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Group Testimony: My Role and Identity[edit]

Group Testimony
"My Role and Identiy"
  • Kira: I am not familiar with this "Kira" you keep talking about... I cam from the Eldwitch Woods...
  • Kira: I came to this summon forth the fire dragon and kill the Storyteller.
  • Kira: As it rained...I waited near the bell tower, next to the Vigilantes, for my chance.
  • Kira: I...was only there to carry out my orders. I don't know anything else...outside of that.

Group Testimony: What Happened on the Top Floor[edit]

Group Testimony
"What Happened on the Top Floor"
  • Kira: I was waiting on the middle floor of the tower. I started to turn around, but I was too late...
  • Kira: They attacked me from behind. My arm was restrained, and the attacker covered my mouth...
  • Kira: As I struggled to get away...I think I managed to pull something off of my attacker...
  • Kira: That's when I lost consciousness... I woke up to find myself next to the bell on the top floor of the tower.

Group Testimony: What Happened Tonight[edit]

Group Testimony
"What Happened Tonight"
  • Darklaw: The town square was to be the parade's final stop. I patrolled the perimeter to ensure nothing was amiss.
  • Darklaw: As I passed by the bell tower, a pair of small footprints leading inside caught my eye. I went inside to investigate.
  • Darklaw: I had my own reasons for not allowing any one of those Vigilantes to see me...
  • Darklaw: I climbed the stairs up the bell tower and saw an intruder inside with their back turned. I proceeded to apprehend them.

Group Testimony: Shades[edit]

Group Testimony
  • Darklaw: Shades live outside the realm of those who dwell within Labyrinthia. To them, I am known as "the Great Witch".
  • Darklaw: Those that are put to the flames in the witch trials become Shades, who live their lives in the woods.
  • Kira: We exist to carry out tasks given to us by our mistress, the great Witch herself...
  • Kira: I am not a witch, nor am I a wandering spirit...