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Group Testimony: About the Incident[edit]

Group Testimony
"About the Incident"
  • Espella: i finally realised that Bezella has been lying dormant within me.
  • Espella: Once evening fell and the rain ceased... I climbed up the wooden stairs of that bell tower and awaited the parade.
  • Espella: I waited for my father's speech to end. ...And then, I summoned the fire dragon.
  • Espella: I...I don't know why I killed my father.

Group Testimony: Guarding the Bell Tower[edit]

Group Testimony
"Guarding the Bell Tower"
  • Vigilante: We have been guarding the bell tower ever since it appeared! No one's ever said a bad word about us!
  • Vigilante: The defender tried to hide decisive proof that the girl is the Great Witch! But he couldn't fool us!
  • Vigilante: Before the rain, after the rain... At no point did a single suspicious person approach the bell tower!
  • Vigilante: But then, suddenly, footprints appeared on the bell tower stairs. When I saw them I thought "it's that witch"!
  • Vigilante: eyes...went h-hazy... made me sh-shake and d-dizzy...
  • Vigilante: The rain stopped and a beautiful butterfly appeared at our side.
  • Vigilante: The rain is so loathsome. My steel stilettos get dirty from the mud, and my lovely hair loses its texture.
  • Vigilante: You have no idea how delightful it is when Foxy steps on us in her dirty stilettos, imprinting the mud on our backs...
  • Vigilante: Ah didne rin awa'! Ah did mah duty when Ah doscovered th' intruder, Ah teel ye!
  • Vigilante: I have been mulling over this incident... and just now, the realisation dawned on me. I...remember nothing.

Group Testimony: The Time of the Crime[edit]

Group Testimony
"The Time of the Crime"
  • Vigilante: The Storyteller finished speaking to the crowds at the town square in the evening. That's when the Great Witch appeared.
  • Vigilante: I still cannot forget the sound of that terrible incantation! It was undoubtedly that girl's voice!
  • Vigilante: We ran towards the tower as soon as we saw her, keeping our eyes on her to make sure she didn't escape!
  • Vigilante: We split into two groups at the entrance... One group to guard it, the other to chase down the witch. I was in the first group.
  • Vigilante: I...I of the the p-pursuers. I ran into the t-tower...and caught the w-witch.
  • Vigilante: There was no one but us at the crime scene.
  • Vigilante: We captured the girl. There was nowhere for anyone to hide there.
  • Vigilante: There was no other witch. I'm sure of it.
  • Vigilante: Ah was guardin' th' entrance. Ah hud th' duir locked!
  • Vigilante: That's right, young one. The fateful bell tower. The fateful incident. We saw them with our own fateful eyes.