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  • L1 button:Telekinesis (TK)
  • L2 button:Pyrokinesis (PK)
  • R1 button:Fire Weapon
  • R2 button:Mind Drain (MD)
  • Up dpad:
  • Left dpad:
  • Down dpad:
  • Right dpad:
  • Triangle button:Auto Lock-On, Hold to Strafe
  • Circle button:Crouch
  • Cross button:Jump,Action/Activate
  • Square button:Melee Attack
  • Neutral lstick:Player Movement, Wall Move (Press and hold)
  • Neutral rstick:Targeting and Camera, TK Object Move, Sniper Zoom (Press and hold)
  • Start button:Pause Menu
  • Select button:Inventory,Map,and Objectives