights around, and arrange them so that no knight is leaving himself open to attack from another knight. Every sword must have a shield to block it - so, for example, if one knight has a sword in his right hand, the knight to the right of him must be holding a shield in his left hand. Once you have the knights arranged correctly, touch "Submit" to check your answer.

Solution: "Allow me to show you my puzzle-solving skills."
PLvsPW Puzzle 6.jpg

Luckily, this clears you of suspicion, and frees you to look around the town. Speak to the two children here, Cecil and Petal. They've got another puzzle for you to solve.

Puzzle 7: Unusual Music Box
Rotate the dolls so that they all face forward.

Use Stylus button to press the coloured buttons on the Touch Screen. Each button pressed will rotate two of the dolls on the upper screen by 90 degrees, but you cannot press the same button twice in a row. Green rotates the king and queen, yellow rotates the knight and bard, blue rotates the knight and king, and red rotates the queen and bard. You must rotate all of the dolls so that they all face forwards. You should only need to rotate one of the side dolls once - the other one will need to be rotated a few times in order to correctly align the front and back dolls.

Solution: "As you'd expect from a gentleman in training!"
The quickest solution is as follows:
  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Green
  4. Yellow
  5. Red
  6. Yellow

As a reward, the kids "allow you to roam the town freely", and tell you that they've hidden something by the green flags to the right. Investigate them to find a Hint Coin (you can now also look for the other two Hint Coins in this area). Once you're done looking around here, move to the Town Centre.

Town Centre[edit]

Hint coins
  1. Green potted plant to the right
  2. Bottom of the fountain
  3. Chimney of the white house to the left

In this area, speak to the lady on the left, Muffet. She tells you that today, she will get the chance to meet someone called Inquisitor Zacharias Barnham. Apparently he will be appearing some time later that day on North Parade Avenue, as part of some special event that has made the townspeople rather excited.

Next, speak to the bard on the right. He offers to give you a map of the town, but it comes in the form of a puzzle that you have to solve first.

Puzzle 8: Map Mishap
The town map is broken up into 12 separate pieces. Touch each piece to correctly rearrange the map.

Use Stylus button to rearrange the map correctly. Like with the previous puzzles of this nature, there are patterns to look out for that will help you fix the map - in this case, the road through the town, and the terraced houses. Start with the ring road in the centre, and work your way out from there. Once you're done, press "Submit" to check your answer.

Solution: "I've already seen the answer."
PLvsPW Puzzle 8.jpg

Now that you have a map of the town, the bard will tell you of the various locations around the town. To the right of here is a bakery, left leads to a weaponsmith, and to the north, "people gather and wait". That's the same location where Muffet is going to see Inquisitor Barnham.

You can now explore the two main shopping districts of the town, and the North Parade Avenue. Move to W. Shopping Area first.

W. Shopping Area[edit]

Hint coins
  1. The right-most purple banner
  2. The sign for the blacksmith's
  3. The fruit basket to the bottom-right

Speak to the knight here, who is contemplating the weapons in the armoury. The Professor asks him how he could possibly carry so many weapons, to which the knight responds with a puzzle.

Puzzle 10: Shady Shadows
"What manner of witchery is this?! Find my true shadow and fell this miserable curse!"

A knight is patrolling a castle, when suddenly he notices that he is casting four shadows instead of one. On closer inspection, though, it seems that three of the shadows are fakes. Look closely at each shadow, and compare them to the knight himself. Look out for the knights' posture, gait, and weapons, and choose which of A, B, C, or D you think is the real shadow.

Solution: "Come what may, puzzles are there to be solved."
The real shadow is shadow B.

Afterwards, talk to Price, the man in the blue suit (no, he's not that man in the blue suit). He has another puzzle for you to solve, which should help warm up your defence-lawyer instincts.

Puzzle 11: The Royal Victim
The King was attacked! Question those present and find the culprit.

Listen to the testimonies from the people present in the room:

  • Princess: "Oh my! It could not have been the Prince. I saw him in another room when we heard that terrible scream."
  • Prince: "I most certainly heard the voice of a woman coming from this very room, but the Villager and the Princess had not yet arrived."
  • Knight: "I hastened to His Majesty's side as fast as possible. No one but the Prince and myself were in the room..."
  • Villager: "The Merchant and I arrived together. It's impossible for either of us to be the culprit!"
  • Merchant: "I noticed a woman come in shortly after I had arrived. She certainly seemed to have taken her time getting here."

Compare the witness' statements to find contradictions, and find the one who is lying!

Solution: "This is my answer!"
The Knight is the culprit - she is actually a woman, explaining the female voice the Prince heard.

