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There are 25 achievements in Project Gotham Racing 3 worth a total of 1000 Gamerscore points.

Picture Name DescriptionGamerscore icon.
PGR3.jpg Rank 1 Reach Rank 1 80 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Rank 5 Reach Rank 5 50 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Rank 10 Reach Rank 10 20 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Platinum Champion Complete all Championships at Platinum level. 100 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Gold Champion Complete all Championships at Gold level. 75 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Silver Champion Complete all Championships at Silver level. 60 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Bronze Champion Complete all Championships at Bronze level. 50 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Steel Champion Complete all Championships at Steel level. 30 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Pro Racer Badge Earn a Platinum medal using manual transmission 15 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Style Racer Badge 25m powerslide, 10x combo, 25K online Kudos, 1K Kudos in a race, Kudos for every maneuver 50 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Race Against the Clock Set a lap time for every circuit in Race Against The Clock mode 50 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Photographer Take and save a picture in each of the cities 10 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Ferrari Owners Club Own every Ferrari in the game 45 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Lamborghini Owners Club Own every Lamborghini in the game 45 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Arcade Player Find and play Geometry Wars 1&2 15 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Exotic Car Club Own a Callaway Sledgehammer Twin Turbo, Corvette ZR1, Ford GT-40 MK 1, McLaren F1 LM, RUF CTR Yellow Bird, Shelby GT 500, TVR Cerbera Speed Twelve 45 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Track Builder Create and save 10 custom tracks 10 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Gotham TV Sports Fan Watch Gotham TV 10 times and save a replay of a race 15 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Cone Capture Champion Win a Cone Capture Event 15 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Team Cone Capture Champion Be on the winning team of a Team Cone Capture Event 10 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Cat Champion Win a Cat & Mouse Event as the player in a non E class vehicle 10 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Mouse Master Win a Cat & Mouse Event as the player in the E class vehicle 15 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Gotham Hero To earn this badge, perform so well that you are featured on Gotham TV. 30 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Tournament Qualifier Qualify for a tournament and play in the first elimination round 50 Gamerscore points
PGR3.jpg Online Professional 50 Online races, start last/finish 1st, 3-event win streak, clean race, win each scenario. 60 Gamerscore points