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Psikyo (彩京 ,saikyō) is a Japanese game company started in 1992. Psikyo is an off-shoot formed from the staff that created the game Aero Fighters for Video System. Psikyo focused on arcade games, mostly vertically-scrolling shoot 'em ups and pornographic mahjong games. The popularity of these arcade games led to them being ported to home consoles, and then ultimately to Psikyo developing games for consoles.

Psikyo was acquired by X-nauts in mid-2002. In 2003, it was reported that Psikyo was shutting down. Shortly afterwards, X-nauts stated this news was wrong. Games under the Psikyo label are still being released, but these games are outsourced to other teams.

Psikyo is infamous for its extremely difficult "second loops"; after completing the game, you start again, with a very high difficulty increase (Gunbird 2 is reported as having the highest difficulty due to its bullet patterns on this second loop). This is present in every Psikyo shooter since Samurai Aces/Sengoku Ace (in fact, Aero Fighters is this way as well).