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On a dark and stormy night, a young man drives frantically through the streets of London, attempting to escape a mysterious group of "witches" trying to capture the young girl alongside him. As he drives through a park on the banks of the Thames, two stone statues suddenly come to life, pick up the car, and throw it into a nearby tree. The driver and passenger survive the incident, but the driver is injured, and forces the girl to escape without him before the "witches" capture her. This is certainly an intriguing puzzle...

Layton's Office[edit]

Hint coins
  1. The gramophone
  2. The central light on the ceiling
  3. The small portrait to the left of the window

An intriguing puzzle, in London? There's only one man who can solve this - Mr Hershel Layton, professor of archaeology, and all-around good old-fashioned English gentleman. Enjoying a nice cup of tea alongside him is his young apprentice, Luke Triton. It seems Luke doesn't like the lightning, so the Professor prepares a puzzle to help take his mind off the weather. First, though, you've got to get it down from the bookshelf. Use Stylus button or Neutral cpad to point the magnifying glass at the bookshelf in the right corner, and press A button to select it when the magnifying glass turns orange. You can also look around a bit to find hidden Hint Coins, which can be used to unlock hints for puzzles you get stuck on - in the office, there are three to find: in the gramophone, in the central light on the ceiling, and in the small portrait to the left of the window. Once you've found those, grab your first puzzle from the bookshelf.

Puzzle 1: Paths of Light
Help the witches find the right path to their respective castles by removing the unwanted paths!

A fairly simple puzzle to begin with. You simply need to remove two of the coloured paths, so that the white witch can return to the white castle, and the black witch to the black castle. The witches will travel across any coloured paths they meet along the way. Use Stylus button to select the paths you want to remove, and touch "Submit" to check if your answer is right or wrong. You don't necessarily need to send the witches towards their home castles via the very first coloured path they meet - in fact, one of them may need to go further away from home before she can start to find her way...

Solution: "Professor, I did it!"
The two paths you need to remove are the blue and green paths. The black witch needs to move further left via the red path before she can start to make her way home, before crossing all the way over to her castle near the end. The white witch's path, on the other hand, is more straight-forward - she just needs to move left towards her castle via the first red path, and from there she can just keep crossing over the purple paths until she arrives at her destination.

Once the puzzle is complete, you gain 20 Picarats (the game's score system). Answering incorrectly will lose you 5 Picarats per wrong attempt.

It looks like the rain has cleared off while you were solving the puzzle. Time to head home for the night... but just as Luke and the Professor prepare to leave, they hear a knock at the door. It's the girl from the car accident earlier. She has a letter from the Professor's old student, Carmine Accidenti, who is writing from a mysterious town named Labyrinthia. He says his life is in danger, and asks you to help the girl, named Espella, who, he claims, "they" are pursuing. He claims that Espella is the key to the "secret" of Labyrinthia, but that he was unable to solve the puzzle. The Letter from Carmine is added to your Items, and the Strange Girl to your Mysteries (you can check these from the pause menu, accessed by pressing Start button).

Talk to Espella (like with investigating, highlight her with Stylus button or Neutral cpad, and press A button). She explains that "they" are actually witches from Labyrinthia, and gives the Professor the book she is carrying, so he can learn more about this mysterious place. The Historia Labyrinthia is added to your Items, and Labyrinthia's Secret to your Mysteries. Just then, a small bird taps on the window of the office. Luke takes pity on it, and lets it in from the rain. Unfortunately, it turns out to be one of the witches, who manages to abduct Espella and escape. But the Professor promised to protect her, and no gentleman breaks a promise to a lady, so he and Luke decide to head out into the city to search for Espella. Witches in London is added to your Mysteries.

Thames Riverside[edit]

Hint coins
  1. At the top of the lamp-post
  2. On a branch halfway up the left tree
  3. At the top of the far tower of Tower Bridge

Down by the Thames Riverside near Tower Bridge, it appears Inspector Chelmey and Constable Barton have been left stumped by a rather curious incident in a nearby park. Talk to Inspector Chelmey. He says a car has been heavily damaged in a nearby park, and allows the Professor to investigate. First, though, he explains the basics of movement. Select Move with Stylus button, choose one of the locations marked in red to move to, and press Search to move there. Park - Car-Crash Site is also added to the Map. Before you go, talk to Constable Barton, who has a tasty puzzle for you to feast on.

Puzzle 2: Barton's Burger
Help Barton put his precious burger back together. Don't forget to get the ketchup on the burger just right!

Use Stylus button to move the pieces of the burger. The pattern of the ketchup on the burger is the key to fitting the pieces back together. If you look closely at the burger bun, you should see a little bit of leftover ketchup. Use this to help decipher the pattern, and put Barton's burger together again!

Solution: "Let me do the next one, too!"
PLvsPW Puzzle 2.jpg

Now Constable Barton can focus on the investigation again, and you can move to the Park - Car-Crash Site.

