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Group Testimony: What We Witnessed[edit]

Group Testimony
"What We Witnessed"
  • Emeer: I heard a scream and an incantation, and then when I entered the room, the victim was already all shiny!
  • Mrs. Primstone: Mayhap something caused discord between erstwhile friends? Mr Silk Hat had a knife at the ready, in his hand!
  • Birdly: Victim of magic, sparkly and done for., I heard the staff fall on the floor.
  • Luke: The professor must have seen through Miss Maya's deception and confronted her right there, face-to-face!

Group Testimony: A Shadow at the Crime Scene[edit]

Group Testimony
"A Shadow at the Crime Scene"
  • Emeer: We all know what happened to that alchemist, so this case's no mystery.
  • Mrs. Primstone: Same place, same magic trick. This time her luck ran out and she dropped that magic sceptre.
  • Birdly: The truth obscured by a twisted ruse, The witch couldn't vanish but did confuse.
  • Luke: It happened because the professor unravelled the mystery behind all these witches...

Group Testimony: The Golden Statue and the Sceptre[edit]

Group Testimony
"The Golden Statue and the Sceptre"
  • Luke: I was only focusing on the professor, so I don't remember much else.
  • Emeer: I dunno... I got there last. 'Sides, that thing was glintin' and glitterin' away, so I couldn't see much else.
  • Birdly: Bewitched by love, or beloved by a witch, the poor cove knows not which is which
  • Ms. Primstone: Dearie me, I remember! How obvious it seems now. The staff was dropped before the statue fell over.

Crackers' Testimony: The Golden Statue and the Sceptre[edit]

Crackers's Testimony
"The Golden Statue and the Sceptre"
  1. ...Aaaaah!
  2. ...Slam!
  3. ...Dearie, dearie me!
  4. ...Clang!
  5. ...Godoor!

Greyerl's Testimony: The Night of the Crime[edit]

Greyerl's Testimony
"The Night of the Crime"
  1. At around 1 o'clock at night, I excused myself and left Master Belduke in his study.
  2. When I called him for breakfast in the morning, he did not respond. The door to his study was locked.
  3. A neighbout had come for a visit just then, so we forced the door open together.
  4. All the potions and other concoctions from teh study have been confiscated. I wonder if they're being properly stored...

Group Testimony: After Discovering the Body[edit]

Emeer's Testimony
"After Discovering the Body"
  1. I broke down th' door an' saw th' alchemist slumped in 'is chain. Game me a JOLT!
  2. Th' butler hurried t'call th' Knights of th' Inquisition... He never entered th' study.
  3. Whaddid I do then... Ah, yeah! I was asked t'keep an EYE on things, so I wen' in t'have a bit of a look at everythin'...
  4. All that made me pretty drowsy, so I wen' an' took-a-little NAP on th' couch.

Group Testimony: Sir Belduke's Letter[edit]

Mailer's Testimony
"Sir Belduke's Letter"
  1. That night... Probably about 1am. I made a delivery to Sir Belduke.
  2. He was writing a letter at the time. "It'll be ready soon, so come pick it up tomorrow morning." That's what he said.
  3. I left his study and wished the butler a good night. Then I went home.
  4. I went there again the next morning, as promised. Sir Belduke was... Well anyway, I looked for the letter.
  5. Then that guy went out like a light on the couch. I got a little scared. So I left as soon as I found the letter.

Group Testimony: The Alchemist and his Butler[edit]

Group Testimony
"The Alchemist and his Butler"
  • Greyerl: Master took me in, a complete stranger. I will forever be indebted to him.
  • Greyerl: That's why I could never make an attempt on his life, through magic or otherwise.
  • Mailer: Sir Belduke was a wonderful man! He's the one who recommended this line of work to me.
  • Mailer: And he's the one who told me about it. The confidentiality obligation, I mean. I've never once broken it!