With that puzzle out of the way, move to E. Shopping Area.

E. Shopping Area[edit]

Hint coins
  1. The sign for the bakery
  2. The middle purple banner to the left
  3. The barrel to the bottom-left

Speak to the blonde boy in front of you, Petter. He seems suspicious of the people working in the bakery, but isn't sure why. The bakery is currently closed, so to pass the time, Petter has a puzzle for you.

Puzzle 9: Marionettes
Use the stylus to connect each puppet with the correct number of body parts.

Six puppets are broken, and you have to reassemble them. Use Stylus button to connect the head of each puppet to the correct body parts. Each puppet requires a torso, two hands, and two feet. The connection from the puppet's head to its body parts must be continuous, and cannot overlap or share with other puppets. It may be easiest to take it one part at a time. Look at where each of the heads are located - this will give you a good start for each puppet. For example, to the left and right of the red puppet's head are other puppets' heads, so the only body part you can connect the red one to is the foot below it. Apply similar logic to each puppet, and you should be done in no time!

Solution: "See what you think of this!"
PLvsPW Puzzle 9.jpg

After completing this puzzle, a commotion will break out among the townspeople, and they will all move to North Parade Avenue. You should follow suit. Move to North Parade Avenue.

North Parade Avenue[edit]

Hint coins
  1. At the top of the red-roofed round tower
  2. The right-most window on the third floor of the right-most house
  3. The right-most window on the third floor of the left-most house

It's time to finally discover what the citizens of Labyrinthia are so excited about. Almost everyone you've met so far is gathered here, just to catch a glimpse of "him" - the creator of Labyrinthia himself, the Storyteller! The event that everyone has been waiting for turns out to be a parade in which the Storyteller travels through the town, while his knights throw out pieces of parchment with what appear to be passages from a story written on them. But after the parade is over, the people of the town appear to be upset for some reason... The Story Fragment is added to your Items, and The Storyteller is added to your Mysteries. Your Story Fragment doesn't make for pleasant reading - another tale of woe at the hands of the witches. But surely this isn't going to actually happen - it's just a story, right? Apparently, it's more than that - a group of knights overhear you, and try to surround you, but luckily a voice calls you, enabling you to escape to the Town Square Outskirts.

Town Square Outskirts[edit]

Hint coins
  1. The barrel to the right
  2. The middle window on the upper floor of the building
  3. The unlit torch on the left of the blue door

It's Espella again, and it seems that this time, she's the one doing the rescuing. She doesn't seem to remember what happened in London after she escaped on the barge, though. She offers to help you hide from the knights in the bakery where she lives. The Mystery of Labyrinthia's Secret is marked as solved. Move to the Town Square.

Town Square[edit]

Hint coins
  1. The right-most crate
  2. The left-most chimney
  3. The chimney on the middle building to the right

Talk to Cecil and Petal, who are upset about the contents of the latest story. Luke proposes a puzzle to cheer them up.

Puzzle 12: Cloudy Crossing
Use the clouds and build a bridge across to get to the princess in the castle!

Use Stylus button to move the clouds up and down, and arrange them so they all turn white, thus creating a cloudy bridge. Touch a white cloud to lower it, and touch a dark cloud to raise it. However, moving a cloud results in the clouds either side of it also being raised or lowered. It may be easiest if you try to lower all the clouds first.

Solution: "Professor, I did it!"
Start by touching the four original white clouds, from left to right. This will lower all of the clouds. Next, touch the first and last cloud. Finally, touch the middle dark cloud.

That seems to have done the trick. You can now move back to North Parade Avenue to collect its Hint Coins. Afterwards, move to E. Shopping Area.

E. Shopping Area (2)[edit]

There's not much going on here at the moment, so just move to the Bakery straight away.


Hint coins
  1. The logs under the oven
  2. The candle behind Phoenix
  3. The basket of baguettes to the left


... Wait a minute... where have you seen these two rather out-of-place bakers before? The girl introduces herself as Maya Fey, and her "assistant baker" as Phoenix Wright. ...Hold it! "Assistant"? It looks like "Nick" objects to this... In that case, you should talk to Maya first. She's accidentally knocked over a batch of loaves, so Luke and the Professor offer to help her rearrange them.

Puzzle 13: Use Your Loaf
Take a look at the picture on the top screen and find the extra loaf of bread.

A bunch of loaves of bread are scattered about on the Touch Screen, and it appears that there is one more loaf than there is supposed to be. Use Stylus button to pick up and move the loaves around. Touch the centre of a loaf to move it, and touch either end to rotate it. Compare the cuts and fruits on each loaf to the loaves on the top screen, and move the odd loaf out to the basket. Press "Submit" when you think you've located the stray loaf.

