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Group Testimony: The Truth about Labyrinthia[edit]

Group Testimony
"The Truth about Labyrinthia"
  • Storyteller: Although you know me as the Storyteller, I have one more identity. I am the president of Labrelum Inc.
  • Storyteller: The whole one of Labrelum's research facilities. It may be hard for you to comprehend...
  • Storyteller: This land is rich in a very special substance, which affects everyone who lives here.
  • Storyteller: This substance enables the manipulation of people's minds. And that is what Labrelum is researching.
  • Storyteller: This experiment began ten years ago. The townsfolk all became test subjects.

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Group Testimony: The Legendary Fire[edit]

Group Testimony
"The Legendary Fire"
  • Espella: I was...just a little girl then. It happened during the annual fire festival.
  • Espella: Everyone was gathered in the town square for the fire festival, and I was watching them from the bell tower.
  • Espella: The Great Witch Bezella awoke within me and brought calamity upon the town.
  • Espella: An enormous fire dragon appeared. I was trembling with fear, terrified by what I had summoned.

Group Testimony: The Truth about the Legendary Fire[edit]

Group Testimony
"The Truth about the Legendary Fire"
  • Darklaw: Espella wanted to ring the bell no matter what, so we went up to the belfry.
  • Darklaw: The festival celebrations had already started. The mechanism for ringing the bell was at a height even we could reach.
  • Darklaw: The next thing I remember...Is coming to, and running to Espella's side.
  • Darklaw: I was shaking her until she finally opened her eyes. The next moment...we saw that nightmarish view.
  • Darklaw: All strength abandoned us, and we didn't know what to do. That was when we were found by my father and Mr Cantabella.