Park - Car-Crash Site[edit]

Hint coins
  1. On the park bench
  2. At the top of the right lamp-post
  3. At the top of a lamp-post, just above the left police officer

Cars don't grow on trees, so how did this one get up here? Professor Layton would very much like to investigate, but the constable in charge here wants to see some proof of his identity before he lets the Professor through. How will he do that? With another puzzle, of course!

Puzzle 3: Security Showdown
Do your best not to be seen, and sneakily make your way out of the room!

The room is full of patrolling police officers, and Professor Layton must escape the room without being caught. Use Neutral dpad or the buttons on the Touch Screen to move. Every time you move, the policemen will also move. Their torches let them see three squares ahead, and their movements follow a set pattern. Move around a little to crack their movement patterns, and use this information to sneak out of the museum! It may be easiest if you try to sneak around the lower guard on his own, rather than the group of three in the centre.

Solution: "You should expect no less from a gentleman!"
The shortest route to the exit is:
  1. down 5 spaces
  2. right 4 spaces
  3. up 1 space
  4. right 2 spaces
  5. up 1 space
  6. down 1 space
  7. up 2 spaces
  8. right 3 spaces
  9. down 3 spaces

The constable is satisfied with Professor Layton's identity, and allows him to investigate. Look at the car again. There's a mark that probably shouldn't be there, on the car's bonnet - a handprint. But it's far too big to have been made by any normal person. What could have caused this? Time for the magnifying glass to serve its intended purpose of allowing you to zoom in on objects of interest. Look around for a bit, and when the magnifying glass turns blue, press A button to zoom in. Highlight the statue in the background, and zoom in on it. The statue's hands are big enough to have caused the handprint on the car... but the handprint on the car is of a right hand, and this statue is holding a spear in its right hand. It's possible that the witch who kidnapped Espella could have made the statue move, but first, the Professor has a question for Inspector Chelmey - who was the driver? Move back to the Thames Riverside.

Thames Riverside (2)[edit]

Chelmey isn't planning on giving anything away, but naturally, the Professor has already figured it out - the driver was his former student, Carmine Accidenti. Barton, on the other hand, lets slip something about "people in Halloween costumes"... It looks like you're on the right track. The Investigation is added to your Mysteries. Move to Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge[edit]

Hint coins
  1. At the top of the tower
  2. In the light on the left of the tunnel
  3. At the top of the right flagpole

As soon as the Professor and Luke arrive, they're greeted by one of the aforementioned "people in Halloween costumes", who disappears on sight. Before proceeding, the Professor points out how to enter buildings. Highlight an entrance with the magnifying glass, and it will change to an arrow. Press A button to enter. You can also select "Enter" from the Map. Use either method to move to the Bridge Tunnel.

Bridge Tunnel[edit]

Hint coins
  1. In the right-most lamp on the right wall
  2. In the lamp on the left side of the next tower
  3. In the right-most lamp on the left wall

The mysterious person from earlier has disappeared completely, but on the ground nearby is Espella's red cloak, and on the wall is a strange marking, which requires further investigation. Zoom in on it. Even Professor Layton doesn't recognise the marking here, but he won't say no to the challenge.

Puzzle 4: Walled In
Drag the blocks along the wall and arrange them so that the design on the wall is properly displayed.

Use Stylus button or Neutral dpad to move the hand, and touch the screen or press A button to pick the pieces of the wall up and move them. Once you push a piece into the recess in the wall, it will fall into place (if you put it in the wrong place, it will be pushed back out). Unlike in the earlier puzzle, "Barton's Burger", you can't move pieces over others, only around them. The strange eye-like pattern, though, is again key to putting the pieces in the right places.

Solution: "That was indeed an intriguing puzzle."
PLvsPW Puzzle 4.jpg

It seems the puzzle was actually a key to open a hidden door in the wall. Before Luke and the Professor's very eyes, the wall begins to glow and split open...

Mysterious Room[edit]

Hint coins
  1. In the left-most lamp
  2. In the first lamp on the right wall of the tunnel
  3. In a crate to the bottom-right

Look around the mysterious room for a bit. There are a pair of legs laying on the ground behind some crates. Examine them. Their owner turns out to be Espella! She seems to be unconscious, though, and her hands are tied together. You have to free her!

Puzzle 5: Help Espella!
Espella's hands have been tightly tied behind her back. Quickly, untie her!

Look closely at the two options presented to you, and compare them to the rest of the rope around Espella's wrists. You're looking for the piece of rope that, when both ends are pulled, will not result in a knot. Use Stylus button to select either rope A or rope B.

Solution: "Ah, the joy of solving puzzles."
The correct rope is rope B.

Espella finally comes to, but just as she, Luke, and the Professor prepare to leave, the witches return for Espella. Thankfully, the Professor has a plan to enable everyone to escape safely. While he and Luke distract the witches, Espella manages to escape onto a barge that is sailing under Tower Bridge. But while she sails to safety, Luke and the Professor somehow become trapped within the very book Espella gave them earlier - the Historia Labyrinthia...