Solution: "Let me do the next one, too!"
The offending loaf is immediately left of the basket at the start of the puzzle.

After the puzzle is complete, Patty, the owner of the bakery, returns home, and Espella shows Luke and the Professor upstairs to her room.

Espella's Room[edit]

Hint coins
  1. The fruit basket to the right
  2. Eve's saucer on the floor
  3. The purple flowers on the left wall

Talk to Espella:

  • After we separated in London...: Espella has no memories of what happened between when she escaped onto the barge in London, and when she returned to Labyrinthia. She doesn't even remember why or how she got to London in the first place.
  • Espella's memories: Espella asks to look at the letter Carmine gave to her in London. She doesn't remember the contents of the letter, but does recognise the handwriting. Suddenly, it all comes back - Carmine was in the bakery with her, but the townsfolk claim to have never heard of him, so she doubted her own memories.
  • What she can recall: Carmine used to work in the bakery. Espella is less certain about how long Phoenix and Maya have been here, though. She thinks the "secret" Carmine was investigating relates to how everything written by the Storyteller in the Historia Labyrinthia comes true, and believes he may have come close to figuring it out - thus making him a target.
  • The witch's story: The Storyteller decides the fate of Labyrinthia and its inhabitants, the knights protect its citizens from the witches, and the Inquisition holds trials at the Witches' Court to determine whether a person is guilty of witchcraft. Located in the Great Archive is a book containing information on all known magic, which may be connected to Carmine's investigations.

After talking to Espella, you are moved to the Bakery automatically.

Bakery (2)[edit]

Talk to Patty. She asks for your help with a puzzle.

Puzzle 14: Eccentric Tailor
Use the magical stamp to fulfil the customer's request and colour in the design.

On the Touch Screen is a pattern which you must replicate on the top screen. Use Neutral cpad to move the stamp around, and press A button to stamp the fabric. The stamp imprints a U-shaped design on the fabric. But, if the stamp overlaps a square that is already coloured in, it will erase the colour from that square. It is easiest to begin with the scales, and then move on to the stand in the middle.

Solution: "Don't worry, leave this one to me!"
Start on the left. Place the stamp over the bottom of the scales, and stamp. Move right one square, and up one square, and stamp again. Move right one square, and up one square again, and stamp again. Repeat for the right side, going left instead of right.

Next, place the stamp over the base of the scales, and stamp. Move up one square, and stamp. Do this three times to complete the design.

Now, move to the North Parade Avenue. The knights have stopped searching for you, so you can freely move on to the Great Archive Entrance.

Great Archive Entrance[edit]

Hint coins
  1. The owl statue on the roof
  2. The statue on the far left side of the bridge
  3. The bush to the far left

Upon arriving at the entrance to the Great Archive, Luke immediately notices evidence of fire damage on one part of the roof. Apparently the damage dates back to an event known as the Legendary Fire, which destroyed almost the entire town several years ago. Espella seems to space out at the mention of the Legendary Fire... Talk to Muffet, who has a puzzle for you.

Puzzle 15: Cloud Maze
Navigate Luke through the clouds and help him find the professor!

Use Neutral cpad to move Luke through the maze of clouds. Jump into holes to go down one level, and jump on green clouds to jump up one level. Usually, the best route to follow is to travel upwards, or to take the longest route.

Solution: "As you'd expect from a gentleman in training!"
From the start, go left. Take the first turn up, and follow the path around to the right, to a hole. Jump down the hole. Ignore the first green cloud, and instead go the long way around to another green cloud. Head up to the next hole, left to another green cloud, and down to another hole. Follow the coiled path around to a final hole. From here, the path to the Professor should be straight-forward.

It doesn't look like Muffet is coming back... Move to the Great Archive.

Great Archive[edit]

Hint coins
  1. The right candle behind Ridelle's desk
  2. The purple banner near the ceiling
  3. The red stained-glass window near the ceiling

The Great Archive - a massive, impressive library dedicated to one, and only one, Story: that of Labyrinthia itself. Every Story penned by the Storyteller, right back to the very creation of Labyrinthia, is kept here. Upon entering, you are greeted by Dewey, one of the assistants. You've come here looking for information on magic, so he suggests a tome called the Grand Grimoire. Upon hearing the name of this book, the mistress of the Great Archive, Ridelle, interrupts Dewey. Talk to her. She says that, in order to gain permission to peruse the Grand Grimoire, you must first prove your wisdom by completing a test, in the form of a series of puzzles.

Puzzle 16: Lost in Time
Make your way through the maze of strange clocks and to the goal.

Use Neutral cpad to move through the maze of clocks. You can only move in the directions in which the hands of the clock you're standing on are facing, and the clocks' hands rotate by 90 degrees for every step you take. There are two blank clocks in the maze, from which you can move in any direction. Try to reach the blank clock to the right first, and work towards the goal from there.

Solution: "Let's see if I've proven myself."
The shortest route is:
  1. Right 3 times
  2. Down
  3. Right
  4. Up
  5. Down
  6. Right 2 times
  7. Down 2 times
  8. Left
  9. Right 2 times
Puzzle 17: Out of Time
Make your way through the maze of strange clocks and to the goal.

This time, there are several purple clocks to traverse. The purple clocks rotate by 270 degrees for every step you take. You also cannot undo moves this time around - if you slip up once, it's back to the start! Otherwise, it's mostly the same idea as the previous puzzle - try to reach the blank clock, and work from there.

Solution: "Ah, the joy of solving puzzles."
The shortest route is:
  1. Right 3 times
  2. Down
  3. Right
  4. Down
  5. Right
  6. Down
  7. Up
  8. Down
  9. Right
  10. Up
  11. Down
  12. Right

After your effortless display of puzzle mastery, Ridelle is stunned, and agrees to allow you to access the Grand Grimoire. Before you go, though, talk to Dewey, who has an appropriately book-themed puzzle for you.

Puzzle 18: Baffling Bookcase
Rearrange the books so that they are correctly lined up.

Use Stylus button to arrange the books on the Touch Screen into their correct order. You are provided a partially complete overhead view on the top screen. Also, the spines of the books, when arranged correctly, form a picture, which you can also use to help find the correct order. Start by working out the order of the colours with the top-screen image, then use the illustration on the spines to sort them into their correct order.

Solution: "That was indeed an intriguing puzzle."
PLvsPW Puzzle 18.jpg

Now, move to the Special Viewing Room.

Special Viewing Room[edit]

Hint coins
  1. The hanging candle left of the centre of the room
  2. The bottom of the curtain to the left of the room
  3. The candleabra behind Ridelle

Inside, Ridelle is waiting for you. Look at the Grand Grimoire, the book placed prominently on the large stand in the centre of the room. The thick tome is full of information on the magic spells used by the witches, but it contains one page that is not like the other pages:

From a time long ago,

The ancient flame has been locked,
in an infinite vault of books,
Waiting for the awakening.
When the sun and moon,
Watching over the sage,
Swap places to show their true form,
The door to the past will open.
Once a person of perspicacity
has fulfilled the challenge,
The door will be open.
Until then I will wait,

For the time of the awakening.

The Grand Grimoire

It appears to be some sort of riddle. The Professor surmises that the "infinite vault of books" refers to the Great Archive itself, and "the sage" to the curator of the Archive, namely Ridelle. If the "sun and moon" are "watching over" her, that must mean they are behind her. Since there is nowhere for the real sun and moon to shine into the Great Archive, the passage does not refer to the real sun and moon, but rather something designed in their image. You are automatically sent back to the Great Archive, where you must figure out what exactly the passage refers to.

Great Archive (2)[edit]

Look just above Ridelle's desk, at the red and blue circular object, and zoom in on it. This appears to be the "sun and moon" referred to in the Grand Grimoire. Now you must make them "swap places to show their true form".

Puzzle 19: Sun and the Moon
Manoeuvre the tiles so that the sun and the moon swap sides.

Use Stylus button to slide the blocks, and rearrange them so that the moon is on the left of the screen, and the sun is on the right. In the centre is an alcove in which you can fit a single block. Begin by moving the first block of either side into it, and then begin moving the other blocks around past it.

Solution: "You should expect no less from a gentleman!"
First, place the first piece of the moon into the alcove in the middle. Move two pieces of the sun over to the right, then move the first moon piece to the left. Bring one of the sun pieces back to the left, and place the other in the alcove. Slide the second moon piece to the left, and move the sun piece from the alcove to the right. Move the moon piece from the left to the alcove, and move a second sun piece right. You should now have half of the sun, and half of the moon, on each side.

Move a moon piece from the left into the alcove, and move the second moon piece over to the right. Move the top-right sun piece on the left to the bottom-right, and then place a moon piece where this sun piece was. Move the sun piece to the alcove, and bring the second moon piece from the right of the board back to the left. Rotate the pieces on the left, so that the moon forms the top half, and the sun the bottom half. Repeat for the right side of the board, this time swapping the moon for the sun.

Now, swap the free moon and sun pieces. At this point 3/4 of the pieces should have changed sides. Use the alcove to free the remaining moon and sun pieces, and have them swap sides. You should now have the pieces on the correct sides of the screen, but not yet in the correct order. Use the alcove to hold one piece (for the moon, the bottom-right, and for the sun, the bottom-left) while you arrange the others, and then slide in the remaining piece to complete the puzzle.

With the puzzle complete, a mysterious staircase appears from the floor of the Great Archive. Use it to move to the Great Archive Cellar.

Great Archive Cellar[edit]

Hint coins
  1. The torch on the rear right pillar
  2. The torch on the front left pillar
  3. The torch on the front right pillar

Down here, you find a mural that appears to depict the Legendary Fire, and an illegible stone tablet. Talk to Ridelle. She states that the woman in the mural is the Great Witch Bezella, said to be the mother of all witches, and the cause of all of Labyrinthia's troubles. It is said that only by defeating the Great Witch can Labyrinthia know true peace. While all this discussion has been taking place, Espella has begun acting strangely again, but you still have no clues as to why.

The Underground Mural is added to your Mysteries, while Carmine's Investigation is marked as solved. The Grand Grimoire is added to your Items. Ridelle will also inform you that she will keep track of any puzzles you may have missed or failed to solve. If you want to try your hand at them, go to the Great Archive, and speak with her.

A number of optional puzzles are now available. Move to North Parade Avenue if you want to try them, otherwise return to the Bakery.

North Parade Avenue (2)[edit]

Here, speak to Tuggit, the man with the beard. He seems to be having trouble with the lights in his house. You can fix them for him with a puzzle.

Puzzle 21: Rotating Room
"Hmm... This room seems to rotate. Use this to your advantage and rotate the room so that I might light the candles!"

Press Right dpad and Left dpad to rotate the room clockwise and counter-clockwise, respectively. If the knight touches a lit candle, it will be extinguished, and vice-versa. Start by trying to light the candle just right of the starting position, then work from there.

Solution: "This is my answer!"
The shortest route is:
  1. Clockwise twice
  2. Counter-clockwise twice
  3. Clockwise
  4. Counter-clockwise
  5. Clockwise ten times
  6. Counter-clockwise
  7. Clockwise
  8. Counter-clockwise

Move to W. Shopping Area.

W. Shopping Area (2)[edit]

Speak to Cinderellia, the lady in the white dress. She is having trouble arranging her "friends" into their proper rooms, and needs your help.

Puzzle 22: Dollhouse Drama
A set of very stubborn dolls have requested help in assigning each of them a room.

Each doll has a specific criterion for what room she will stay in. This criterion applies to all dolls of the same group, so whatever condition doll C has, for example, must be met for all dolls in group C. Use Stylus button to swap the dolls' positions on the Touch Screen, and observe what is changing on the top screen. Keep changing the dolls' positions until all four criteria are met. The conditions are:

  • A: I really want a room on the top floor!
  • B: I want rooms on the same row across or up!
  • C: No way am I staying in a room next to A!
  • D: It'd be nice if B had rooms below mine.

Notice that at the start, the only doll whose condition is unmet is C. Try to satisfy her first, then work on the others. You may even be able to solve the puzzle in just one move...

Solution: "Don't worry, leave this one to me!"
The dolls, from left to right, should be A, C, B, D.

Move to the Main Street.

Main Street (2)[edit]

Speak to Mailer. She's got so many letters to deliver, she'll never be able to sort through them all in one night... though having something to ride would make the job a little easier.

Puzzle 23: Short Round Ride
Ride the starry road to the other side!

Rotate Neutral cpad to observe the starry path from various angles, and trace the route from start to finish. You have to select whether travelling on the top or bottom of the route will transport Luke safely across the path. Turning on the 3D feature may make this puzzle easier. To enter an answer, press A button, and choose either "Up" or "Down".

Solution: "As you'd expect from a gentleman in training!"
The correct route is "Up".

Move to the E. Shopping Area, and then to the Bakery.

Bakery (3)[edit]

Inside, the evening meal is ready to eat! But, it seems Espella hasn't returned yet. Maya and Phoenix are unsure of what exactly a "puzzle" is, so the Professor gives them a simple example of one, which ends, predictably enough, with Maya eating her way to the answer. However, even after dinner is over, Espella is still missing... It turns out that she has been arrested on suspicion of witchcraft, and, as her defence lawyer, she has chosen... Phoenix Wright, Ace Baker!?